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Chemistry CH2 Measurements

Mega (M) 1,000,000 10 to the 6th
Kilo (K) 1,000 10³
Deci (d) 0.1 10ˉ¹
Centi (c) 0.01 10ˉ²
Milli (m) 0.001 10ˉ³
Micro (μ) 0.000 001 10ˉ6
Nano (n) 0.000 000 001 10ˉ9
Peco (p) 0.000 000 000 001 10ˉ¹²
1 km 1000 m
1 m 100 cm
1 cm 10 mm
1 Kg 1000 g
1 g 1000 mg
1 L 1000 ml
Sig. Figs. Rule #1 digits other than 0 are ALWAYS significant
Sig. Figs. Rule #2 any trailing zero after a decimal point is significant
Sig. Figs. Rule #3 zeros between two significant figures are always significant
Sig. Figs. Rule #4 zeros to the left of a nonzero digit, but to the right of an understood decimal point are not sinificant
Sig. Figs. Rule #4 (however) if the zeros are known to have been measured, they are significant. To specify these a decimal pt. is inserted to the right of the zero.
Sig. Figs. Rule #5 zeros used solely for placing a decimal point are not significant
Rule for multiplying/dividing numbers answer will have the same number of significant figures as the figure with the least # of significant figures
rule when adding/subtracting numbers answer will have the samne number of places after the decimal as the figure with the least number of places after the decimal
Kinetic Energy energy of potion
Potential Energy stored energy; has the capacity to do work
1 cal 4.184 joules
Specific gravity density of a substance (g/mL) over density of water at the same temp (g/mL)
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