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9L Pressure & Moment

questions on pressure and moments @ AJHS

What is the pressure on an object equal to? force per unit area (force divided by area)
Which scientist is responsible for the principle that an increase in velocity of fluid will result in the decrease in pressure? Bernoulli
What is the pressure if the force is 100N on an area of 4m2? 25 n/m2
What happens to air pressure when you drive down from a high mountain? increases
If you are walking on snow with snowshoes, what happens to the pressure on the snow? is less
When the speed of a fluid increases, pressure? decreases
When you go deep into a pool the pressure on your ears? increases
What would cause an increase in gas pressure in a sealed, flexible container? decrease in volume
The direction of fluid pressure is perpendicular to the surface of an object
What is the SI unit for pressure? Pascal
What is pressure all around us called? Fluid pressure also called atmospheric pressure
Pressure is equal to force divided by area
What measures atmospheric pressure barometer
Pressure will increase if the force increases or the area decreases
What happens to atmospheric pressure as elevation increases? decreases
Pascal's principle states that the force (speed) on a fluid increases, pressure increases
What does wind do to the smoke coming out of the chimney? increases it.
Air at sea level is is 100,000 N
Equation used to find pressure p= f/a
Barometer instrument used to measure air pressure
Fluid pressure pressure in liquids and gases
Buoyant force upward force that is exerted by a fluid
When air is compressed, density remians the same
A fluid is any substance with no definite shape and can flow
Atmospheric pressure is 100,000 PA
Lift needed to make an airplane fly
Density mass divided by volume
Fluid pressure pressure in gases and liquids
How much pressure is there when 300 n of force is applied over an area of 60 m2 5 n/m2
What is the pressure if the force is 90n and the area is 15 m2 6 n/m2
Force = 250n , area = 75m2 what is the pressure 3.33 n/m2
What is the force if the pressure is 16n/m2 and the area is 10 m2 160 n
True or False: Air is more compressed at sea level than high altitudes. True?
Which principle states as the speed of a fluid increases, the pressure decreases Bernoulli's principle
Pascal's principle a force applied to a fluid in a closed container, pressure throughout the fluid increases the same amount
pressure the amount for force acting on a surface p=f/a
This is pumped into ballast tanks to decrease density. air
Principle that is used to determine buoyant force Archimedes
Explains why the buoyant force on a rock that displaces 5N of water is 5N Archimedes Principle
Caused by the weight of the atmosphere atmospheric pressure
Device used by submarines to control density ballast tank
Principle that states that the pressure in a fluid decreases as the fluid's velocity increases Bernoulli
Force exerted on an object that increases as the density of the fluid increases bouyant
The formula for this is mass/volume density
Amount of matter in a given volume density
Force that works against the forward motion on a plane drag
An object whose weight equals the buoyant force will... float
Can be liquid or gas. Takes the shape of its container fluid
An upward force on an object that moves in a fluid lift
SI unit of pressure Pascal
The formula for this is force/area pressure
As depth increases, so does this. pressure
An object that weighs more than the buoyant force will do this? sink
Organ used by fish to stay afloat swim bladder
Forward force produced by an airplane's engine thrust
Irregular flow of fluids turbulence
Created by: johncl
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