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Wordly Wise 10-1

10th grade English vocabulary

1. asperity Sharpness or harshness of manner.
2. bane A person or thing that destroys or causes harm.
3. buffoon A person who often makes attempts to be funny; a clown; a fool.
4. doleful Mournful or full of sorrow; causing grief.
5. extrovert A person whose attention is focused on others and on what is going on around her or him, rather than on her or his own feelings.
6. garish Excessively bright and flashy; tastelessly glaring.
7. hierarchy A group or system in which positions of power are ranked, usually from lowest to highest.
8. imbue To fill completely with a feeling or idea; to inspire.
9. instigate To stir up or urge on; to provoke.
10. penchant A strong attraction or leaning.
11. rambunctious Behaving in a wild and unruly manner.
12. repertoire The list of pieces an actor, musician, etc., is ready to perform; the skills or accomplishments of a person or group.
13. rudiment A basic principle or skill.
14. undermine To weaken or ruin by degrees.
15. unremitting Not stopping or slowing down; constant.
Created by: Ilovemyfamily