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Metal compounds - Unit one

What is the breaking down of compounds through heating? Thermal Decomposition
What are the 2 main rules of thermal decomposition? Mass is conserved, Changes are permenant
Which compounds are always soluble? Soduim, Pottassuim, ammonuim, nitrates
Which chlorine samples are not soluble? Lead and Silver
Which sulphates are not soluble? Lead and Baruim
Which compounds are insoluble? Oxides, hydroxides and carbonates
What is a precipitate? Ionic solid made from 2 ionic aqueous solutions
What compounds make a blue precipitate? Copper and hydroxide ions
Which ions make a green precipitate? Iron 2+ and Hydroxide ions
Which ions make a brown precipitate? Iron 3+ and hydroxide ions
What compounds are used in the thermit reaction? Aliminuim and iron 3 oxide
What is produced in the thermit reaction? Iron
What is the thermit reaction used for? Railway repairs
What is used to prepare Nickel Sulphate? Nickel Carbonate and sulphuric acid
What waste produts are formed when producing nickel sulphate? Carbon dioxide and water
What is the procedure for preparation of nickel sulphate? Dissolved nickel carbonate in sulphuric acid, until slight excess. Filter to remove excess. Boil until half mixture is evaporated. Transfer to petri dish to crystalise
What is Mohrs Salt? Ammonium iron 3 sulphate
What compounds are needed to produce Mohrs salt? Ammonuim sulphate and iron sulphate
What is the procedure for preparation of Mohrs Salt? Add iron filings to boiling sulphuric acid, place ammonia in beaker with dilute sulphuric acid, mix two solutions, boil to half volume, leave to crystallise
Which elements generally hold a +1 ionic charge? Group 1, hydrogen, ammonium, silver
Which ions have the charge +2? Group 2, Colbalt, Copper and iron
Which ions have the charge 3+? Group 3, Iron
Which ions have the charge -2? Group 6, sulphate, carbonate
Which ions have the charge -1? Group 7, hydroxide, Nitrates
What volume is one mole of gas? 24 dm3
Created by: Kayla1988