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abase to humiliate; to lower in esteem or dignity; to humble
abash To make ashamed; to embarrass
abate To subside; to reduce
abdicate To step down from a position of power or responsibility
aberration Something not typical; a deviation from the standard
abet to support or encourage someone, especially someone who has done something wrong
abeyance suspension; temporary cessation
abhor To hate very, very much; to detest
abject Hopeless; extremely sad and servile; defeated; utterly bummed out
abjure to repudiate; to take back; to refrain from
abnegate To deny oneself things; to reject; to renounce
abomination something despised or abhorred; extreme loathing
aboriginal native; dating back to the very beginning
abortive Unsuccessful
abound to be very numerous
abridge To shorten; to condense
abrogate to abolish or repeal formally; to set aside; to nullify
absolute Total; unlimited; perfect
absolve To forgive or free from blame; to free from sin; to free from an obligation
abstinent Abstaining; voluntarily not doing something, especially something pleasant that is bad for you or has a bad reputation
abstract Theoretical; impersonal
abstruse Hard to understand
abysmal Extremely hopeless or wretched; bottomless
accede to give in; to yield; to agree
accentuate to emphasize; to accent; to highlight
access the right or ability to approach, enter, or use
acclaim to praise publicly and enthusiastically
accolade An award; an honor
accord to agree; to be in harmony; to grant or bestow
accost To approach and speak to someone
accouterments personal clothing, accessories, or equipment; trappings
accrue to accumulate over time
acerbic Bitter; sour; severe
acquiesce To comply passively; to accept; to assent; to agree
acquisitive seeking or tending to acquire;
acquit to find not guilty; to bahave or conduct oneself
acrid Harsh; like acid
acrimonious Full of spite; bitter; nasty
acronym a word made up of the initials of other words
acumen Keenness of judgment; mental sharpness
acute Sharp; shrewd
ad-lib to improvise; speak or act spontanesously
adage a traditional saying; a proverb
adamant Stubborn; unyielding; completely inflexible
address To speak to; to direct ones attention to
adduce to bring forward as an example or as proof; to cite
adherent Follower; supporter; believer
adjourn to suspend until another time
adjunct something added to or connected with something else; an assistant
admonish To scold gently; to warn
adroit Skillful; dexterous; clever; shrewd; socially at ease
adulation Wild or excessive admiration; flattery
adulterate To contaminate; to make impure
advent arrival; coming; beginning
adventitious accidental; connected to but nonetheless unrelated; irrelevant
adverse Unfavorable; antagonistic
advocate a person who argues in favor of a position
aesthetic Having to do with artistic beauty; artistic
affable Easy to talk to; friendly
affectation Unnatural or artificial behavior, usually intended to impress
affidavit a sworn written statement made before an official
affiliate to become closely associated with
affinity Sympathy; attraction; kinship; similarity
affliction misery; illness; great suffering; a source of misery, or great suffering
affluent Rich; prosperous
afford to give; to supply; to confer upon
affront insult; a deliberate act of disrespect
aftermath consequence; events following some occurrence or calamity
agenda Program; the things to be done
aggrandize to exaggerate; to cause to appear greater; to increase(something) in power,reputation, wealth, etc
aggregate Sum total; a collection of separate things mixed together
aggrieve to mistreat; to do grievous injury to; to distress
aghast terrified, shocked
agnostic One who believes that the existence of a god can be neither proven nor disproven
agrarian Relating to land; relating to the management or farming of land
alacrity Cheerful eagerness or readiness to respond
alchemy a seemingly magical process of transformation
alienate to estrange; to cause to feel unwelcome or unloved; to make hostile
allege To assert without proof
allegiance loyalty
allegory a story in which the characters are symbols with moral or spiritual meanings
alleviate To relieve, usually temporarily or incompletely; to make bearable; to lessen
allocate To distribute; to assign; to allot
allot to apportion, allocate, or assign
alloy A combination of two or more things, usually metals
allusion An indirect reference (often to a literary work); a hint
aloof Uninvolved; standing off; keeping ones distance
altercation a heated fight, argument, or quarrel
altruism Selflessness; generosity; devotion to the interests of others
amass to pile up; to accumulate; to collect for one's own use
ambience Atmosphere; mood; feeling
ambiguous Unclear in meaning; confusing; capable of being interpreted in different ways
ambivalent Undecided; neutral; wishy-washy
ameliorate To make better or more tolerable
amenable Obedient; willing to give in to the wishes of another; agreeable
amenity Pleasantness; attractive or comfortable feature
amiable Friendly; agreeable
amid in the middle of
amnesty An official pardon for a group of people who have violated a law or policy
amoral Lacking a sense of right and wrong; neither good nor bad, neither moral nor immoral; without moral feelings
amorous Feeling loving, especially in a sexual sense; in love relating to love
amorphous Shapeless; without a regular or stable shape; bloblike
anachronism Something out of place in time or history; an incongruity
analogy A comparison of one thing to another; similarity
anarchy Absence of government or control; lawlessness; disorder
anathema something or someone loathe or detested
ancillary subordinate; providing assistance
anecdote A short account of a humorous or revealing incident
angst anxiety; fear; dread
anguish Agonizing physical or mental pain
animosity Resentment; hostility; ill will
annex to add or attach
annuity an annual allowance or income; the annual interest payment on an investment; any regular allowance or income
anomaly An aberration; an irregularity; a deviation
antecedent Someone or something that went before; something that provides a model for something that came after it
antedate to be older than; to have come before
anterior situated in front
anthology a collection, especially of literary works
anthropomorphic ascrigbing human characteristics to nonhuman animals or objects
antipathy Firm dislike; a dislike (↔sympathy)
antipodal situated on opposite sides of the earth; exactly opposite
antiquity ancientness; ancient times
antithesis The direct opposite
apartheid The abhorrent policy of racial segregation and oppression in the Repubic of South Africa
apathy Lack of interest; lack of feeling
aperture an opening
apex highest point
aphorism A brief, often witty saying; a proverb
apocalypse A prophetic revelation, especially one concerning the end of the world
apocryphal Of dubious authenticity; fictitious; spurious
apogee the most distant point in the orbit of the moon or of an artificial satellite
apoplexy stroke (that is, numbness and paralysis resulting from the sudden loss of blood flow to the brain)
apostasy abandonment or rejection of faith or loyalty
apotheosis Elevation to divine status; the perfect example of something
appalling causing horror or consternation
apparition a ghost or ghostly object
appease To soothe; to pacify by giving in to
appellation a name
appendage something added on to something else; a supplement
apportion to distribute properionally; to divide into portions
apposite distinctly suitable; pertinent
appraise to estimate the value or quality of; to judge
appreciate To increase in value
apprehensive Worried; anxious
apprise to give notice to; to inform
approbation Approval; praise
appropriate To take without permission; to set aside for a particular use
appurtenance something extra; an appendage; an accessory
apropos appropriate; coming at the right time
apt appropriate; having a tendency to; likely
aptitude Capacity for learning; natural ability
arbiter One who decides; a judge
arbitrary Random; capricious
arcade a passageway defined by a series of arches; a covered passageway with shops on either side; an area filed with coin-operated games
arcane Mysterious; known only to a select few
archaic Extremely old; ancient; outdated
archetype An original model or pattern
archipelago a large group of islands
archives a place where historical documents or materials are stored; the documents or materials themselves
ardent Passionate
arduous Hard; difficult
arid very dry; lacking life, interest, or imagination
aristocratic Of noble birth; snobbish
armament implement of war; the process of arming for war
armistice truce
arraign to bring to court to answer an indictment; to accuse
arrant utter; unmitigated; very bad
arrears the state of being in debt; unpaid debts
arsenal a collection of armaments; a facility for storing or producing armament; a supply of anything useful
artful Wily; sly
articulate to pronounce clearly; to express clearly
artifice A clever trick; cunning
artisan a person skilled in a craft
ascendancy Supremacy; domination
ascertain to determine with certainty; to find out definitely
ascetic Hermitlike; practicing self-denial
ascribe to credit to or assign; to attribute
askance with suspicion or disapproval
aspersion a slanderous or damning remark
assail to attack vigorously
assert to claim strongly; to affirm
assess to evaluate; to estimate; to appraise
assiduous Hardworking; busy; quite diligent
assimilate To take in; to absorb; to learn thoroughly
assuage To soothe; to pacify; to ease the pain of; to relieve
astringent harsh; severe; withering
astute Shrewd; keen in judgment
asylum a mental hospital or similar institution; refuge; a place of safety
atone to make amends
atropny to wither away; to decline from disuse
attest to give proof of; to declare to be true or correct; to give testimony
attribute to credit to or assign; to ascribe
attrition Gradual wearing away, weakening, or loss; a natural or expected decrease in numbers of size
audacity Boldness; reckless daring; impertinence
augment To make bigger; to add to; to increase
augur to serve as an omen or be a sign; to predict or foretell
august inspiring admiration or awe
auspices protection; support; sponsorship
auspicious Favorable; promising; pointing to a good result
austere Unadorned; stern; forbidding; without excess
autocratic Ruling with absolute authority; extremely bossy
autonomous Acting independently
auxiliary secondary; additional; giving assistance of aid
avail to help; to be of use; to serve
avang-garde the vanguard; members of a group, especially of a literary or artistic one, who are at the cutting edge of their field
avarice Greed; excessive love of riches
aversion a strong feeling of dislike
avert to turn away; to prevent
avid eager; enthusiastic
avow To claim; to declare boldly; to admit
avuncular Like an uncle, especially a nice uncle
