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Chemestry Vocab 2

chemestry words 26-50

Angstrom A unit of linear measure 1x10E-8cm, symbol (A with small circle on top)
Anhydrous Without water of crystallization.
Anion An ion attracted to the anode of an electrolyte cell; a negative ion.
Annealing The process of heating a material to above a certain temperature and then slowly cooling it in order to decrease its hardness and brittleness.
Anti-Oxidant A substance which retards oxidation.
Atom The smallest particle of an element that can exist alone or in combination with other atoms of the same or of another element.
Atom, Excited An atom which has absorbed a photon.
Atomic Mass The mass of an atom relative to the carbon 12 scale.
Atomic Number The number if protons in the nucleus of an atom.
Atomic Theory A statement which includes information concerning the structure and properties of atoms, the kind of reactions they undergo, the kind of compounds they form and the properties of these compounds.
Avogadro Number The number of carbon 12 atoms in exactly 12 grams of this nucleotide; 6.02x10E23
Barometer An apparatus for measuring atmospheric pressure.
Base (1) A substance which when added to water increases the hydroxide (OH-) ion concentration of the aqueous solution (2) A substance which acquires protons from another substance.
Beta Particle An electron emitted from the nucleus of a radioactive element.
Binary Pertaining to compounds made up of two elements.
Binary Compound A compound consisting of only two elements.
Binding Energy The energy released when a nucleus is formed from its component particles.
Bleaching The operation by which color is partially or wholly removed from a colored material.
Boiling Point The temperature at which the equilibrium vapor pressure of a liquid is equal to the prevailing atmospheric pressure.
Bond Energy The energy required to break a chemical bond.
Brass An alloy of copper and zinc.
Bright-line Spectrum A spectrum consisting of a series of bright lines having frequencies characteristic of the atom present.
Bronze An alloy of copper and tin.
Brownian Movement The haphazard motion of colloid-ally dispersed particle as a result of collisions with the molecules of the dispersing medium.
Buffer A substance which, when added to a solution, causes a resistance to any change in pH.
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