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GRE Hit List 5

Beyond the Hit Parade Group 1, Princeton Review

alloy to commingle; to debase by mixing with something inferior (unalloyed = pure)
appropriate to take for own use; to confiscate
arrest, arresting (verb/adj.) to suspend; to engage; holding one's attention
august majestic, venerable (respect)
bent leaning, inclination, proclivity
broach to bring up; to announce
brook to tolerate; to countenance (admit as acceptable)
cardinal major, as in cardinal sin
chauvinist a blindly devoted patriot
color to change by dyeing; to distort, gloss, or affect
consequential pompous
damp (verb) to diminish the intensity or check the vibration of a sound
die (noun) a tool used for shaping (as in a tool-and-die shop)
essay (verb) to test or try; to experiment
exact (verb) to demand; to take
fell (verb) to cause to fall by striking
fell (adj) inhumanely cruel
flag (verb) to sag or droop; to decline
flip (adj) sarcastic, as in flippant
ford (verb) to wade across a shallow part of a river or stream
grouse to complain or grumble
guy (noun) a rope or cord attached to something as a brace or guide; to steady or reinforce using a guy. THINK GUIDE
intimate (verb) to imply
list (verb) to tilt or lean to one side
lumber (verb) to move heavily and clumsiy
meet (adj) fitting, proper
milk (verb) to exploit
mince (v) to pronounce or speak affectedly, to tip toe or speak too carefully
nice (adj) exacting, extremely precise
obtain (adj) to be established, accepted
pedestrian (adj) commonplace, trite
pied (adj) multicolored
pine (verb) to lose vigor
plastic (adj) moldable, pliable
pluck (noun) courage, spunk
prize (v) to pry, to press or force with a lever, something taken by force
rail (v) to complain about bitterly
rent (v) torn (past tense of rend); an opening or tear caused by such
quail (v) to lose courage
qualify (v) to limit
sap (v) to weaken
sap (n) a fool or nitwit
scurvy (adj) contemptible, despicable
singular (adj) exceptional, odd, unusual
stand (n) a group of trees
steep (v) to saturate or completely soak
strut (n) the supporting structural cross-part of a wing
table (v) to remove from consideration
tender (v) to offer or proffer
waffle (v) to equivocate; to change one's position
wag (n) wit, joker
Created by: Avery89
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