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theroymod 110 wk4

Disability income policies do not provide medical expense benefits True
Benefits for medical expenses are provided through disability income insurance False
Disability income insurance provides benefits for work related disability False
The definition of a total disability varies from policy to policy because there is no standard definition True
Temporary disability exists when an illness or injury prevents a person from performing one or more of the functions of his regular job True
When an employer provides disability income insurance and the employee leaves the company the insurance terminates unless the employee is disabled True
Medical requirements are the same for both SSDI and SSI programs False
Disabled worker's younger than 65 years of age are eligble for SSDI True
No prior employment is necessary for SSDI eligibilty True
For people trying to qualify for SSDI or SSI determination is made by the physician False
The civil service retirement system (CSRS) is a program that combines federal disability and social security disability True
For patients receiving VA medical care, travel expenses to and from the facility are a benefit False
If a state has state disability insurance all types of workers are covered False
Nonindustrial disability insurance programs exist in only five states and Puerto Rico True
After a state disability claim is approved basic benefits become payable with the eighth day of disability or the third day of hospital confinement whichever comes first True
A reason for denial of disability income benefits is insufficient medical information True
California allows for state disability benfits in a normal routine pregancy False
One of the most important items on a state disability claim form is the claimant's social security number False
disability income insurance is available from Private insurance companies
Coverage that provides a specific monthly or weekly income when a person is unable to work because of an illness or injury is known as Supplemental insurance
The maximum amount of time for which benefits will be paid to the injured or ill person for a disability is called the Benefit period
Residual benfits pay a Partial benefit when the insured is not totally disabled
Created by: moviegrl