awry Off course; twisted to one side
axiom Self-evident rule or truth; a widely accepted saying
bacchanal a party animal; a drunken reveler; a drunken revelry or orgy
baleful menacing; threatening
balk to abruptly refuse (to do something); ti stop short
ballyhoo sensational advertising or promotion; uproar
balm something that heals or soothes
banal Unoriginal; ordinary
bandy to toss back and forth; to exchange
bane Poison; torment; cause of harm
banter an exchange of good-humored or mildly teasing remarks
baroque extravagantly ornate; flamboyant in style
barrage a concentrated outpouring of artillery fire, or of anything else
bastion Stronghold; fortress; fortified place
bauble a gaudy trinket; a small, inexpensive on ornament
bedlam noisy uproar and chaos; a place characterized by noisy uproar and chaos
beget To give birth to; to create; to lead to; to cause
begrudge to envy another's possession or enj0yment of something; to be reluctant to give, or to give grudgingly
behest command; order
belabor To go over repeatedly or to an absurd extent
beleaguer To surround; to besiege; to harass
belie To give a false impression of; to contradict
belittle To make to seem little; to put someone down
belligerent Combative; quarrelsome; waging war
bemoan to mourn about; to lament
bemused Confused; bewildered
benediction a blessing; an utterance of good wishes
benefactor One who provides help, especially in the form of a gift or donation
benevolent Generous; kind; doing good deeds
benighted ignorant; unenlightened
benign Gentle; not harmful; kind; mild
bequest Something left to someone in a will
bereaved Deprived or left desolate, especially through death
beset Harass; to surround
bestow to present as a gift; to confer
bilious ill-tempered; cranky
bivouac a temporary encampment, especially of soldiers
blanch to turn pale; to cause to turn pale
bland mild; tasteless; dull; unlively
blandishment flattery
blasphemy Irreverence; an insult to something held sacred; profanity
blatant Unpleasantly or offensively noisy; glaring
blight Disease in plants; anything that injures or destroys
bliss perfect contentment; extreme joy
blithe Carefree; cheerful
bluster to roar; to be loud; to be tumultous
bombast pompous or pretentious speech of writing
bon vivant
bona fide
boon a blessing; a benefit
boor a rude or churlish person
booty goods taken from an enemy in war; plunder; stolen or confiscated goods
botch to bungle; to ruin through poor of clumsy effort
bourgeois Middle class, usually in a pejorative sense; boringly conventional
bovine Cow related; cowlike cf)canine, equine, feline, piscine, porcine, ursine
bracing invigorating
brandish to wave or display threateningly
bravado a false show or ostentatious show of bravery or defiance
brawn big muscles; great strength
brazen impudent; bold
breach a violation; a gap or break
brevity Briefness
brink edge
bristle to stiffen with anger; to act in a way suggestive of an animal whose hair
broach To open up a subject for discussion, often a delicate subject
bromide a dull, obvious, overfamilar saying; a cliche
brouhaha uproar; hubbub
brusque abrupt in manner; blunt
bucolic Charmingly rural; rustic; countrylike
buffoon a joker, especially one who is coarse of acts like an ass
bulwark a wall used as a defensive fortification; anything used as the main defense against anything else
bureaucracy A system of government administration consisting of numerous bureaus or offices, especially one run according to inflexible and inefficient rules; any large administrative system characterized by inefficiency, lots of rules, and red tape
burgeon To expand; to flourish
burlesque A ludicrous, mocking, or exaggerated imitation
byzantine extremely intricate or complicated in structure; having to do with Byzantine Empire.
cabal a group of conspirators; the acts of such a group; a clique
cache a hiding place; the things hidden in a secret place
cacophony Harsh-sounding mixture of words, voices, or sounds
cadence Rhythm, the rise and fall of sounds
cajole To persuade someone to do something he or she doesnt want to do
calamity a disaster
callous insensitive; emotionally hardened
callow Immature
calumny slander; a maliciously false statement
candor Truthfulness; sincere honesty
canon a rule of law, especially a religious one; a body of rules of laws; an official set of holy books; an authoritative list; the set of works by an author that are accepted as authentic
cant insincere of hypocritical speech
canvass to seek votes or opinions; to conduct a survey
capacious spacious; roomy; commodious
capital the town or city that is the seat of government; money, equipment, and property owned by a business; wealth used in creating more wealth
capitalism Free enterprise
capitulate To surrender; to give up or give in
capricious Unpredictable; like to change at any moment
captivate to fascinate; to enchant; to enrapture
carcinogenic causing cancer
cardinal most import; chief
careen to swerve; to move rapidly without control; to lean to one side
caricature A portrait or description that is purposely distorted or exaggerated, often to prove some point about its subject
cartography the art of making maps and charts
cascade a waterfall; anything resembling a waterfall
castigate To criticize severely; to chastise
cataclysm a violent upheaval; an earthquake; a horrible flood
catalyst In chemistry,~; anyone or anything that makes something happen without being directly involved in it
categorical Unconditional; absolute
catharsis Purification that brings emotional relief or renewal
catholic Universal; embracing everything
caucus a meeting of the menbers of a political party of political faction; a political group whose members have common interests or goals
caustic Like acid; corrosive
cavalier arrogant; haughty; carefree; casual
cavil to quibble; to raise trivial objections
celibacy Abstinence from sex
censure To condemn severely for doing something bad
cerebral Brainy; intellectually refined
chaff worthless stuff
chagrin Humiliation; embarrassed disappointment
chameleon a highly changeable person
champion to defend; to support
channel to direct; to cause to follow a certain path
charisma A magical-seeming ability to attract followers or inspire loyalty
charlatan Fraud; quack; con man
chasm A deep, gaping hole; a gorge
chaste pure and unadorned; abstaining from sex
chastise To inflict punishment on; to discipline
cherub a supercute chubby-cheeked child; a kind of angel
chicanery Trickery; deceitfulness; artifice; especially legal or political
chimera An illusion; a foolish fancy
choleric Hot-tempered; quick to anger
chortle to chuckle with glee
chronic Constant; lasting a long time; inveterate
chronicle A record of events in order of time; a history
churl a rude person; a boor
chutzpah brazenness; audacity
cipher zero; a nobody; a code; the solution to a code
circuitous Roundabout; not following a direct path
circumlocution An indirect expression; use of wordy or evasive language
circumnavigate to sail or travel all the way around
circumscribe To draw a line around; to set the limits; to define; to restrict.
circumspect Cautious
circumvent To frustrate as though by surrounding
citadel a fortress defending a city; a stronghold; a bulwark
civil Polite; civilized; courteous
clandestine concealed or secreat, usually for an evil or subversive purpose
classic top-notch; of t도 highest quality; serving as a standard or model
cleave to cling; to split
clemency Mercy; forgiveness; mildness
cliche An overused saying or idea
climatic having to do with the climate
clique An exclusive group bound together by some shared quality or interest
cloister a covered walk, with columns on one side, that runs along the perimeter of a courtyard,
clone an exact duplicate; an oraganism genetically identical to another
clout a blow; influence
cloy to cause to feel too full, especially when indulging in something overly sweet; to become wearisome through excess
coalesce To come together as one; to fuse; to unite
coddle to baby
coerce To force someone to do or not to do something
cogent Powerfully convincing
cogitate to ponder; to meditate; to think carefully
cognitive Dealing with how we know the world around us through our senses; mental
cognizant Aware; conscious
coherent Holding together; making sense
cohort a group
colloquial Conversational; informal in language
collusion Conspiracy; secret cooperation
commemorate to honor the memory of; to serve as a memorial to
commensurate Equal; proportionate
commiserate to express sorrow or sympathy for; to sympathize with; to pity
commodious spacious; roomy; capacious
compatible harmonious; capable of functioning, working, or living together in harmony; consistent
compelling Forceful; causing to yield
compendium A summary; an abridgment
competent capable; qualified
compile to gather together; to gather together into a book
complacent Self-satisfied; overly pleased with oneself; contented to a fault
complement To complete or fill up; to be the perfect counterpart
complicity Participation in wrongdoing; the act of being an accomplice
comply to act or be in accordance (with)
composed calm; tranquil
comprehensive Covering or including everything
comprise To consist of; to be composed of cf) constitute, compose
compromise a settlement of differences in which each side gives up something
compunction remorse, a feeling of uneasiness at doing something wrong
concave curved inward, like the inside of a circle or a shpere
concede to acknowledge as true or right; to grant or yield
concentric having the same center
concert combined action; agreement
conciliatory Making peace; attempting to resolve a dispute through goodwill
concise Brief and to the point; succinct
concoct to create by mixing ingredients; to devise
concomitant following from; accompanying; going along with
concord Harmony; agreement
concurrent Happening at the same time; parallel
condescend To stoop to someone elses level, usually in an offensive way; to patronize
condone To overlook; to permit to happen
conducive Promoting
confederate an ally; an accomplice
confer to exchange ideas; to consult with; to bestow
confidant a person with whom secrets or private thoughts are shared
configuration arrangement
conflagration a large fire
confluence A flowing together, especially of rivers; place where they begin to flow together
confound te bewilder; to amaze; to throw into
congeal to solidify; to jell
congenial Agreeably suitable; pleasant
congenital A trait or condition acquired between conception and birth; innate
conjecture To guess; to deduce or infer on slight evidence
conjugal having to do with marriage
conjure To summon or bring into being as if by magic
connive to conspire; to aid or encourage a wrong
connoisseur An expert, particularly in matter of art or taste
conscpicuous easily seen; impossible to miss
consecrate To make or declare sacred
consensus Unanimity or general agreement
conservatory a greenhouse, usually one attached to another structure; a masic or drama school
