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Anatomy #1

Anatomy and Physiology

a, an, ar without or not
ab away from
acro extremities
ad toward, to
adeno glandular
aero air
ambi around, on both sides
amyl starch
ante before, forward
anti against, counteracting
bi double
bili bile
bio life
bis two
brachio arm
brady slow
broncho bronchus
cardio heart
cervico neck
chole gall or bile
cholecysto gallbladder
circum around
co together
contra against, opposite
costo ribs
cysto bladder
cyto cell
demi half
derma skin
dis from
dorso back
dys abnormal, difficult
electro electric
en into, in, within
encephal brain
entero intestine
equi equal
eryth red
ex out, out of
extra outside of
ferro iron
fibro fiber
fore before
gastro stomach
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