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to smile ابتسم\يبتسم
to perform, do أجرى\يجري
to wear ارتدى\يرتدي
to point, signal, allude أشار\يشير
to set up, found, hold أقام\يقيم
to approach اقترب\يقترب
to turn, pay attention التفت\ياتفت
a command, order أمر\أوامر
neat, well dressed أنيق
left أيسر
to talk, speak تحدث\يتحدث
come here! تعال
heavy, burdensome ثقيل
pavilion جناح
to make جال\ يجال
atmosphere, environment, weather جو
to try, attempt حاول\يحاول
belt حزام
to address, talk خاطب/يخاتب
inner, inside, interior داخل
to chat دردش
state, country دولة
salary راتب
visitor, guest زاءر
customer, client زبون\زبوءن
former, previous سابق
tourist, traveler ساءح\ساءحون
to allow, permit سمح\يسمح
to participate شارك\بشارك
boy صبي
back ظهر
to show, display عرض
licorice root عرقسوس
to interview, meet قابل
rescpectable, honorable كريم
moment, instant لحظة
objection, obstacle مانع
iced material, ice cream مثلج
field of specialization, field, room مجال
adjacent, next door مجاور
correspondent, reporter مراسل
comfortable مريح
exhibition, fair, show معرض
college, institute, academy معهد
enjoyable, pleasant ممتع
full مملو
possible ممكن
to call, cry out نادى\ينادي
waist, middle وسط
death وفاة
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