consign to hand over; to assign; to entrust; to banish
consolidate to combine or bring together; to solidify; to strengthen
consonant Harmonious; in agreement
consternation sudden confusion
constituency the group of voters represented by a politician; agroup of supporters for anything
construe To interpret
consummate Perfect; complete; supremely skillful
contempt disdain; disgrace
contentious Argumentative; quarrelsome
contiguous Side by side; adjoining
contingent Dependent; possible 불시의, 우연의;
continuum a continuous whole without clear division into parts
contraband smuggled goods
contretemps an embracing occurrence; a mishap
contrite Admitting guilt; especially feeling remorseful
contrived Artificial; labored
contumely rudeness; insolence; arrogance
conundrum a puzzle or problem without a solution
convene to gather together; to assemble; to meet
conventional common; customary; unexceptional
conversant familiar; experienced
converse the opposite
convey to transport; to conduct; to communicate
conviction strong belief; a determination of guilt
convivial Fond of partying; festive
convolution a twist or trun; the act of twisting or turning
copious Abundant; plentiful
cordial gracious; warm; sincere
corollary something that follows; a natural consequence
corporeal material; tangible; having substance, like the body
correlation a mutual relation between two or more things
corroborate to confirm; to back up with evidence
corrosive eating away; destructive
corrugated shaped with folds or waves
cosmopolitan at home in many places or situations; internationally sophisticated
coterie a group of close associates; a circle(of freinds or associates)
countenance face; facial expression, especially an encouraging one
coup a brilliant victory or accomplishment; the violent overthrow of a government by a small internal group
covenant a solemn agreement; a contract; a pledge
covert secret; hidden
covet to wish for enviously
cower to shrink away or huddle up in fear
crass extremely unrefined; gross; stupid
craven cowardly
credulous eager to believe; gullible
crescendo a gradual increase in the volume of a sound; a gradual increase in the intensity of anything
crestfallen dejected; dispirited
crevice a narrow split, crack, or fissure
cringe to shrink back with fear; to cower; to be servile or suck up in a horrible way
criterion standard;basis for judgment
critique a critical review
crux the central point; the essence
cryptic mysterious; mystifying
cuisine a style of cooking
culinary relating to cooking or the kitchen
cull to pick out from among many; to select; to collect
culminate to climax; to reach full effect
culpable deserving blame; guilty
curb to restrain or control
curmudgeon a difficult, bad-tempered person
cursory hasty; superficial
curtail to shorten; to cut short
cynic one who deeply distrusts human nature; one who believes humans are motivated only by selfishness
daunt to make fearful; to intimidate
dearth lack; scarcity
debacle violent breakdown; sudden overthrow; overwhelming defeat
debase to lower in quality or value; to degrade
debauchery wild living; excessive intemperance
debilitate to weaken; to cripple
debunk to expose the nonsense of
decadent decaying or decayed, especially in terms of morals
decimate to kill or destroy a large part of
decorous proper; in good taste; orderly
decree an official order, usually having the force of law
decry to put down; to denounce
deduce to conclude from evidence; to infer
deem to judge; to consider
defame to libel or slander; to ruin the good name of
deference submission to anothers will; respect; courtesy
deficit a shortage, especially of money
defile to make filthy or foul; to desecrate
definitive conclusive; providing the last word
deft skillful
defunct no longer in effect; no longer in existence
degenerate to break down; to deteriorate
degrade to lower in dignity or status; to corrupt; to deteriorate
deign to condescend; to think it in accordance with one's dignity(to do something)
deity a god or goddness
dejected depressed; disheartened
delectable delightful; delicious
deleterious harmful
delineate to describe accurately; to draw in outline
delinquent neglecting a duty or law; late in payment
delude to deceive
deluge a flood; an inundation
delve to search or study intensively
demagogue a leader of the people, but more a rabble rouser
demeanor behavior; manner
demise death
demography the statistical study of characteristics of populations
demur to object; to take exception
demure shy; reserved; sedate
denizen inhabitant
denomination a classfication; a category name
denote to signify; to indicate; to mark
denounce to condemn
depict to portray, especially in a picture; to describe
deplete to decrease the supply of; to exhaust; to use up
deplore to regret; to condemn; to lament
deploy to station soldiers or armaments strategically; to arrange strategically
depose to remove from office or position of power
depravity extreme wickedness or corruption
deprecate to express disapproval of
depredate to prey upon; to plunder
derelict neglectful; delinquent; deserted; abandoned
deride to ridicule; to laugh at contemptuously
derogatory disapproving; degrading
desiccate to dry out
desist to stop doing(something)
despondent extremely depressed; full of despair
despot an absolute ruler; an autocrat
destitute extremely poor; utterly lacking
desultory without a plan or purpose; disconnected; random
devout deeply religious; fervent
dialectical relating to discussions; relating to the rules and methods of reasoning; approaching truth in the middle of opposing extremes
diatribe a bitter, abusive denunciation
dichotomy division into two parts, especially contradictory ones
dictum an authoritative saying; an adage; a maxim; a proverb
didactic intended to teach; morally instructive; pedantic
diffident timid; lacking in self-confidence
diffuse to cause to spread out; to cause to disperse;
digress to stray from the main subject
dilapidated broken-down; fallen into ruin
dilate to make larger; to become larger; to speak or write at length
dilemma a situation in which one must choose between two equally attractive choices; any problem or predicament
dilettante someone with superficial knowledge of the arts; an amateur; a dabbler
diminution the act or process of diminishing; reduction
dire disastrous; desperate
dirge a funeral song
disaffect to cause to lose affection; to estrange; to alienate
disarrary disorder; confusion
discern to have insight; to see things clearly, to discriminate; to differentiate
disclaim to deny any claim to; to renounce
discomfit to frustrate; to confuse
disconcert to upset; to ruffle; to perturb
discourse spoken or written expression in words; conversation
discreet prudent; judiciously reserved
discrepancy difference; inconsistency
discrete unconnected; separate; distinct
discriminate to notice or point out the difference between two or more things; to discern; to differentiate
discursive rambling from one topic to another, usually aimlessly
disdain arrogant scorn; contempt
disgruntle to make sulky and dissatisfied; to discontent
disinformation false information purposely disseminated, usually by a government, for the purpose of creating a false impression
disinterested not taking sides; unbiased
dismal dreary; causing gloom; causing dread
dismay to fill with dread; to discourage greatlyp to perturb
disparage to belittle; to say uncomplimentary things about, usually in a somewhat indirect way
disparate different; incompatible; unequal
dispassionate unaffected by passion; impartial; calm
disperse to scatter; to spread widely; to disseminate
dispirit to discourage; to dishearten; to lose spirit
disposition characteristic attitude; state of mind; inclination; arrangement
disproportionate out of proportion; too much or too little
disquiet to make uneasy
dissemble to conceal the real nature of; to act or speak falsely in order to deceive
disseminate to spread the seeds of something; to scatter; to make widely known
dissent to disagree; to withhold approval
disservice a harmful action; an ill turn
dissident a person who disagrees or dissents
dissipate to thin out, drift away, or dissolve; to cause to thin out, drift away, or dissolve; to waste or squander
dissolution the breaking up or dissolving of something into parts; disintegration
dissuade to persuade not to
distend to swell; to extend a great deal
distinct separate; different; clear and unmistakable
distinguish to tell apart; to cause to stand out
diurnal occurring overy day; occurring during the daytime
divine to intuit; to prophesy
divulge to reveal, especially to reveal something that has been a screat
docile easily taught; obedient; easy to handle
doctrinaire inflexibly committed to a doctrine or theory without regard to its practicality; dogmatic
document to support with evidence, especially written evidence
dogmatic arrogantly assertive of unproven ideas; stubbornly claiming that something (often a system of beliefs) is beyond dispute
doldrums low spirits; a state of inactivity
doleful sorrowful; filled with frief
dolt a stupid person; a dunce
domestic having to do with the household or family; not foreign
dormant A inactive; as though asleep; asleep
dotage senility; foolish affection
double entendre
dour forbidding; severe; gloomy
downcast directed downward; dejected; depressed
downplay to minimize; to represent as being insignificant; to play down
draconian harsh; sever; cruel
droll humorous; amusing in an odd, often understated, way
dross worthless stuff, especially worthless stuff arising
dubious A full of doubt; uncertain
duplicity N the act of being two-faced; double-dealing; deception
duress coercion; compulsion by force or threat
ebb to diminish; to recede
ebullient A boiling; bubbling with excitement; exuberant;
eccentric A not conventional; a little kooky; irregular
ecclesiastical having to do with the church
eclectic A choosing the best from many sources; drawn from many sources
eclipse to block the light of; to overshadow; to reduce the significance of;
ecosystem a community of organisms and the physical environment in which they live
edict an official decree
edifice a big, imposing building
edify Vt to enlighten; to instruct, especially in moral or religious matters
efface Vt to erase; to rub away the features of
effectual effective; adequate
efficacy effectiveness
effigy a likeness of someone, especially one used in expressing hatred for the person of whom it is a likeness
effuse ...
effusion N a pouring forth
effusive ...
egalitarian A believing in the social and economic equality of all people
egocentric A selfish; believing that one is the center of everything
egoism ...
egregious A extremely bad; flagrant
elation a feeling of great joy
electorate the body of people entitled to vote in an election; the voters
elegy a mournful poem or other piece of writing; a mournful piece of music
elicit Vt to bring out; to call forth
elite the best or most select group
ellipsis ...
