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Barron 800 HFW

Barron's High-Frequency GRE Words (800) Selection

approbration praise
ardor vs. arduous passion vs. difficult
artless natural; guileless
aspersion slander
audacious bold; daring
axiomatic taken for granted
blandishment flattery
cadge to beg
calumny malicious slander
capricious fickle
captious fault-finding
castigation punishment; criticism
categorical absolute; without exception
cloister to confine; seclude
compendium brief summary
complacent vs. complaisant self-satisfied vs. overly polite
compunction uneasiness caused by guilt
conciliatory overcoming distrust or hostility
conscript person drafted into the military
continence self-control; abstinence
contrite sorrowful; remorseful
contumacious disobedient; rebellious
convivial sociable
cozen to trick; deceive
demur to express doubt
desiccate to dry completely
desuetude state of disuse
desultory random; disconnected; rambling
diffidence shyness
dirge funeral hymn
disinterested unprejudiced; objective
dissemble to pretend; disguise one's motives
distrait inattentive; preoccupied
ebullient exhilarated; enthusiastic
effete depleted of vitality; overrefined; decadent
Elysian blissful; delightful
encomium formal praise
endemic inherent; belonging to an area
enervate to weaken
equanimity composure; calmness
equivocate to intentionally use vague language
exact to force payment of; demand and obtain by authority
execrable detestable
expatiate to speak or write at length
expiate to atone for
extemporaneous unrehearsed; improvised
factotum a handyman
fatuous foolishly self-satisfied
felicitous suitable; appropriate; well-chosen
fetid having a bad smell
fetter to bind; confine
fiat arbitrary order; authorization
flag to droop; grow weak
flout to treat scornfully
foment incite; arouse
forbearance patience
forswear renounce; repudiate
fracas loud quarrel; brawl
fractious quarrelsome; unruly; rebellious
froward obstinately disobedient
fulminate to attack loudly; denounce
fulsome so excessive as to be disgusting
gainsay to deny; dispute; oppose
gambol to frolic; leap playfully
garrulous very talkative; wordy
glib offhand; slick; smooth-talking
grouse to complain
halcyon calm; peaceful
harrowing distressing; terrifying
hermetic tightly sealed; magical
hirstute hairy
imbroglio complicated situation; entanglement
impassive showing no emotion
impervious impenetrable; incapable of being affected
impinge to strike; encroach
implacable inflexible; incapable of being pleased
imprecation curse
impute attribute; assign; relate to a cause or source
inchoate imperfectly formed
incursion sudden invasion
indigence poverty
indolent lazy
ineluctable inevitable; unavoidable
ingenuous naive; lacking sophistication
insensible unconscious; unresponsive
insouciant indifferent; lacking concern
insularity narrow-mindedness; isolation
insuperable insurmountable; unconquerable
interdict to forbid
internecine deadly to both sides
interpolate to insert; change by addition
intimate to make known subtly and indirectly
intractable not easily managed
intransigence stubbornness
inured hardened; accustomed; used to
inveigle to win over by flattery or coaxing
inveterate confirmed; long-standing; deeply rooted
irascible easily angered
irresolute weak; unsure of how to act
itinerant wandering from place to place; unsettled
jibe to be in agreement
labile likely to change
laconic using few words
lassitude lethargy; sluggishness
Lilliputian extremely small
limn to draw; describe
limpid clear; transparent
litany repetitive chant; lengthy recitation
lucre money or profits
maelstrom whirlpool; turmoil
malinger to feign illness; escape duty
mendacious dishonest
mendicant beggar
meretricious gaudy; plausible but false; specious
mettle courage; endurance
militate to work against
minatory threatening; menacing
modicum limited quantity
monolithic solid and uniform
multifarious diverse
nexus means of connection; a connected group or series; a center
nostrum medicine or remedy of doubtful effectiveness; supposed cure
nugatory trifling; invalid
obdurate stubborn
obsequious overly submissive
obsequy funeral ceremony
obviate to make unnecessary; to anticipate and prevent
occlude to shut; block
officious too helpful; meddlesome
onerous burdensome
opprobrium disgrace; contempt
overweening presumptuous; arrogant; overbearing
paean song of joy or triumph; fervant expression of joy
pallid lacking color or liveliness
panegyric elaborate praise; formal hymn
paragon model of excellence or perfection
patois regional dialect; jargon
pellucid transparent; easily understood
penury poverty
peregrination wandering from place to place
peremptory imperative; leaving no choice
perfidious faithless; disloyal; untrustworthy
perfunctory superficial; not thorough; performed merely as a duty
perigee point in an orbit that is closest to the Earth
petulant rude; peevish
phlegmatic calm in temperament; sluggish
piquant appealingly stimulating; pleasantly pungent; attractive
pique fleeting feeling of hurt pride
plaintive melancholy; mournful
plumb to determine the depth; to examine deeply
prate to talk idly; chatter
precarious uncertain
precipitate rash; hasty; sudden
prevaricate to evade the truth; quibble
probity honesty; high-mindedness
prodigal wasteful; extravagant; lavish
proscribe to condemn; forbid; outlaw
provident frugal; providing for future needs
puissant powerful
punctilious careful in observing rules of behavior or ceremony
pusillanimous cowardly
quagmire marsh; difficult situation
quail to cower; lose heart
quiescent inactive; still
quorum number of members necessary to conduct a meeting
raiment clothing
rarefied refined
rebus puzzle in which pictures or symbols represent words
recalcitrant resisting authority or control
recondite abstruse; profound
redoubtable formidable; arousing fear; worthy of respect
refractory stubborn; unmanageable
refulgent brightly shining; resplendent
relegate to consign to an inferior position
remonstrate to object or protest
repine to fret; complain
reprobate morally unprincipled person
repudiate to reject as having no authority
riposte a retaliatory action or retort
rue to regret
salacious lustful; lascivious
salubrious healthful
salutary expecting improvement; favorable to health
sanction to approve; penalize
sardonic cynical; scornfully mocking
sartorial pertaining to tailors
saturnine gloomy
satyr creature that is half-man, half-beast; follower of Dionysos; a lecher
sedition behavior prompting rebellion
sedulous diligent
sentient aware; conscious
sidereal relating to the stars
sinuous winding; intricate; complex
solicitous concerned; attentive; eager
solvent able to meet financial obligations
sordid filthy; contemptible and corrupt
stanch to stop or check the flow of
stentorian extremely loud
stolid showing or having no emotion
stricture negative criticism; something that restrains
strident loud; harsh
stultify to impair or reduce to uselessness
stygian dark and gloomy; hellish
subsume to include; incorporate
succor relief; help in time of distress or want
sundry various
supine laying on back; marked by lethargy
suppliant begging; beseeching
sylvan related to woods or forest
tacit implied; silently understood
tenuous weak; insubstantial
timbre the characteristic quality of sound produced by a particular instrument of voice; tone color
toady flatterer; brown-noser; yes-man
tome book, usually large and academic
torpor lethargy; dormancy; sluggishness
tortuous having many twists and turns; highly complex
tractable obedient
transient short-lived; fleeting
travesty parody; caricature
tremulous trembling; quivering; frugal; timid
tumid swollen; distented
turbid muddy; opaque; in a state of great confusion
tutelary serving as guardian or protector
untenable indefensible
untoward not favorable; adverse; unruly
valedictory pertaining to farewell
vaunt to boast; brag
venal mercenary; corruptible
vitiate to impair the quality of; corrupt morally; make inoperative
vituperative abusive; offensive; disparaging
welter to wallow or roll; toss about; be in turmoil
Created by: lmnf26
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