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Third Law of motion "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction."
First Law of motion "An object at rest tends to stay at rest and an object in motion tends to stay in motion unless acted upon by an unbalanced force."
14. Blood rushes from your head to your feet when the decending elevator you are riding on quickly stops. First Law of motion
15. To dislodge ketchup from the bottom of a ketchup bottle, it is turned upside down and thrust downward and abruptly stopped. First Law of motion
16. Headrests are placed in cars to prevent whiplash injuries during rear-end collisions. First Law of motion
17. While riding a skateboard you hit a rock which abruptly halts the motion of the skateboard. You fly forward off the board. First Law of motion
18. You are riding in a car at a high rate of speed and the driver makes a sharp turn. Your body lurches in the original path of motion and you get pushed into the side of the car. First Law of motion
INERTIA An object's resistance to movement
Weightlifter pushes bar upwards Barbell pushes downwards on weightlifter Third Law of motion
Balloon wall pushes compressed air inwards Compressed air pushes outwards Third Law of motion
Compressed air rushes backwards out of balloon opening. Balloon moves forward Third Law of motion
A skateboarder's foot pushes backwards Skateboard moves forward Third Law of motion
As you walk, your feet push against the floor. At the same time, the floor pushes with an equal but opposite force against your feet. You move forward. Third Law of motion
Energy the ability to do work
work done when a force is exerted on an object and the object moves.
newton The amount of force exerted on an object
Another word for the Newton meter joule (JOOL).
transfers energy to an object Force
17th century mathematician and scientist, put forth a variety of laws which explain why objects move (or don't move) as they do Isaac Newton
2nd law of motion : The net force an object exerts equals its mass times its acceleration.
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