ellipsoid ...
elliptical Adj oval; missing a word or words; obscure
elocution the art of public speaking
elude ...
elusion ...
elusive Adj hard to pin down; evasive
emaciate to make extremely thin through starvation or illness
emanate to come forth; to issue
emancipate to liberate; to free from bondage or restraint
embargo a government order suspending foreign trade; a government order suspending the movement of freight-carrying ships in and out of the
embellish to adorn; to beautify by adding ornaments; to add fanciful or fictitious details to
embody to personify; to give physical form to
embroil to involve in conflict; to throw into disorder
embryonic undeveloped; rudimentary
emigrant ...
emigrate V to move to a new country; to move a new place to live; to expatriate
emissary a messenger of representative sent to represent another
empathy identification with the feelings or thoughts of another
empirical Adj relying on experience or observation; not merely theoretical
empiricism ...
empower to give power or authority to; to enable
emulate Vt to strive to equal or excel, usually through imitation
emulation ...
emulator ...
emulous ...
encroach Vi to make gradual or stealthy inroads into; to trespass
endear to make dear; to make beloved
endemic A native; restricted to a particular region or era; indigenous
enervate V to reduce the strength or energy of, especially to do so gradually
enfranchise V to grant the privileges of citizenship, especially the right to vote
engaging charming; pleasing; attractive
engender V to bring into existence; to create; to cause
enigma ...
enmity deep hatred; animosity; ill will
ennui boredom; listless lack of interest
enormity N extreme evil; a hideous offense; immensity
ensue to follow immediately afterward; to result
entail to have as a necessary consequence; to involve
entity something that exists; a distinct thing
entreat to ask earnestly; to beg; to plead
entrepreneur an independent business person; one who starts, runs, and assumes the risk of oerating an independent business enterprise
enumerate to name one by one; to list
envision to imagine; to foresee
ephemeral A lasting a very short time
epicure a person with refined taste in wine and food
epigram N a brief and usually witty or satirical saying
epilogue an afterword; a short concluding chapter of a book; a short speech at the end of a play
epitome N a brief summary that captures the meaning of the whole; the perfect example of something; a paradigm
epoch an era; a distinctive period of time
equanimity N composure; calm
equestrian having to do with horseback riding
equitable Adj fair
equivocal Adj ambiguous; intentionally confusing; capable of being interpreted in more than one way
erudite Adj scholarly; deeply learned
esoteric Adj hard to understand; understood by only a select few; peculiar
espouse V to support; to advocate
estimable worthy of admiration; capable of being estimated
estrange to make unfriendly or hostile; to cause to feel removed from
ethereal Adj heavenly, as light and insubstantial as a gas or ether
ethics moral standards governing behavior
eulogy a spoken or written tribute to a person, especially a person who has just died
euphemism N a pleasant or inoffensive expression used in place of an unpleasant or offensive one
evanescent Adj fleeting; vanishing; happening for only the briefest period
evince to demonstrate convincingly; to prove
evoke to summon farth; to draw forth; to awaken; to produce of suggest
exacerbate V to make worse
exacting Adj extremely demanding; difficult; requiring great skill or care
exalt V to raise high; to glorify
exasperate V to annoy thoroughly; to make very angry; to try the patience of
excise to remove by cutting, or as if by cutting
exemplify V to illustrate by example; to serve as a good example
exempt excused; not subject ot
exhaustive Adj thorough; rigorous; complete; painstaking
exhort V to urge strongly; to give a serious warning to
exhume to unbury; to dig out of the ground
exigency N an emergency; an urgency
existential Adj having to do with existence; having to do with the body of thought called existentialism, which basically holds that human beings are responsible for their own actions but is otherwise too complicated to summarize in a single sentence
exodus a mass departure or journey away
exonerate V to free completely from blame; to exculpate
exorbitant excessively costly; excessive
expatriate V to throw (someone) out of his or her native land; to move away from ones native land; to emigrate
expedient Adj providing an immediate advantage; serving ones immediate self-interest; practical
expedite V to speed up or ease the progress of
expiate to make amends for; to atone for
explicate to make a detailed explanation of the meaning of
explicit Adj clearly and directly expressed
exposition explanation; a large public exhibition
expostulate to reason with someone in order to warn or dissuade
expunge to erase; to eliminate any trace of
exquisite extraordinarily fine or beautiful; intense
extant still in existence
extol V to praise highly; to laud
extort to obtain through force, threat, or illicit means
extraneous Adj unnecessary; irrelevant; extra
extrapolate V to protect or deduce from something known; to infer
extremity the outermost point or edge; the greatest degree; grave danger; a limb or appendage of the body
extricate V to free from difficulty
extrovert N an open, outgoing person; a person whose attention is focused on others rather than on himself or herself
exuberant highly joyous or enthusiastic; overlowing; lavish
exult V to rejoice; to celebrate
fabrication N a lie; something made up
facade the front of a building; the false front of a building; the false front or misleading appearance of anything
facet any of the flat, polished surfaces of a cut gem; aspect
facetious Adj humorous; not serious; clumsily humorous
facile Adj fluent; skillful in a superficial way; easy
faction N a group, usually a small part of a larger group, united around some cause; disagreement within an organization
fallacy a false notion or belief; a misconception
farcical Adj absurd; ludicrous
fastidious Adj meticulous; demanding; finicky
fatalist N someone who believes that future events are already determined and that humans are powerless to change them
fathom to understand; to penetrate the meaning of
fatuous Adj foolish; silly; idiotic
fauna N animals cf) flora
faux FALSE
fawn to exhibit affection; to seek favor through flattery; to suck up to someone
fecund Adj fertile; productive
feign to make a false representation of; to pretend
felicity N happiness; skillfulness, especially at expressing things; adeptness
fervor N great warmth or earnestness; ardor; zeal
fester to generate pus; to dacay
fetish an object of obsessive reverence, attention, or interest
fetter V to restrain; to hamper
fiasco a complete failure or disaster; an incredible
fiat an arbitrary decree or order
fickle likely to change for no good reason
fidelity N faithfulness; loyalty
figment something made up or invented; a fabrication
figurative Adj based on figures of speech; expressing something in terms usually for something else; metaphorical
finesse N skillful maneuvering; subtlety; craftiness
fiscal pertaining to financial matters; monetary
flagrant Adj glaringly bad; notorious; scandalous
flaunt V show off; to display ostentatiously
fledgling inexperienced or immature
flippant frivolously disrespectful; saucy; pert; flip
florid ruddy; flushed; red-faced
flout V to disregard something out of disrespect
fodder coarse food for livestock; raw material
foible N a minor character flaw
folly foolishness; insanity; imprudence
foment V to stir up; to instigate
foray a quick raid or attack; an initial venture
forbear v to refrain from ; to abstain
forebode to be an omen of; to predict; to foretell
foreclose to deprive a mortgagor of his or her right to redeem a property; to shut out or exclude
forensic related to or used in courts of law
forestall to thwart, prevent, or hinder something from happening; to head off
forgo v to do without ; to forbear
forsake v to abandon ; to renounce ; to relinquish
forswear to retract, renounce, or recant; to take back
forte a person's strong point, special talent, or specialty
forthright frank; outspoken; going straight to the point
fortuitous a accidental ; occurring by chance
foster to encourage; to promote the development of
founder v to fail ; to collapse ; to sink
fragmentary incomplete; disconnected; made up of fragments
fraternal a like brothers
frenetic a frantic ; frenzied
frugal a economical ; penny-pinching
fruitful productive; producing good or abundant results; successful
fuel to stimulate; to ingite; to kindle, as if providing with fuel
fulminate to denounce vigorously; to protest vehemently against something
furtive a secretive ; sly
futile a useless ; hopeless
gaffe a social blunder; an embarrassing mistake; a faux pas
galvanize to startle into sudden activity; to revitalize
gambit a scheme to gain an advantage; a ploy
gamut the full range (of something)
garner to gather; to acquire; to earn
garrulous a talkative; chatty
gastronomy the art of eating well
generic general; common; not protected by trademark
genesis origin; creation; beginning
genocide the extermination of a notional, racial, or religious group
genre n a type or category, especially of art or writing
genteel a refined ; polite ; aristocratic ; affecting refinement
germane applicable; pertinent; relevant
gesticulate v to make gestures, especially when speaking or in place of speaking
ghastly shockingly horrible; frightful; ghostilke
glut n surplus ; an overabundance
grandiloquent a pompous ; using a lot of big, fancy words in an attempt to sound impressive
grandiose a absurdly exaggerated
gratis free of charge
gratuitous a given freely (said of something bad) ; unjustified ; unprovoked ; uncalled for
gravity n seriousness
gregarious a sociable ; enjoying the company of others
grievous tragic; agnoizing; severe
grimace to make an ugly, disapproving facial expression
guile n cunning ; duplicity ; artfulness
guise appearance; semblance
habituate to train; to accustom to a situation
hackneyed a overused ; trite ; stale
hacyon peaceful; carefree; sencere
hapless a unlucky
harass to attack repeatedly; to torment or pester
harbinger n a forerunner ; a signal of
harp to repeat tediously; to go on and on about something
harry to harass; to annoy
hedonism n the pursuit of pleasure as a way of life
hegemony n leadership, especially of one nation over another
heinous shockingly evil; abominable; atrocious
herald a royal proclaimer; a harbinger
heresy n any belief that is strongly opposed to established beliefs
hermetic a impervious to external influence ; airtight
heyday n golden age ; prime
hiatus n a break or interruption, often from work
hierarchy n an organization based on rank or degree ; pecking order
histrionic a overly dramatic ; theatrical
hoary gray or white with age; ancient; stale
homage reverence; respect
homily n a sermon
homogeneous a uniform ; made entirely of one thing
hubris arrogance; excessive pride
husbandry n thrifty management of resources ; livestock farming
hyperbole n an exaggeration used as a figure of speech ; exaggeration
hypocrisy insincerity; two-facedness
hypothetical a uncertain ; unproven
iconoclast n one who attacks popular beliefs or institutions
ideology n a system of social or political ideas
idiom an expression whose meaning is different from the literal meaning of the words; a language or dialect used by a group of people
idiosyncrasy n a peculiarity ; an eccentricity
idyllic a charming in a rustic way ; naturally peaceful
ignominy n deep disgrace
illicit a illegal ; not permitted
imbue to inspire; to permeate or tinge
immigrate ...
