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Codes used to indicate the external circumstances responsible for injuries. E Codes
A medical classification system used for the collection of information regarding disease and injury. ICD-9-CM
What does ICD-9-CM stand for? International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision, Clinical Modification
Codes used to indicate conditions not included in the main classification but that may be recorded as diagnoses. V Codes
Volume of ICD-9-CM that is a classification of operations and procedures developed for use in the United States: it is not part of the World Health Classification Volume 3
The elements of ICD-9 and ICD-9-CM are: diseases, injuries, surgeries, and procedures
Three-digit categories are used in Volumes __________ and __________. Volumes 1 and 2
Two-digit categories are used in Volume __________. 3
Fourth and fifth digits provide for __________ but remain collapsible to the three-digit category. additional specificity
Certain conditions that occur infrequently or are of low importance are frequently grouped together in residual codes labeled __________ or __________. "other", "not elsewhere classified"
Revised codes are developed __________ and codes may be implement twice each year on April 1 and October 1. Annually
ICD-9-CM is presented as three volumes: Tabular List of Diseases and Injuries (Volume 1), Alphabetic Index of Disease and injuries (Volume 2), and Tabular List and Alphabetic Index of Procedures (Volume 3)
What volume is the Tabular List of Diseases and Injuries? Volume 1
What volume is the Alphabetic Index of Diseases and Injuries? Volume 2
What volume is the Tabular List and Alphabetic Index of Procedures? Volume 3
The ICD-9-CM is designed for the classification of patient __________ or ___________. Morbidity (sickness), mortality (death)
The ICD-9-CM manual is based on what text developed by the World Health Organization? ICD-9
The CM in ICD-9-CM stands for Clinical Modification
List the six reasons why the ICD-9-CM codes are used today. 1. Facilitate payment of health services, 2. Evaluate patients' use of healthcare facilities, 3. Study health care costs, 4. Research the quality of health care, 5. Predict health care trends, 6. Plan for future health care needs.
The ICD-9-CM is used to translate what descriptive information into numeric codes? Verbal or narrative
Contains the disease and condition codes and the code descriptions (nomenclature) as well as the Supplementary Classification of Factors Influencing Health Status and Contact with Health Services and External Causes of Injury and Poisoning Volume 1
The Alphabetic Index for Volume 1. Volume 2
Volumes 1 and 2 are used in __________ and __________ settings to substantiate the reason for receiving medical services by assigning diagnosis codes. inpatient, outpatient
Used for coding surgical, therapeutic, and diagnostic procedures and is used primarily by hospitals. Volume 3
ICD-9-CM codes are reported on the CMS-1500 insurance claim form used by __________. Physician's offices.
ICD-9-CM codes are reported on the CMS-1450 form or UB-04 form used in __________. hospitals
There are four groups whose function it is to deal with in-depth coding principles and practices: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), National Center for Health Care Statistics (NCHS), American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA), and American Hospital Association (AHA)
True/False You can never code directly from the Index. True
True/False Anything that can happen, in the way of injury or disease, to a human body has a code in Volume 1. True
Volume 1 is separated into two major divisions: 1. Classification of Diseases and Injuries, 2. Supplementary Classifications
What are the two Supplementary Classification codes? V codes and E codes
The main part of the ICD-9-CM, Volume 1, Tabular List. Classification of Diseases and Injuries
The Tabular List consists of how many chapters? 17
The main division of the ICD-9-CM manual. Chapter
A group of three-digit categories that represent a group of conditions or related conditions. Section
A three-digit code that represents a single condition or disease. Category
A four-digit code that provides more information or specificity as compared to a three-digit code in terms of the cause, site, or manifestation of the condition. Subcategory
A five-digit code that adds even more information and specificity to a condition's description. Subclassification
When four digits are used, they are called _________ codes. subcategory
When five digits are used, they are called __________ codes. subclassification
Greater __________ decreases the number of third-party-payer returns for further clarification of the diagnosis codes. specificity
The Tabular List contains how many appendices? 5
What appendix is the Morphology of Neoplasms? Appendix A
What appendix, which was deleted in 2004, was the Glossary of Mental Disorders? Appendix B
What appendix is the Classification of Drugs by American Hospital Formulary Service List Number and Their ICD-9-CM Equivalents Appendix C
What appendix, which was deleted in 2009, was the Classification of Industrial Accidents According to Agency? Appendix D
What appendix is the List of Three-Digit Categories? Appendix E
Included as a reference to the coder so it is possible to provide further information about the patient's clinical picture, further define a diagnostic statement, aid in classifying new drugs, and reference three-digit categories. Appendices
In which appendix would you find the Glossary of Mental Disorders? Appendix B
In which appendix would you find the Classification of Industrial Accidents According to Agency? Appendix D
In which appendix would you find Morphology of Neoplasms? Appendix A
In which appendix would you find a List of Three-Digit categories? Appendix E
In which appendix would you find the Classification of Drugs by American Hospital Formulary? Appendix C
In which appendix would you find the code to identify an injury resulting from a job-related accident involving a machine? Appendix D
Published by the World Health Organization, these codes contain the location/site and morphology of tumors. International Classification of Diseases for Oncology (ICD-O)
The study of the form and structure of neoplasms. Morphology
The Certified Tumor Registrar (CTR) assigns an _____ code for the morphology along with an _____ code to indicate the location of the tumor. M, ICD-O
The originating site of the tumor. Primary site
The metastatic site. Secondary site
Most psychiatric disorders are classified using the Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV)
What is a good way to get a quick overview of all the codes in the ICD-9-CM manual? Reviewing Appendix E
Non essential modifiers are enclosed in Parentheses
A diagnostic descriptor that is listed in italics is an CC exclusion
The abbreviation UHDDS refers to the Uniform Hospital Discharge Data Set
Diagnoses described as "suspected," "possible," "probable," "likely," and "still to be ruled out" are reported if present for _______ records. inpatient
For patients recieving therapeutic services in the outpatient setting for chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or rehabilitation, the first listed reported diagnosis is: The appropriate V code
When multiple burns are present, the first sequenced diagnosis is the Highest-degree burn
A coding professional may assume a cause-and-effect relationship between hypertension and which complication? Hypertension and chronic kidney disease
ICD-9-CM codes that describe the behavior of cells in neoplasms are called morphology codes
New ICD-9-CM codes go into effect on _________ of each year? October 1st
Supplementary classifications include: V codes and E codes
The neoplasm table includes: The nature and stutus (primary, secondary, in situ) for malignancies
V codes can be used as: Either principle diagnosis or secondary diagnosis, depending on the code
Terms listed in the Alphabetic Index in boldface type are known as Main terms
Manifestation codes: Can never be reported first, are printed in italics in the Tabular List, and describe a condition that results from another, underlying condition
Codes that contain the descriptive abbreviation NOS are to be used: When the coder lacks sufficient information to assign a more specific code.
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