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ELG IT Cognitive

Activities Experiences planned by the educator that create opportunities for children to explore and learn about their world
Assessment The process of gathering information about children from several forms of evidence, then organizing and interpreting that information. Progress reports are considered
Attention Maintenance The developing ability to attend to people and things while interacting with others and exploring the environment and play materials
Cause and effect A relationship between actions or events such that one is a result of the other
Classification The developing ability to group, sort, categorize, connect, and have expectations of objects and people according to their attributes
Creativity Showing originality or imagination
Curiosity a desire to know or learn more about something
Evidence An outward sign or indication. In child assessment, this would be an indication of a child’s development or learning.
Examine To observe, test, or investigate
Experiment An action used to discover something unknown; to test a principle or idea
Explore To investigate or study
Imitation The developing ability to mirror, repeat, and practice the actions of others, either immediately or later
Investigate To study the details, to examine, or to observe in order to gain knowledge
Memory The developing ability to store and later retrieve information about past experiences
Number Sense The developing understanding of number and quantity
Object permanence Understanding that items that are out of sight still exist
Problem solving Behaviors practiced by young children that allow them to explore questions or situations and try different solutions
Prompt To encourage an action or behavior
Prop Any object used by children during play
Spatial Relationships The developing understanding of how things move and fit in space
Scientific inquiry The process of exploring, experimenting, asking questions about, and describing the environment
Sensory materials Materials and experiences that stimulate at least one of the five senses
Symbolic Play The developing ability to use actions, objects, or ideas to represent other actions, objects, or ideas Tools
Trial and error Attempting to solve a problem by randomly trying different approaches
Art media A variety of paint types and art materials, such as markers, crayons, and chalk
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