imminent a just about to happen
immutable a unchangeable
impartial a fair ; not favoring one side or the other ; unbiased
impasse a deadlock; a situation from which there is no escape
impeach to accuse or indict; to challenge; call into question
impeccable a flawless ; entirely without sin
impecunious without money; penniless
impede to obstruct or interfere with; to delay
impending approaching; imminent; looming
impenetrable incapable of being penetrated; impervious; incomprehensible
imperative completely necessary; vitally important
imperial` a like an emperor or an empire
impervious a not allowing anything to pass through ; impenetrable
impetuous a impulsive ; extremely impatient
implement v to carry out
implication something implied or suggested; ramification
importune to urge with annoying persistence; to trouble
impotent a powerless ; helpless ; unable to perform sexual intercourse
impoverish to reduce to poverty; to make destitute
impregnable unconquerable; able to withstand attack
impresario a person who manages public entertainments (especially operas, but other events as well)
impromptu done without preparation, on the spur of the moment
improvise to preform without preparation; to make do with whatever materials are available
impugn v to attack, especially to attack the truth or integrity of something
impunity freedom from punishment or harm
inadvertent unintentional; heedless; not planned
inalienable sacred; incapable of being transferred, lost, or taken away
inane a silly ; senseless
inaugurate v to begin officially ; to induct formally into office
incandescent a brilliant ; giving off heat or light
incantation n a chant ; the repetition of statements or phrases in a way reminiscent of a chant
incarnation embodiment
incendiary used for setting property on fire; tending to arouse passion or anger; inflammatory
incense a make very angry
incessant a unceasing
incipient a beginning ; emerging
incisive a cutting right to the heart of the matter
inclination tendency; preference; liking
incongruous a not harmonious ; not consistent ; not appropriate not fitting in
incorrigible a incapable of being reformed
increment n an increase ; one in a series of increases
inculcate to instill or implant by repeated suggestions or admonitions
incumbent currently holding an office; obligatory
incursion a hostile invasion; a raid
indict to charge with a crime; to accuse of wrongdoing
indifferent a not caring one way or the other ; apathetic ; mediocre
indigenous a native ; originating in that area
indigent a poor
indignant a angry, especially as a result of something unjust or unworthy ; insulted
indolent a lazy
induce to persuade; to influence; to cause
indulgent lenient ; yielding to desire
ineffable a incapable of being expressed or described
ineluctable inescapable; incapable of being resisted or acoided
inept a clumsy ; incompetent ; gauche
ineradicable incapable of being removed or destroyed or eradicated
inert a inactive ; sluggish ; not reacting chemically
inexorable a relentless ; inevitable ; unavoidable
infamous a shamefully wicked ; having an extremely bad reputation ; disgraceful
infatuated a foolish ; foolishly passionate or attracted ; made foolish ; foolishly in love
infer v to conclude ; to deduce
infinitesimal a very, very, very small ; infinitely small
inflammatory fiery; tending to arouse passion or anger; incendiary
influx inflow; arrival of large numbers of people or things; inundation
infraction violation; infringement; the breaking of a law
infrastructure the basic framework of a system; foundation
infringe to violate; to encroach or trespass
infuse to introduce into; to instill
ingenuous a frank ; without deception ; simple ; artless ; charmingly naive
ingratiate to work to make yourself liked
inherent a part of the essential nature of something ; intrinsic
inimical unfavorable; harmful; detrimental; hostile
inimitable impossible to imitate; incomparable; matchless; the best
injunction n a command or order, especially a court order
innate a existing since birth ; inborn ; inherent
innocuous a harmless ; banal
innuendo an insinuation; a sly hint
inordinate a excessive ; unreasonable
inquisition ruthless questioning; an official investigation characterized by cruelty
insatiable a hard or impossible to satisfy ; greedy ; avaricious
insidious a treacherous ; sneaky
insinuate v to hint ; to creep in
insipid a dull ; bland ; banal
insolent a arrogant ; insulting
insouciant nonchalant; lighthearted; carefree
instigate v to provoke ; to stir up
insufferable unbearable; intolerable
insular a like an island ; isolated
insuperable unable to be overcome; insurmountable; overwhelming
insurgent n a rebel ; someone who revolts against a government
insurrection an act of open rebellion against
integral a essential
interim meantime; an intervening time; a temporary arangement
interloper intruder; trespasser; unwanted person
interlude an intervening episode; an intermission; a pause
interminable seemingly unending; tediously long
intermittent occasional; repeatedly starting and stopping; recurrent
intersperse to place at intervals; to scatter among
intervene to come between opposing groups; to mediate; to take place; to occur
intimate to hint or imply
intractable a uncontrollable ; stubborn ; disobedient
intransigent a uncompromising ; stubborn
intricate complicated; sophisticated; having many parts or facest
intrigue a secret scheme; a crafty plot
intrinsic a part of the essential nature of something ; inherent
introspective a tending to think about oneself ; examining ones feelings
inundate v to flood ; to cover completely with water ; to overwhelm
invective n insulting or abusive speech
inveterate a habitual ; firm in habit ; deeply rooted
invidious causing envy or resentment; offensively harmful
inviolate free from injury; pure
invoke to entreat or pray for; to call on as in prayer; to declare to be in effect
irascible a easily angered or provoked ; irritable
iridescent displaying glowing, changing colors
ironic a meaning the opposite of what you seem to say ; using words to mean something other than what they seem to mean
irrevocable a irreversible
itinerant a moving from place to place
jargon the specialized language of vocabulary of a particular job or trade; a meaningless of pretentious language; a local dialect or idiom or vernacular
jaunt a short pleasure trip
jingoism belligerent, chauvinistic patriotism; warmongering
jocular humorous; jolly; fond of joking
jubilation exultant joy
juction convergence; linkup; the act or state of being joined together
judicious a exercising sound judgment
junta a small grouup ruling a country after a coup d'etat
juxtapose v to place side by side
karma good or bad emanations from someone or something
kinetic a having to do with motion ; lively ; active
labyrinth n a maze ; something like a maze
laconic a using few words, especially to the point of seeming rude
lament v to mourn
lampoon v to satirize ; to mock ; to parody
languish v to become weak, listless, or depressed
larceny theft; robbery
largess n generous giving of gifts (or the gifts themselves) ; generosity ; philanthropy
lascivious lustful; obscene; lewd
latent a present but not visible or apparent ; potential
laud v to praise ; to applaud ; to extol ; to celebrate
lavish to spend freely or bestow generously; to squander
lax negligent; lazy; irresponsible
layman a nonprofessional; a person who is not a member of the clergy
legacy n something handed down from the past ; a bequest
lethargy n sluggishness ; laziness ; drowsiness ; indifference
levity n lightness ; frivolity ; unseriousness
liaison connection; association; alliance; secret love affair
libel n a written or published falsehood that injures the reputation of, or defames, someone
licentious lascivious; lewd; promiscuous; amoral
limpid transparent; clear; lucid
listless sluggish; without energy or enthusiasm
litany recital or list; tedious recounting
litigate v to try in court ; to engage in legal proceedings
livid discolored; black and blue; enraged
loath extremely unwilling; reluctant
lobby to urge legislative action; to exert influence
loquacious a talking a lot or too much
lout boor; oaf; clod
lucid a clear ; easy to understand
ludicrous ridiculous; absurd
lugubrious a exaggeratedly mournful
luminous a giving off light ; glowing ; bright
lyrical melodious; songlike; poetic
machination n scheming activity for an evil purpose
magnanimous a forgiving ; unresentful ; noble in spirit ; generous
magnate n a rich, powerful, or very successful businessperson
malaise n a feeling of depression, uneasiness, or queasiness
malapropism humorous misuse of a word that sounds similar to the word intended but has a ludicrously different meaning
malfeasance n an illegal act, especially by a public official
malinger v to pretend to be sick to avoid doing work
malleable a easy to shape or bend
mandate n a command or authorization to do something ; the will of the voters as expressed by the results of an election
mania crazed, excessive excitement; insanity; delusion
manifest a visible ; evident
manifesto n a public declaration of beliefs or principles, usually political ones
marginal related to or located at the margin or border; at the lower limit of quality; insignificant
marshal v to arrange in order ; to gather together for the purpose of doing something
martial a warlike ; having to do with combat
martyr n someone who gives up his or her life in pursuit of a cause, especially a religious one ; one who suffers for a cause ; one who makes a show of suffering in order to arouse sympathy
materialistic preoccupied with material things; greedy for possessions
matriculate v to enroll, especially at a college
maudlin a silly and overly sentimental
maverick n a nonconformist ; a rebel
mawkish overly sentimental; maudlin
maxim n a fundamental principle ; an old saying
meander to travel along a winding or indirect route; to ramble or stray from the topic
mediate v to help settle differences
medium the means by which something is conveyed or accomplished; a substance through which something is transferred or conveyed; the materials used by
melancholy gloomy; depressed and weary
melee a brawl; a confused fight or struggle; a violent freefor-all; tumultuous confusion
mellifluous a sweetly flowing
menagerie a collection of animals
mendacious a lying ; dishonest
mendicant n a beggar
mentor n a teacher, tutor, counselor, or coach ; especially in business, an experienced person who shows an inexperienced person the ropes
mercenary n a hired soldier ; someone who will do anything for money
mercurial a emotionally unpredictable ; rapidly changing in mood
metamorphosis n a magical change in form ; a striking or sudden change
meticulous precise and careful about details; fussy
microcosm n the world in miniature
milieu n environment ; surroundings
