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Chemistry Test 3-1


something that has magnitude, size, or amount quantity
size of a quantity determined by a measurement process and described by both a number and a unit magnitude
compare what is to be measured with a previously defined size units of measurement
the choice of unit depends on the quantity being measured
single measurement system agreed on by scientists all over the world SI system
some non-SI units are still used by __ chemists
objects or natural phenomena that are of constant value, easy to preserve, easy to reproduce and practical in size standards of measurement
standards are used to __ compare
basic quantities measured in arbitrary units established by international agreement fundamental quantites
used in measuring fundamental quantities SI base units
the distance between 2 points OR the path traveled by light in a vacuum during a time interval length
the amount of matter in a body mass
duration of an event OR vibrations of Cesium 133 time
degree of hotness or coldness of an object temperature
amount of substance mole
combinations of fundamental quantites so that combinations of units are produced derived units
how do you convert from C to Kelvin? add 273 to the C
used to figure out the # of atoms or molecules in a given amount of substance mole
number of units or fraction of a unit each line on the scale stands for calibration
what is the percent error formula/ %E= Value a- Value e/Value a
since most objects___ expand as the temperature increases, the volume ___ expand; increases
as volume ___ density ___ increases; decreases
good measurements are both ___ and ___ accurate and precise
refers to the closeness of measurements to the correct or accepted value of the quantity measured accuracy
what does accuracy depend upon? 1. how carefully the measurement is done 2. quality of the instrument (in working order/well made) 3. one measruement or the average of one measurement as compared to the accepted value
what is accuracy determined by? percent error
value accepted comes from ___ books or tables
value experimental comes from the experiment or measurement in lab
the numerator of the percent error formula is called ____ absolute error
refers to the closeness of a set of the same quantity made in the same way precision
what does precison depend upon? 1. skillful estimation (your guess) 2. number of divisions in the instrument (calibration) 3. how close several measurements are to each other.
one way to look at precison standard deviation
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