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Shadow Vocab


Ambi/Amphi Both
ambivalent not sure whether you want to like something or not
ambiguous having more than one meaning/ open to interpretation
morph form, shape
amorphous no definite shape, without clear definition
metamorphosis a process in which something changes completely into something different
gram written
epigram a brief, clever, and usually memorable statement
grammar the study of how words and their component parts combine to from sentences.
anti against
antipathy intense dislike or hatred
antithesis a person or thing that is the direct opposite of someone or something else
dict speak
benediction A blessing
dictator a ruler with complete power over a country
clam/claim cry out
exclaim to say something suddenly because you are surprised
proclamation an official public statement about something that is important
Imply to suggest something without specifically stating it
cycl/cyclo wheel, circular
cycle recurring at regular intervals
encyclopedia a comprehensive reference work with articles on a range of topics
mem remember
commemorate to honor the memory with a ceremony
memoir a piece of writing that is about the author's life
compare to note the similarities and differences
acu sharp
acute very serious or severe
acumen the ability to think quickly and make good judgements
vent come
circumvent to go around/ to get around by artful maneuvering
advent when something first begins to be widely used
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