millennium a period of 1,000 years; a thousandth anniversary
minuscule a very tiny
misanthropic a hating mankind
mitigate v to moderate the effect of something
mode method of doing; type; manner; fashion
modulate to reduce or regulate; to lessen the intensity of
mollify v to soften ; to soothe ; to pacify
momentum force of movement; speed; impetus
monolithic a massive, solid, uniform, and unyielding
moratorium s suspension of activity; a period of delay
more marshy, mucky ground
mores customary moral standards
moribund a dying
morose a gloomy ; sullen
mortify a to humiliate
motif a recurring theme or idea
motley extremely varied or diverse; heterogeneous; multicolored
mundane a ordinary ; pretty boring ; not heavenly and eternal
municipal pertaining to a city (or town) and its government
munificent a very generous ; lavish
muse to ponder; to meditate
muster to assemble for battle or inspection; to summon up
myopia a nearsightedness ; lack of foresight
myriad n a huge number
mystic otherworldly; mysterious; enigmatic
narcissism n excessive love of ones body or oneself
nebulous a vague ; hazy ; indistinct
nefarious a evil ; flagrantly wicked
nemesis unconquerable opponent or rival; one who seeks just compensation or revenge to right a wrong
neologism n a new word or phrase ; a new usage of a word
neophyte beginner; novice
nepotism n showing favoritism to friends of family in business or politics
nihilism n the belief that there are no values or morals in the universe
nirvana a blissful, painless, worry-free state
noisome offensive or disgusting; stinking; noxious
nomadic wandering from place to place; without a permanent home
nomenclature a set or system of names; a designation; a terminology
nominal a in name only ; insignificant ; A-OK (during rocket launches)
nonchalant indifferent; coolly unconcerned; blase
nostalgia n sentimental longing for the past ; homesickness
notorious a famous for something bad
novel a new ; original
noxious a harmful ; offensive
nuance n a subtle difference or distinction
nullify to repeal; to cancel; to void
obdurate a stubborn and insensitive
obeisance a bow or curtsy; deep reverence
obfuscate v to darken ; to confuse ; to make confusing
objective unbiased; unprejudiced
oblique a indirect ; at an angle
oblivion n total forgetfulness ; the state of being forgotten
obscure a unknown ; hard to understand ; dark
obsequious a fawning ; subservient ; sucking up to
obtrusive interfering; meddlesome; having a tendency to butt in
obtuse a insensitive ; blockheaded
obviate to make unnecessary; to avert
occult supernatural; magic; mystical
odious hateful; evil; vile
odyssey a long, difficult journey, usually marked by many changes of fortune
officious a annoyingly eager to help or advise
olfactory pertaining to the sense of smell
oligarchy government by only a very few people
ominous threatening; menacing; portending doom
omniscient all-knowing; having infinite wisdom
onerous a burdensome ; oppressive
opaque a impossible to see through ; impossible to understand
opprobrious damning; extremely critical; disgraceful
opulent a luxurious
ordinance law; regulation; decree
orthodox a conventional ; adhering to established principles or doctrines, especially in religion ; by the book
oscillate to swing back and forth; to pulsate; to waver or vacillate between beliefs or ideas
osmosis gradual or subtle absorption
ostensible a apparent (but misleading) ; professed
ostentatious a excessively conspicuous ; showing off
ostracize to shun; to shut ou
oust to eject; to expel; to banish
override to overrule; to prevail over
overture opening move; preliminary offer
oxymoron a figure of speech in which two contradictory words or phrases are used together
pacify v to calm someone down ; to placate
painstaking a extremely careful ; taking pains
palatable pleasant to the taste; agreeable to the feelings
palliate v to relieve or alleviate something without getting rid of the problem ; to assuage ; to mitigate
pallor paleness; whiteness
palpable a capable of being touched ; obvious ; tangible
paltry a insignificant ; worthless
panacea n something that cures everything
pandemic prevalent throughout a large area
panegyric elaborate praise; eulogy
parable religious allegory; fable; morality tale
paradigm n a model or example
paradox n a true statement or phenomenon that nonetheless seems to contradict itself ; an untrue statement or phenomenon that nonetheless seems logical
paragon a model or pattern of excellence
parallel similar comparable
paranoia a mental illness in which the sufferer believes people are out to get him;unreasonable anxiety
paranormal having to do with an event or events that can't be explained scientifically;supernatural
parochial a narrow or confined in point of view ; provincial
parody n a satirical imitation
paroxysm a sudden, violent outburst; a severe attack
parsimonious a stingy
partisan n one who supports a particular person, cause, or idea
partition division; dividing wall
pastoral rural; rustic; peaceful and calm, like the country
patent a obvious
paternal a fatherly ; fatherlike
pathology n the science of diseases
pathos that which makes people feel pity or sorrow
patina surface discoloration caused by age and exidation
patriarch n the male head of a family or tribe
patrician n a person of noble birth ; an aristocrat
patrimony an inheritance, especially from a father; a legacy
patronize v to treat as an inferior ; to condescend to
paucity n scarcity
peccadillo n a minor offense
peculiar unusual; bizarre; individual; belonging to a particular region
pedantic a boringly scholarly or academic
pedestrian a unimaginative ; banal
pejorative a negative ; disparaging
penchant n a strong taste or liking for something ; a predilection
penitent a sorry ; repentant ; contrite
pensive a thoughtful and sad
peregrination wandering; traveling
peremptory a final ; categorical ; dictatorial
perennial a continual ; happening again and again or year after year
perfidy n treachery
perfunctory a unenthusiastic ; careless
peripatetic a wandering ; traveling continually ; itinerant
periphery n the outside edge of something
perjury n lying under oath
permeate v to spread or seep through ; to penetrate
pernicious a deadly ; extremely evil
perpetrator the one who committed the act
perpetuate to make something perpetual; to keep from perishing
perquisite n a privilege that goes along with a job ; a perk
pertinent a relevant ; dealing with the matter at hand
perturb v to disturb greatly
peruse v to read carefully
pervade v to spread throughout
perverse contrary; stubborn
petulant a rude ; cranky ; ill-tempered
phantasm apparition; ghost; phantom
philanthropy n love of mankind, especially by doing good deeds
philistine n a smugly ignorant person with no appreciation of intellectual or artistic matters
phlegmatic calm or indifferent; not easily roused to excitement
pilgrimage religious o spiritual journey; excursion; peregrination
pivotal a crucial
placate v to pacify ; to appease ; to soothe
placebo a fake medication; a fake medicatin used as a control in tests of the effectiveness of drugs
plaintive a expressing sadness or sorrow
platitude n a dull or trite remark ; a cliche
platonic nonsexual; purely spiritual
plausible believable; convincing
plebeian n common ; vulgar ; low class ; bourgeois
plethora n an excess
pliable flexible; easy to bend; easy to convince, persuade, or mold
plight a dangerous, distressing, or unpleasant situation
plous a reverent or devout ; outwardly (and sometimes falsely) reverent or devout ; hypocritical
plunder to loot; o ransack
pluralism a condition of society in which distinct groups exist and function together get retain their own identities
poignant a painfully emotional ; extremely moving ; sharp or astute
polarize v to break up into opposing factions or groupings
polemic n a powerful argument often make to attack or refute a controversial issue
ponderous a so large as to be clumsy ; massive ; dull
pontificate to speak pompously or dogmatically
porous filled with many tiny holes; permeable; absorbent
portent n an omen ; a sign of something coming in the future
posterity future generations; descendants; heirs
posthumous occurring after one's death; published after the death of the author
postulate n something accepted as true without proof ; and axiom
posture to act or speak artificially or affectedly
pragmatic a practical ; down to earth ; based on experience rather than theory
prattle to chatter on and on; to babble childishly
precarious dangerously insecure or unsteady
precedent n an earlier example or model of something
precept n a rule to live by ; a principle establishing a certain kind of action or behavior ; a maxim
precipitate v to cause to happen abruptly
precipitous a steep
preclude v to prevent something from ever happening
precocious unusually mature; uncommonly gifted
precursor n forerunner ; something that goes before and anticipates or paves the way for whatever it is that follows
predecessor someone or something that precedes in time
predicament a dangerous or unpleasant situation; a dilemma
predilection n a natural preference for something
predispose to make susceptible; to put in a frame of mind for; to incline toward
predominant most important; dominant; having power over others
preeminent a better than anyone else ; outstanding ; supreme
preempt v to seize something by prior right
pregnant highly significant; overflowing
prelude introduction; something that precedes something else
premeditated planned beforehand; prearranged; plotted
premise n an assumption ; the basis for a conclusion
preponderance superiority in weight, number, size, extent, influence, ext., majority; predominance
prepossess v to preoccupy ; to influence beforehand or prejudice ; to make a good impression on beforehand
prerogative n a right or privilege connected exclusively with a position, a person, a class, a nation, or some other group or classification
presage to portend; to foreshadow; to forecast or predict
presentiment the feeling that something (especially something bad ) is about to happen
presumably probably; the assumption is that; doubtless
presuppose to assume beforehand; to take for granted in advance; to require as a prior condition
prevail v to triumph ; to overcome rivals ; (with on, upon, or with) to persuade
primal first; original; of the greatest importance
pristine a original ; unspoiled ; pure
privation lack of comforts or necessities; poverty
proclaim to announce; declare; make known
procure to obtain or acquire by special means
prodigal a wastefully extravagant
prodigious a extraordinary; enormous; vast
prodigy n an extremely talented child; an extraordinary accomplishment or occurrence; wonder
profane a not having to do with religion; irreverent; blasphemous
profess v to declare; to declare falsely or pretend;
professed ...
