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ambivalence lack of clarity, wavering, being undecided
cantankerous bad-tempered, quarrelsome
derogatory uncomplimentary
exemplify to serve as a good example
impecunious having no money
lucid clear
ornate highly decorated
precipice steep slope
salubrious health-giving
truant shirker, someone absent without permission
ambulatory able to walk around (used of hospital patients)
capacious spacious
desecrate to damage or pollute a holy place
exhaustive complete and thorough
ludicrous ridiculous, silly
orthodox conventional
precipitous done in a hurry (?), sudden and dramatic change to a worse situation, done suddenly and without careful consideration
salutary something which teaches you a lesson, beneficial
truncate cut short
ameliorate make better
capitulate surrender, give in to
desecration spoiling something holy
exonerates acquits, absolves, removes blame
impoverished destitute, poor
lukewarm 1. unenthusiastic, 2. neither hot nor cold
ossify 1. turn to bone, 2. become fixed and rigid
preclude prevent or make impossible
sanctimonious hypocritically holy
tumult uproar, noise
amelioration improvement
carping constant criticism
desist stop, discontinue, cease
impromptu unrehearsed, spontaneous
lummox clumsy person
ostentatious showy
precocious developing early
sanction give approval to
turpitude depravity
cartographer person who makes maps
despondent having no hope, miserable
expatriate refugee, emigrant, someone living away from his own country
inadvertent not intentional
luscious juicy, moist, succulent
oust push out of a position
sanguinary bloodthirsty, bloody
tyro novice, beginner
amity friendship
castigate scold strongly
destitution hardship, poverty, misery
expedient convenient, practical, although possibly immoral
incantation chant, invocation, prayer
lynch assassinate, kill, illegal hanging
predicament dilemma, difficult situation
sanguine optimistic, cheerful
ubiquitous found everywhere, omnipresent
amorphous lacking in shape
catharsis purging of pent-up emotions
deter put off, prevent
expedite make faster
machinations plots and plans
overwrought worked up, in an emotional state
preeminent famous, outstanding
sardonic mocking
unalloyed undiluted, total
analgesic medicine to combat pain
caucus type of private political meeting
exposition clear explanation
incessant without stopping
maelstrom whirlpool, storm in the ocean
prerogative right or privilege
unctuous oily, using excessive flattery
caustic burning
extol praise
incipient just beginning
magnanimous generous, big-hearted
palisade fence made of posts
prescient having fore-knowledge
scale to climb
undermined damaged, attacked
anarchy chaos, lack of government
cavalcade procession of vehicles
extradite deport from one country back to the home country
magnate powerful businessman
palliative a remedy that improves but doesn't cure
presentiment a feeling that something might happen
scapegoat person on whom blame is placed for faults of others
underscore emphasize
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