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vocab set #3 and #4A

#238 vocabulary adjunct to jejune

adjunct an accessory, an assistant, assisting
apposite suitable; appropriate
aspect a facial expression; the appearance of a situation; direction a thing faces
asperity irritability; roughness or harshness
bespeak to reserve in advance; to signify something
consort a companion
corollary a natural consequence of
cowl a hood (esp on a robe)
crux a puzzling question
default to fail to fulfill an obligation; the failure
descry to catch sight of; to discover through careful observation
dissidence disagreement; dissent
doff to remove; to discard
estimable admirable
facsimile an exact copy
faculty an ability (esp to think or function)
fellowship a grant; a society; friendship
flak excessive criticism; bursting shells fired from artillery guns
fleece to rob or cheat
foment to instigate or incite; to medically treat the skin with warm fluids
foray a sudden attack
forlorn abandoned
gaffe a blunder
gambit an opening move
grouse to complain
headlong rash; impetuous; headfirst
hoodwink to trick
imposture a deception
incidence the range of occurrence or effect; the striking of something on a surface
indelicate offensive; insensitive
indemnify to protect against harm; to compensate for harm done
juggernaut an overwhelming and irresistible force
keystone an essesntial principal
list to lean to one side; an inclination
lucubrate to write in a scholarly fashion
luculent easily understood
manifold varied; a copy
manumit to free from bondage
mealy-mouthed unwilling to use direct and plain language
minatory threatening
miscegenation interracial marriage or sexual relations
modality the way in which something is done
monolithic singular, large and powerful
nugatory useless
objurgate to scold sharply
obloquy public condemnation
obverse facing the observer; the front part of something ; principal side of a coin
onus a burdensome responsibility; a stigma
parse to analyze or explain grammatical structures
pell-mell in a hurried, disordered, and confused manner
percolate to filter; to seep through; to bubble up or become active
perorate to make a lengthy speech
plumb exactly vertical
ply a layer of wood or cloth; to use or wield; to work at
posh fashionable; stylish
pot shots criticism made in a careless manner
potentiate to strengthen
precept a rule of conduct
prefigure to represent in an early form; a prototype
priggish arrogant, smug, or narrow-minded
pronouncement a formal statement
provenance a source or origin
provident thrifty (carefully providing for the future)
puissance great power or strength
pyre a pile of combustibles (esp for burning a body)
quintessence the purest form of something
rapacious greedy
recondite abtruse; concealed; hidden
recourse a source of help; the act of appealing for help
regale to give pleasure to
regaled well entertained
repartee a swift, witty reply
repine to yearn after something; to be discontented
repute to be regarded as
requite to avenge
restitute to restore to original conditions; to pay for damages
rigmarole nonsense; confused rambling
Rubicon an important decision (that can not be later reversed)
salacious lewd; erotic
sceptic someone who typically doubts or questions
scotch to put an end to
scourge something that inflicts suffering
sear to burn the surface of; to wither or dry up
seemly proper; suitable
semaphore a visual signaling system
shunt to divert to another course
simper an artificial smile
sinecure a job with little work that pays well
sodden to soak; soaked or soggy
spate a sudden outpouring
specter a ghost; a threatening possibility
stalwart strong and faithful
stockade an enclosed area
stodgy dull, boring
suborn to persuade someone to break a law
subsume to classify in a less specific category
subterfuge a trick (used to avoid blame or defeat)
summarily without delay
teetotal completely abstaining from drinking alcohol
temerity a reckless disregard of danger
tender to propose something
toady to flatter excessively
toward favorable; imminent
transcribe to copy in writing
transgress to break a rule
transpire to become known
transpose to change the order of
tumid swolled; bloated; pompous
undergrid to strengthen or support from below
vanguard the leading element of a military force
varnish a glossy/deceptive appearance
vascular passionate; vigorous
venial wrong but pardonable
vim energy; vigor
viscid thick and gooey
vitiate lower the quality of;to lessen the legal authority of
welter confusion; turmoil; to lie soaked in a fluid
wrought made with care; shaped by hammering
wry humorous in a dry or ironic way
accompaniment a secondary musical instrument or voice
