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Vocab List 1

factious (adj) causing disagreement syn-- belligerent, contentious ant-- cooperative, united
factious (sentence) The factious sailors refused to sail any farther into the storm.
ignoble (adj) dishonorable; shameful syn-- despicable, base ant-- noble, glorious
ignoble (sentence) Cheating on an exam is an ignoble way to get good grades.
boor (n) a rude or impolite person syn-- buffoon, clown ant-- sophisticate
boor (sentence) The boor grabbed handfuls of hors d'oeuvres and walked around while he ate them.
aegis (n) a shield; protection (can be metaphorical, rather than literal) syn-- backing
aegis (sentence) The life of the witness is under the aegis of the witness protection program.
perspicacity (n) keenness of judgment syn-- perceptiveness ant-- stupidity, ignorance
perspicacity (sentence) The old hermit still had the perspicacity to haggle with the automotive dealer.
fervent (adj) eager; earnest syn-- burning, passionate ant-- apathetic
fervent (sentence) We made a fervent attempt to capture the stallion, but he was too quick for us.
rectify (v) to correct; to make right syn-- remedy, resolve
rectify (sentence) JoAnne tried to rectify her poor relationship with her son by spending more time with him.
enervate (v) to weaken syn-- devitalize, exhaust ant-- energize, strengthen
enervate (sentence) The record temperatures enervated the farmhands before noon.
besiege (v) to overwhelm; to surround and attack
besiege (sentence) People jumped from the ground and brushed themselves off as ants besieged the picnic.
ephemeral (adj) lasting only a short time; short-lived syn-- transient, fleeting ant-- permanent
ephemeral (sentence) The gardener experienced ephemeral fame the year she grew a half-ton pumpkin.
altruism (n) a concern for others; generosity syn-- unselfishness; magnanimity ant-- selfishness; egoism
altruism (sentence) A person with altruism will usually stop and help a stranded motorist.
carrion (n) decaying flesh
carrion (sentence) The carrion along the desert highway was a feast for vultures.
erotic (adj) pertaining to sexual love
erotic (sentence) The museum staff cancelled the exhibition when it saw the erotic sculptures.
amorphous (adj) shapeless, formless, vague
amorphous (sentence) What began as an amorphous idea in Steven's dream turned into a revolutionary way to power automobiles.
opulent (adj) rich, luxurious, wealthy
opulent (sentence) Despite the stock market crash, the wealthy family continued to live an opulent lifestyle.
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