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Return on investment (ROI) is criticized as a performance measure since it is not a well balanced measure. What characteristic of effective performance measures does the ROI lack? ROI does not balance long and short-term issues.
Which of the following is not an element of the manufacturing process typically presented on a cause and effect (Fishbone) diagram? Manufacturing Overhead.
The following statement about Return on Investment (ROI) is correct ROI is an outstanding performance measure since it motivates managers to delay or avoid investing in new plant, property, & equipment (PP&E).
Quality programs normally include a number of techniques to find and analyze problems. The technique commonly used to rank and analyze the individual and cumulative causes of defects is called a: Pareto Diagram.
Which of the following design choices for management incentive compensation would most likely emphasize future performance? Restricted stock option programs.
Quality programs normally include a number of techniques to find and analyze problems. The technique commonly used to analyze the source of potential problems and their locations within a process is called a: Fishbone Diagram.
Quality programs normally include a number of techniques to find and analyze problems. The technique commonly used to determine zero defects and goalpost conformance is called a: Control Chart.
Arnold Construction uses the completed contract method for accounting, has significant intl business and is planning for early conversion to Intl Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). As a result of this conversion, Arnold would expect to see: Increased revenue.
Fabro, Inc. produced 1,500 Product RX-6 units with 450 lbs Material A at $1.50 per lb., 300 lbs Material Z at $2.75 per lb. and 300 labor hrs at $15.00 per hr. What is the best productivity measure for the first-line supervisor in Fabro, Inc.'s plant? 5.00 units per labor hour.
Executive perks are often criticized since the compensation provided to the manager Can be excessive.
Which of the following is true regarding Pareto diagrams? They display the individual and cumulative frequency of quality issues, defects, or problems.
Big Box Retailers is a cost leader that offers the lowest possible prices on consumer goods. The marketing practice that best describes Big Box Retailer's approach would be: Transaction marketing.
The goals and objectives upon which an annual profit plan is most effectively based are A combination of financial, quantitative, and qualitative measures.
Which of the following Performance Management Measures integrates both financial and non-financial measures of performance? Balanced Scorecard.
Which of the following will most likely encourage the use of non-financial measures by a manager? Tying incentives to the manager's individual effort.
GS Vitamins is trying to locate active adults/seniors interested in health products and has obtained a list of retired adults/individuals using health products. Future promos will meet needs based on past orders. This marketing is characterized as: Database marketing.
Which of the following is true regarding Productivity Ratios? Total productivity ratios (TPRs) consider all inputs simultaneously as well as the prices of the inputs.
Which of the following is a true statement regarding non-financial measures of a process? They are best viewed as attention directors.
Which of the following is not a characteristic of effective performance measures? The measure emphasizes long-term over short-term issues.
Effective performance measures should balance long and short-term issues.
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