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chem 123

Stack #64450

kinetic energy energy of motion
potential energy energy of position
diffusion gradual mixing of two gases due to spontaneous random motion
brownian motion random movement of microscopic particles resulting from collisions with molecules
elastic collisions in which particles do not lose energy
heat total kinetic energy of all the molecules of a substance
joule SI unit of measurement of heat
Temperature average kinetic energy of the molecules of a substance
heat capacity amount of heat required to raise teh temperature of a substance 1*C
Specific heat amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one gram of a substance 1*C
heat of fusion additional heat required to melt a substance at it's melting point
heat of vaporization additional energy required to vaporize a substance at it's boiling point
pascals SI unit of measurement for pressure
cohesion molecular force of attraction for other molecules within the same substance
meniscus concave depression on the surface of a liquid
viscosity ability of a liquid to resist flowing
crystal a solid consisting of particles arranged in an orderly, repeating, geometric pattern
X-ray diffraction process used to examine the crystal structure of a solid
allotrope one of the different forms of a polymorphous crystalline solid
amorphous a type of solid in which the particles have no crystal structure
polymorphous a type of solid in which the particles occur in more than one crystal pattern
capillarity movement of a liquid up or down a tube because of adhesion
adhesion attraction between molecules of two substances in contact with eachother
effusion gradual escape of a gas through a small opening in it's container
equilibrium vapor pressure pressure of a gas in a state of equilibrium with it's liquid
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