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Rail Freight

Hazzardous Material

The company or (Shipper) must follow the guidelines before materials or chemicals are transported by what over provision commission? (DOT) Department Of Transportation
What are some of the Company (shipper's) responsibilities? Insure materials being sent are properly packaged with ventilation, temperture requirements and clearly labled or identified.
What does (MSDS) Stand for, and what information does it provide for the worker? MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET: A folder provided in every work area, to help or refference chemical components and preventative measures. Also first Aid response is inside the MSDA.
What is the BILL OF LADING, and why does the shipper use them for? The Bill Of Lading, specifically identifys; type of substance(s), emergency response info, weight, ID bulk commodity whether flammable, corrosive, and storage temperature, Along with being submitted to the railroad.
What also must the BILL OF LADING, include? Basic description and technical name of the material. A description of the immediate hazards to health. If there is a risk to fire or explosions. Immediate event precautions. The method(s) used in a fire. The initial method (s) used in a spill or leakage.
What are some of the Railroad (Carrier's) responsibilities To make sure the Bill Of Lading is submitted with a response of "conditions are satisfactory".
Name the varying degrees of risk associated with classified hazardous materials? A placard is plastic, cardboard, or metal signs near the car initial and number. Identifys hazardous commodity being shipped.
Where can hazardous railcars be placed only? Hazardous railcars are normally staggered throughout the length of the train.
What are the (9)classes divided into hazardous materials? Class 1>Explosives:Class 2>Gases: compressed liquid,dissolved under pressure or deeply iwfrigerated:Class 3>Flammable Liquids:Class 4>Flamable Solids:Class 5>Oxidizers:Class 6>Poisons: Class 7>Radioactive Materials:Class 8>Corrosive Materials:Class 9>Misc
Name the three levels of(PG)packing group, of Potential risk factor rating? (PG)I = High degree of danger (PG) II = Medium degree of danger (PG) III = Low degree of danger
Class 1? Explosives.
Class 2? Gases: Compressed liquid, dissolved under pressure or deeply iwfrigerated.
Class 3? Flammable Liquids.
Class 4? Flamable Solids.
Class 5? Oxidizers.
Class 6? Poisons.
Class 7? Radioactive Materials
Class 8? Corrosive Materials
Class 9? Miscellaneous Hazardous Materials
Created by: tcu08