acolyte a follower or attendant (esp in religious ceremony)
addle to confuse
adduce to offer as an example or proof of
adjure to urge solemnly
afferent carried towards a central point
afield going astray; away from home
agnate pertaining to the father's side
amortize to pay off a debt through installments; to devalue something over a period of time
anadromous migrating upriver to breed
anodize to coat a metal with a protective oxide layer
aplomb poise; self confidence
argot a special vocabulary
atavism the reappearance of a trait after several generation of its absence
bawdy lewd; obscene
beatific showing great happiness
beholden indebted to
bellows a device for driving air through something
benchmark a standard
besmirch to make dirty
bowdlerize to sensor a text
braise to roast
broach to make a hole in something
cadre a framework; a core group of trained people
capitol the building in which legislators meet
careen to lurch or swerve
cartel a group of businesses formed to control their market and reduce competition
cataract a large waterfall or heavy downpour
caveat a warning
chassis the steel frame of a car
chasten to discipline
cline a gradual variation in inherited traits
cogitate to ponder deeply
cohort a group; a follower or associate
collate to compare carefully; to arrange in order
colonnade a series of columns
commonwealth a self-governing political body
concomitant existing or occurring at the same time
condign well deserved
confabulate to chat
confrere a colleague
consortium an association of countries or companies
corona a glow around something
cow to intimidate
crepuscular dim;indistinct
crestfallen feeling dejected
crone withered old woman
croon to speak or sing in a low tune
crucible a pot in which metals are melted
cryogenic pertaining to low temperatures
dais a raised platform for a speaker
deadpan not showing facial expressions; to show no expression
delimit to establish the limits of
delta a triangular patch of land (bet 2 branches of a river)
denizen something that lives in a particular place
depredate to prey upon or plunder
dextral pertaining to the right side
dictum an authoritative opinion; a saying
die a device used for cutting or shaping
disconsolate unhappy; without hope
dissimulate to hide the truth
dissolute living an immoral life
distaff a device used to spin wool by hand
dodder to tremble (to 2 frailty)
doggerel crude poetry that is not artistic; crude; rude
dowdy unattractively dull
educe to elicit
empiricism the doctrine that knowledge is based on observation rather than theory
emulsion droplets of one fluid suspended in another
endogamy marriage inside one's social group
endue to furnish with a quality or power
epistemology the study of the nature of knowledge
epistle a letter to someone (esp a formal one)
epoxy a type of glue
escrow an agreement monitored by a third party
estuary the part of the river where it meets the sea
ethology the study of animal behavior
eventuate to result in
eviscerate to remove the intestines of
ex post facto applying retrospectively
exogamy marriage outside one's social group
expostulate to try to dissuade someone
faun a type of mythological creature
fen a marshy area
ferrous pertaining to iron
fiat an order or decree
fiducial based on trust
filigree an ornamental work made from wire
flange a protruding collar on the end of a shaft (used for strengthenings or attachment)
flummox to confuse
foist to sell as genuine
font a source of abundance
founder to fail completely; to fill with water and sink
fresco a picture painted on a wall before the plaster is dry
frieze a band of decoration around the edge of something
frumpish dull and plain
fulgent shining brightly; radiating
fusillade a simultaneous firing of arms
fustian pompous language
garrison a military post (or its troops); to establish such a post
gasconade extravagant boasting
gerontocracy governmental rule by elders
gewgaw a showy, but worthless item
gibe to scoff or sneer
grade an inclination; a slope
guy to secure with ropes; a rope or cable
halcyon tranquil
highbrow highly cultured or intellectual; someone overly concerned about high culture
homeopathy medical treatment that uses small doses of medication that if used on a healthy person in large doses, would create the symptoms of the ailment being treated
hortative urgin or encouraging
hullabaloo an uproar
imbibe to drink; to learn new concepts
import to imply; the meaning of something
imprint to make an impression on; the impression
incarnate embodied in human form; to put into concrete form
increscent increasing
inculpate to incriminate
inviolate not damaged or violated
jejune not interesting; juvenile
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