professional ...
proficient a thoroughly competent; skillful; very good (at something)
profligate a extravagantly wasteful and, usually, wildly immoral
profound a deep (several senses); ~sleep, ~knowledge, ~meaning, ~thanks, ~anxiety, ~bow n profundity, profoundness
profuse a flowing; extravagant
progeny offspring; descendants
proletariat n the industrial working class
proliferate v to spread or grow rapidly
prolific a abundantly productive; fruitful or fertile
promulgate v to proclaim; to publicly or formally declare something
propagate to reproduce; to multiply; to spread or disseminate
propensity n a natural inclination or tendency; a predilection
propitious a marked by favorable signs or conditions
proponent n an advocate; a supporter of a position
propound to set forth or propose; to offer for consideration
proprietary a characteristic of an owner of property; constituting property
propriety n properness; good manners
prosaic a dull; unimaginative; like prose (as opposed to poetry)
proscribe v to outlaw; to prohibit
proselytize v to convert (someone) from one religion or doctrine to another; to recruit converts to a religion or doctrine
prot g
protagonist n the leading character in a novel, play, or other work; a leader or champion
protocol diplomatic etiquette and customs
protract v to prolong
provident a preparing for the future; providing for the future; frugal
provincial a limited in outlook to ones own small corner of the world; narrow
provisional a conditional; temporary; tentative
provocation the act of provoking; incitement; cause
prowess exceptional skill or strength; uncommon bravery
proximity n nearness
prudent a careful; having foresight
prurient having lustful thoughts or desires; causing lust
pseudonym a false name; an alias
psyche the human soul; the mind; the spirit
pummel to pound or punch with the fists
punctilious meticulously attentive to detail; scrupulously (and sometimes annoyingly) exact
pundit an expert; an authority; a learned person
pungent sharp-tasting or sharp-smelling; acrid; causing or incisive
punitive inflicting a punishment
purblind dim-sighted; practically blind; lacking understanding or imagination
puritanical very severe and strict about morals
purported a rumored; claimed
putative a commonly accepted; supposed; reputed
quaint pleasantly old-fashioned; picturesque
qualify v to modify or restrict
qualitative a having to do with the quality or qualities of something (as opposed to the quantity)
quandary state of perplexity; predicament
quasi almost; near; resembling
quay a landing on the edge of the water; wharf; pier
quell to put an end to; to squelch; to suppress
querulous a complaining; grumbling; whining
query a question; an inquiry
queue a line or file
quiescent motionless; at rest; still
quintessential being the most perfect example of
quixotic a romantic or idealistic to a foolish or impractical degree
quizzical teasing; mocking; questioning; inquisitive
quotidian daily; everyday; ordinary
ramification n a consequence; a branching out
rampant widespread; uncontrollable; prevalent; raging
rancor n bitter, long-lasting ill will or resentment
rapacious a greedy; plundering; avaricious
rapture ecstasy; bliss; unequaled joy
rarefied esoteric; interesting to a select group only; exalted
ratify to confirm; to approve something formally
ratiocination logical reasoning
rationale underlying reason; basis; reasoning
raucous stridently loud; harsh; rowdy
reactionary ultraconservative; right-wing; backward-thinking
rebuff to snub; to reject
rebuke v to criticize sharply
rebut v to contradict; to argue in opposition to; to prove to be false
recalcitrant a stubbornly defiant of authority or control; disobedient
recant v to publicly take back and deny (something previously said or believed); to openly confess error
recidivism the act of repeating an offense
reciprocal a mutual; shared; interchangeable
reclaim to make uncultivated areas of land fit for cultivation; to recover usable substance from refuse; to claim again; to demand the restoration of
reclusive a hermitlike; withdrawn from society
recondite a hard to understand; over ones head
recrimination n a bitter counteraccusation, or the act of making a bitter counteraccusation
redeem to buy back; to fulfill; to make up for; to rescue from sin
redolent a fragrant
redress to remedy; to make amends for
redundant a unnecessarily repetitive; excessive; excessively wordy
referendum a public vote on a measure proposed or passed by a legislature
refractory disobedient and hard to manage; resisting treatment
refute v to prove to be false; to disprove
regime a governing power; a system of government; a period which a government is in power
regimen a regulated course
reiterate v to say again; to repeat
relegate v to banish; to send away
relentless a continuous; unstoppable
relinquish v to release or let go of; to surrender; to stop doing
remission the temporary or permanent disappearance of a disease; pardon
remonstrate v to argue against; to protest; to raise objections
remuneration payment; recompense
renaissance n a rebirth or revival
rend to tear; to rip
render to make; to cause to be; to provide; to depict
renounce v to give up formally or resign; to disown; to have nothing to do with anymore
reparation n paying back; making amends; compensation
repartee a quick, witty reply; witty, spirited conversation full of quick, witty replies
repercussion n a consequence; an indirect effect
replenish v to fill again; to resupply; to restore
replete a completely filled; abounding
replicate to reproduce exactly; to duplicate; to repeat
repose rest; tranqillity; relaxation
reprehensible a worthy of blame or censure
repress to hold back; to conceal from oneself; to suppress
reprimand stern reproof; official rebuke
reprisal n a military action undertaken in revenge for another; an act of taking an eye for an eye
reproach v to scold, usually in disappointment; to blame; to disgrace
reprobate a depraved, wicked person; a degenerate
reprove v to criticize mildly
repudiate v to reject; to renounce; to disown to have nothing to do with
repugnant repulsive; offensive; disgusting
requisite required necessary
resignation passive submission; acquiescence
resolute determined; firm; unwavering
respite n a period of rest or relief
resplendent brilliantly shining; radiant; dazzling
resurrection return to life; revival
reticent a quiet; restrained; reluctant to speak, especially about oneself
retort to make a sharp reply
retrospect looking backward; a review
revamp to revise; to renovate
revel to enjoy thoroughly; to take delight in; to carouse
revere v to respect highly; to honor
revile to scold abusively; to berate; to denounce
revulsion loathing; repugnance; disgust
rhapsodize to speak extremely enthusiastically; to gush
rhetoric n the art of formal speaking or writing; inflated discourse
ribald indecent or vulgar; off-color
rife occurring frequently; widespread; common; swarming
rigorous a strict; harsh; severe
rivet to engross; to hold firmly
robust a strong and healthy; vigorous
rogue n a criminally dishonest persons; a scoundrel
rout to put to flight; to scatter; to cause a huge defeat
rudimentary a basic; crude; unformed or undeveloped
rue to mourn; to regret
ruminate v to contemplate; to ponder; to mull over
rustic a rural lacking urban comforts or sophistication; primitive
saccharine a sweet; excessively or disgustingly sweet
sacrilege n a violation of something sacred; blasphemy
sacrosanct a sacred; held to be inviolable
sagacious a discerning; shrewd; keen in judgement; wise
salient a sticking out; conspicuous; leaping
sally a sudden rushing attack; an excursion; an expedition; a repartee; a clever rejoinder
salutary a healthful; remedial; curative
salutation greeting; welcome; opening words of greeting
sanctimonious a pretending to be devout; affecting religious feeling
sanction official permission or approval; endorsement; penalty; punitive measure
sanguine a cheerful; optimistic; hopeful
sarcasm irony; jokingly or bitingly saying the opposite of what is meant
sardonic a mocking; scornful
savant a scholar; a very knowledgeable and learned person
scant limited; meager; barely sufficient
schism division; separation; discord or disharmony
scintillate v to sparkle, either literally or figuratively
scorn to disdain; to find someone or something contemptible
scrupulous a strict; careful; hesitant for ethical reasons
scrutinize v to examine very carefully
seamless without a seam;without anything to indicate where two things were joined together;smooth
secede to withdraw from an alliance
seclusion aloneness; withdrawal from other people
sect a small religious subgroup or religion; any group with a uniting theme of purpose
secular a having nothing to do with religion or spiritual concerns
sedentary largely confined to sitting down; not physically active
sedition n treason; the incitement of public disorder or rebellion
self-made having succeeded in life without help from others
sensory a having to do with the senses or sensation
sententious preachy; pompous; excessively moralizing; self-righteous
sentient a able to perceive by the senses; conscious
sequester v to set or keep apart
serendipity accidental good fortune; discovering good things without looking for them
serene calm; peaceful; tranquil; untroubled
serpentine snakelike in either shape or movement; winding, as a snake travels
servile submissive and subservient; like a servant
shackle a manacle; a restraint
shibboleth a distinctive word, pronunciation, or behavior that typifies a particular group; a slogan or catchword
shrewd wily; cunning; sly
singular unique; superior; exceptional; strange
skirmish a fight between small numbers of troops; a brief conflict
skittish nervous; easily startled; jumpy
slake to quench; to satisfy; to assuage
slander to speak badly about someone publicly; to defame; to spread malicious rumor
sloth laziness; sluggishness
sobriety the state of being sober; seriousness
solace consolation; comfort
solicitous eager and attentive, often to the point of hovering; anxiously caring or attentive
solidarity sense of unity; a sense of sharing a common goal or attitude
