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Chem Ia Ch 2

Personal weaknesses for Ch. 2

An acid is a substance whos molecules hield hydrogen ions (H+)
An acid is composed of a... hydrogen and anion.
rule for acid name who's monatomic ions end in -ide (monatomic anions) IE; Cl- (chloride) Switch -ide to -ic and add the prefix hydro ; ie; hydrochloric acid (HCl)
H+ rule concerning old greek ions with -ate or -ite? Keep prefixes, change -ate to -ic -ite to ous. ie, perchlorate to perchloric acid (HClO4) Chlorite-> chlorous acid
__________ide (add H+) Hydro_____ic acid
__________ate (add H+) ______________ic acid
__________ite (add H) ______________ous acid
Name the prefixes for binary compounds formed between non-metals annnnnd... GO Mono-, Di-, Tri- Tetra- Penta- Hexa- Hepta- Octa- Nona- Deca-
Writing rules: in binary molecular compounds, if two elements are in the same group, The lower is first
Writing Rules: which element in binary molecular compounds do we name first? The one closest to the left
In binary molecular compounds, what is the suffix of the second element? -ide
Name that Anion! F- Fluoride ion
Cl- Chloride ion
Br- Bromide
CN- cyanide ion
OH- Hydroxide ion
O2- Oxide ion
O2 2- peroxide ion
S2- Sulfide
N3- Nitride
CH3COO- acetate
CLO4 Perchlorate ion
CO3 2- Carbonate
SO4 2- Sulfate
PO4 3- phosphate
H+ Hydrogen ion
Ag+ Silver ion
MG 2+ Magnesium ion
Ca 2+ calcium ion
ZN 2+ Zinc ion
Al 3+ aluminum ion
Rules: -ous vs. -ic old method added to latin name, -ous is the smaller charge,, ic is the larger Fe 2+ ferrous ion Cu+ cuprous Fe 3+ ferric ion Cu 2+ cupric
-ium rule? Cations formed from non-metals
-ide rule monatomic anions (ie, H- Hydride ion, O 2- oxide, N 3- nitride
-ate -ite rule for oxyanions, polyatomic anions containing oxygen -ate is common, -ite is minus one, hyper___ite is -2 O, per_ate is +1 O
1A group? Alkali metals, form 1+ ions
2A group? Alkali earth metals (2+ ions)
7A elements? halogens 1- ions
8A elements? Noble gasses (full valence shell)
Compounds that contain only carbon and hydrogen hydrocarbons
alkanes... each carbon is bonded to four other atoms
Alkane CH4 hydrocarbon Methane
Ethane Hydrocarbon C2H6
Propane hydrocarbon C3H8
What is an alcohol? hydrogen atom in an alkane is replaced with functional group -OH
difference between alkane hydrocarbons and alcohols? alkanes are colorless gasses under normal conditions, whereas methanol, ethanol, and propanol are colorless liquids
angstrom measurement for atom dimensions. 1 A= 10-10m
mass number sum of protons and neutrons
atomic weight average atomic mass
majority of periodic table is made up of... metals
upper right side of the periodic table nonmetals
elements that lie along the lines of the metals and nonmetals metalloids
a molecule made up of two atoms diatomic molecule
atomic mass units 1amu = 1.66054 * 10 -24 g
proton mass 1.0073 amu
neutron mass 1.0087 amu
electron mass 5.486 * 10 -4 amu
nano- pico- 10 -9 10 -12
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