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Chem. Basics Vocab

Basics Vocabulary

Chemistry the study of matter and the changes that matter undergoes.
Matter anything that has a mass & volume
Mass the measure of the amount of matter an object contains (how much it weighs)
Weight mass x gravity bigger plant-more mass smaller plant- less mass
Volume how much space something takes up
Organic Chemistry chemistry dealing with carbon (living)
Inorganic Chemistry chemistry dealing without Carbon (nonliving)
BioChemistry the chemistry behind biological processes (photosynthesis, DNA..etc...)
Analytical Chemistry composition of matter (percentages-blood, air)
Physical Chemistry mechanism, rate & energy transfer occurred when matter changes
Technology the means to provide society with things needed and desired in a more efficient way
Energy the capacity for doing work or producing heat
Observation using your senses to obtain information (see and hear)
Hypothesis a proposed explanation for an observation AFTER doing some research on the topic
Procedure steps to follow during an experiment
Independent Variable (on x-axis) the variable that you change
Dependent Variable (on y-axis)the variable that responds or depends on the independent variable
Inference to make an interpretation BASED on an observation (different than an observation)
Theory a well-tested explanation for a broad set of observations
Law a well-tested description for observation
Substance element or compound
Element simplest form of matter
Compound more than 1 element combined
Physical Property condition of a substance that be observed without changing its composition
Chemical Property condition of a substance that can be observed BY changing it composition
Chemical Change change that produces different composition (gas forms, temperature change, precipitation form, color change.)
Physical Change change that doesn't change composition
Solids form of matter that has an definite shape and volume
Liquids Forms of matter that has an indefinite shape, flows yet has a fixed volume
Gas form of matter that takes both the shape and volume of its container
Vapor describes that gaseous state of a substance that is generally a liquid or solid at room temperature, as in water vapor
Mixture a physical blend of 2 or more substances
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