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Intro to Soc Test 4

American Samoa is the focus of the gender chapter because that society? Makes the least distinction between males and females
A person’s sex is determined first and foremost on the basis of Primary sex characteristics
_________determines a baby’s sex. The male biological parent
Breast development, quality of voice, skeletal form are considered Secondary sex characteristics
In pre-Christian Samoa, ideal standards signifying manhood centered around Body tattooing
A man decides, consciously or unconsciously, that the woman he dates must be shorter and younger than he is. This decision can be classified as Gender-schematic
Which college major listed below is the most male-dominated? Computer and information science
___________ are internal bodily sensations that we experience in relationships with other people. Social emotions
In American Samoa, fa-afafines are Males who have taken on the “way of women”
An estimated ____% of girls between the ages of 3 and 11 in the U.S. have Barbie dolls. 95
Men comprise approximately ____% of the workforce that is engaged in construction, labor, carpentry, and maintenance. 90
Which one of the following countries allows openly gay men and lesbians to serve in the military? Italy
In which of the following areas of life are men, as a group, most likely to be disadvantaged relative to women? Life expectancy
Sociologist take a____ perspective when they emphasize in their research and teaching such themes as a right to bodily integrity, and autonomy, access to safe contraceptives, the right to choose, and freedom from sexual harassment. Feminist
The focus of the suit filed by the abandoned Filipinos is The support of an estimated 8,600 children fathered by U.S. servicemen
Iraq is situated in a region of the world holding____of the world’s known oil reserves. Two-thirds
The U.S. represents about ____% of the world’s population, yet it consumes ___% of the world’s annual oil production. 5;25
“Domestication” means that Plants and animals have been brought under human control
Under a system of private ownership, ______own the means of production. Individuals
Iraq is a country that world-system theorists would classify as a _____economy. Peripheral
Japan, Germany, the United States, Canada, Italy and the United Kingdom posses ____economies. Core
Iraq’s Oil-for-Food program was administered by The United Nations
Which one of the following occupations is NOT projected to be among the five fastest-growing occupations between now and 2014? Manufacturing workers
When a single producer dominates a market, a(n) __________exists. Monopoly
The worldwide demand for oil and minerals is expected to increase because two countries which are home to 2.5 billion people, are experiencing dramatic economic growth. These countries are India and China
The two top foreign holders of U.S. debts are China and Japan
__________is the probability that an individual can achieve his or her will even against another individual’s opposition. Power
A “chief,” “king,” or “queen” possesses power based on which form of authority? Traditional
China under Mao Zedong, a leader who espoused overthrowing capitalist and foreign influence, can be classified as a(n) __________________government. Totalitarian
_________% of Iraqi marriages are between first and second cousins, Fifty
The average number of children that a woman bears in her lifetime is known as the Fertility rate
Which one of the following factors explains why Japan has one of the oldest populations in the world? Long life expectancy
Sara marries someone of the same religion as herself. She has followed the norm of Endogamy
It is estimated that between _____ % of children born are not the biological children of the men that believe they have fathered these children. 2 and 10
Child bearing, care giving, managing households, educating children fall under the category of Reproductive work
The Tokyo Metropolitan government launched Family Bonding Day in response to the many problems it believes are connected to Declining fertility
Under the ie system, A bride was known as the “bride of the family,” not the bride of the husband
Juku is a Japanese term for Cram schools
Sociologist Randall Collins argues that women must _____ if they are to be men’s equals. Have access to agents of violence control
In which racial/ethnic category are men in the U.S. more likely to be caregivers to elderly family members? Asian and Pacific Islander
Which of the following is a core concept sociologist use to think about the family? The aging of the population has no historical precedent
In Japan, men and women are reluctant to marry because of Projected stresses associated with helping their children through the juku system
In Japan, approximately _____% of the elderly individuals live with their adult children. 50
The family is an unchanging, stable entity. False
Sociologists argue that it is virtually impossible to keep track of everyone’s living relatives. True
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