solvent not broke or bankrupt; able to pay ones bills
sophomoric juvenile; childishly goofy
soporific sleeping inducing; extremely boring; very sleepy
sordid vile; filthy; squalid
sovereign supreme ruler; monarch
spate a sudden outpouring
spawn to bring forth; to produce a large number
specious deceptively plausible or attractive
specter ghost; phantom
spectrum a broad sequence or range of different but related thing s or ideas
sporadic stopping and starting; scattered; occurring in bursts every once in a while
spurious false; fake
spurn to reject disdainfully; to scorn
squalor filth; wretched, degraded, or repulsive living conditions
squander to waste
stagnation motionlessness; inactivity
stalwart sturdily built; robust; valiant; unwavering
stark utter; unmitigated; harsh; desolate
static stationary; not changing or moving
staunch firmly committed; firmly in favor of; steadfast
steadfast loyal; faithful
stigmatize to brand with disgrace; to set a mark of disgrace upon
stint to restrict or hold back on; to be frugal
stipend income; allowance; salary
stipulate to require something as part of an agreement
stoic indifferent (at least outwardly) to pleasure or pain, to joy or grief, to fortune or misfortune
stolid not easily roused to emotion; impassive; apathetic; phlegmatic
stout plump; stocky; substantial
stratagem a maneuver designed to outwit an enemy; a scheme; a ruse
stratum a layer; a level
stricture a restriction; a limitation; a negative criticism
strife bitter conflict; discord; a struggle or clash
stringent strict; restrictive
stupendous remarkable; extraordinary; remarkably large or extraordinarily gigantic
stupor a stunned condition; near-unconsciousness; apathy; inertia
stymie to thwart; to get in the way of; to hinder
subjugate to subdue and dominate; to enslave
sublime awesome; extremely exalted; lofty; majestic
subordinate lower in importance, position, or rank; secondary
subside to sink or settle; to diminish; to lessen
subsidiary supplemental; additional; secondary or subordinate
subsidize to provide financial aid; to make a financial contribution
substantiate to prove; to verify; to confirm
substantive having substance; real; essential; solid; substantial
subterfuge artifice; a trick or stratagem; a ruse
subtle not obvious; able to make fine distinctions; ingenious; crafty
subversive corrupting; overthrowing; undermining; insurgent
succinct brief and to the point; concise
succumb to yield or submit; to die
suffice to be sufficient; to be enough
suffrage the right to vote
suffuse to cover; to overspread; to saturate
sumptuous luxurious; splendid; lavish
supercilious haughty; patronizing
superficial on the surface only; shallow; not thorough
superfluous extra; unnecessary; redundant
supersede to take the place of; to supplant; to make (something) obsolete
supine lying on one's back
supplication humble prayer; earnest entreaty
suppress to overpower; to subdue; to quash
surfeit excess; an excessive amount; excess or overindulgence in eating or drinking
surmise to conjecture; to guess
surreal having an unreal, fantastic quality; hallucinatory; dreamlike
surreptitious sneaky; secret
surrogate substitute
susceptible capable of being influenced by something; capable of being emotionally affected; vulnerable or receptive to
sweeping far-reaching; extensive; wide-ranging
sycophant one who sucks up to others
syntax the patterns or rules governing the way grammatical sentences are formed in a given language
synthesis the combing of parts to form a whole
systemic affecting the entire system, especially the entire body
tacit implied; not spoken
taciturn untalkative by nature
tactical having to do with tactics, especially naval or military tactics; marked tactics or deft maneuvering
taint contaminant; a trace of something spoiled, contaminated, off-flavor, or otherwise offensive
tangential only superficially related to the matter at hand; not especially relevant; peripheral
tangible touchable; palpable
tantamount equivalent to
tautological redundant; circular
tedium dullness; monotony; boredom
teem to swarm; to be inumdated; to overrun
temerity boldness; recklessness; audacity
temperate mild; moderate; restrained
temporal pertaining to time; pertaining to life; earthly existence; noneternal; short-lived
temporize to stall; to cause delay through indecision
tenable defensible, as in ones position in an argument; capable of being argued successfully; valid
tenacious persistent; stubborn; not letting go
tenet a shared principle or belief
tentative experimental; temporary; uncertain
tenuous flimsy; extremely thin
tepid lukewarm; halfhearted
terse using no unnecessary words; succinct
theology the study of god or religion
thesis a theory to be proven; a subject for a composition; a formal paper sing original research on a subject
thorny full of difficulties; tough; painful
threshold the sill of a doorway; a house's or building's entrance; any point of beginning or entering
throttle to choke; to strangle; to work a fuel lever or feed th eflow of fuel to an engine
thwart to prevent from being accomplished; to frustrate; to hinder
timorous fearful; easily frightened
tirade prolonged, bitter speech
titillate to excite; to stimulate; to tease
titular in title or name only; nominal
toil hard work; labor; drudgery; exhausting effort
torpor sluggishness; inactivity; apathy
tortuous winding; twisting; serpentine; full of curves
touchstone a standard; a test of authenticity or quality
tout to praise highly; to brag publicly about
toxic poisonous
transcend to go beyond or above; to surpass
transfix to cause to stand motionless with awe, amazement, or some other strong emotion; to rivet
transgress to violate (a law); to sin
transient not staying for a long time; temporary
trauma severe shock or distress; a violent wound; a wrenching experience
travesty a grotesque or shameful imitation; a mockery; a perversion
trenchant concise; effective; caustic; sarcastic
trepidation fear; apprehension; nervous trembling
triumvirate a ruling coalition of three officials; any group of three working jointly
tryst a secret meeting of lovers
tumult violent, noisy commotion; uproar; outbreak
turbid murky; opaque; unclear
turmoil state of great confusion or commotion
turpitude shameful wickedness; depravity
ubiquitous being everywhere at the same time
uncanny extraordinary; unimaginable; seeming supernatural
unconscionable not controlled by conscience; unscrupulous
unctuous oily, both literally and figuratively; insincere
underlying basic; fundamental; only noticeable under scrutiny
undermine to impair; to subvert; to weaken by excavating underneath
underpinning a system of supports beneath; a foundation or basis
underscore to underline; to emphasize
underwrite to sponsor; to subsidize; to insure
uniform consistent; unchanging; the same for everyone
unilateral involving one side only; done on behalf of one side only; one-sided; not mutual
unremitting unceasing; unabated; relentless
unwitting unintentional; ignorant; not aware
urbane poised; sophisticated; refined
usurp to seize wrongfully
usury lending money at an extremely high rate of interest
utilitarian stressing usefulness or utility above all other qualities; pragmatic
utopia an ideal society
vacillate to be indecisive; to waver
vacuous empty of content; lacking in ideas or intelligence
vagary whim; unpredictable action; wild notion
vanquish to conquer; to overpower
vapid without liveliness; dull; spiritless
vehement intense; forceful; violent
venal capable of being bribed; willing to do anything for money; corrupt
veneer facade; coating; outward appearance
venerate to revere; to treat as something holy, especially because of great age
veracity truthfulness
verbose using too many words; not succinct; circumlocutory
verdant covered with green plants; leafy; inexperience
verge border; brink; edge
verisimilitude similarity to reality; the appearance of truth; looking like real thing
verity the quality of being true; something true
vernacular everyday speech; slang; idiom
vestige a remaining bit of something; a last trace
vex to annoy; to pester; to confuse
viable capable of living; workable
vicarious experienced, performed, or suffered through someone else; living through the experiences of another as though they were ones own experiences
vicissitude upheaval; natural cange; change in fortune
vie to complete; to contest; to struggle
vigilant constantly alert; watchful; wary
vignette a small, decorative design or drawing; a short literary sketch; a brief but expressive scene in a play or movie
vilify to say vile things about; to defame
vindicate to clear from all blame or suspicion; to justify
vindictive seeking revenge
virtuoso a masterful musician; a masterful practitioner in some other field
virulent extremely poisonous; malignant; full of hate
viscous hick; gluey; sticky
visionary a dreamer; someone with impractical goals or ideas about the future
vitiate to make impure; to pollute
vitriolic caustic; full of bitterness
vivacious lively; animated; full of pep
vocation an occupation; a job
vociferous loud; noisy
vogue fashion; style
volatile quick to evaporate; highly unstable; explosive
volition will; conscious choice
voluminous large; extensive; having great volume
voluptuous pleasant to the senses; luxurious; pleasure-seeking; extra full and shapely
voracious having a huge appetite; ravenously
waft to float; to drift; to blow
waive to relinquish (a right); to forgo; to put aside for the time being
wake an all-night vigil kept over a dead body before it is buried; the trail a boat leaves behind it in the water; a track or path left behind something
wane to decrease in strength or intensity; ti fade away; to decline in power
wanton malicious; unjustifiable; unprovoked
warrant to justify; to provide grounds for; to guarantee
wary cautions; watchful; carefull
willful deliberate; obstinate; insistent on having ones way
wistful yearning; sadly longing
wizened shriveled; withered; shrunken
woe suffering; affliction; distress
wrath deep anger; fury
zealous enthusiastically devoted to something; fervent
zeitgeist the mood or spirit of the times
zenith highest point; peak; pinnacle
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