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history final-hull

All of the following are true about the ancient Sumerian city-states except that Their political structure was democratic in nature
The story of Osiris in ancient Egyptian religion served to Strengthen the belief that immortality could be achieved
The use of fire may have begun during The Paleolithic age
During the old stone age Hunting and gathering was the way most people supported themselves
Scholars have found a larger, highly significant Neolithic urban center at Catal Huyuk
The Phoenicians Invented an alphabet
Which of the following were among the basic characteristics of the first civilizations? The development of cities
The earliest hominids lived in africa
Mesopotamian civilization Was made of cities and located in a river valley
The people who created the Mesopotamian civilization were the sumerians
Ancient Mesopotamian society Developed an extensive irrigation system
Mesopotamian religion Was reinforced by the intensity of the region’s environment
Judaism can be defined or described as a religion of ethical monotheism
Egyptian hieroglyphics Used sacred characters as picture signs
The Nile delta, about 100 miles from the Mediterranean, was called lower egypt
Paleolithic peoples Engaged in artistic activities, as indicated by surviving cave paintings
During the Babylonian captivity Many upper-class Israelites were deported to Babylonia
Which of the following is not true about cuneiform? It used the Cyrillic alphabet
Many historians believe that the early books of the Hebrew bible Were written long after the events were written about
Among the indo-European peoples were the Hittites who developed an empire in western Asia
The indo-Europeans Spoke related languages, among which are Sanskrit, Persian, and Greek
The central aspect of Neolithic Revolution was the emergence of systematic food production techniques ecapable or regularly growing grains and vegetables and breeding, working and eating domesticated animals
What is the Epic of Gilgamesh? an epic poem that exploits of a legendary king Uuk Gilgamesh whose best friend is a beast name Enkidu. They set off in pursuit of heroic deeds. Enkidu dies and Gilgames experiences the pain of immortality. everlasting life is only for the gods.
egyptian statues and gods jews believed in on true God, the persians believed in one god, Zoroaster, and the egyptians were polytheistic
the following are true about the jewish concept of monotheism except a transcendent God, he was part of nature, created rather than creator
After the death of King Solomon, Jerusalem became the capital of what? Judea
which of the following accurately characterizes anciennt Egyptian civilization? there was a sense of security and a feel of changlessness
The 2 major cities of the Harappa civilization contain, inteh city of Mohenjo-Daro, a pool that was apparentally used ceremonies of purification
The Aryans were led by the tribal chieftans who were called rajas
the caste system was applicable to every member of Idian society
Womenin ancient India lived in matriarchal families only on the malabar coast
The thrid ranked caste, usually viewed as the merchant caste, was known as vasiya
teh term that refers to the system of large, joint families in India is jati
Which of the following accurately describes gender relationships in ancient society the superiority of males over females was manifested in all areas of marital life
a major religion that emrged in India after 600 BCE was jainism
a set of commentaries on the vedas were the upanishads
the ultimate goal of hindus is to attain an ultimate spiritual reunion with Brahman and escape the pain of living
on a practical level, reincarnation provided hope for the lower class
the founder of Buddhism was siddhartha gautama
a key difference between hinduism and buddhism was that buddhism was simpler, as it rejected the numerous Hindu gods
the mahabharata provides an elaborate discussion of the ethnics of the dharma
much of indian architecture was inspired initally by the Mauryan rulers' desire to propagate buddhist ideas in stone structures
what is the purpose od stupa and pillars stupa-commemorates the event of buddha's life and marks the pilgrim routes to the holy places stupa-formed as a burial mound, orginally used to house a relic of buddha but eventually becames a place for devotion
which of these ancient civilizations survived, intact, until the twentieth century chinese
ancient chinese civiliation originated in the valley of the yellow and yangtze rivers
which of the following is not a true statement all evidence indicates that the first argicultural villages in china developed only along the yellow river
the beginnings of civilization in china were possibly first ecperienced under the xia dynasty
the shang dynasty equipped its army with 2-horse chariots
ancient chinese villages were organized on the basis of clans
during the shang dynasty, the chinese achieved renown for their bronze casting achievments
the idea of the mandate of heaven was introduced by the zhou dynasty and it served to legitimize its power
in ancient china aristocrats did what? governed divided territories
in early china, it was believed that the universe was divided between two primary forces the sun as the yang and the moon as the yin
confucius assumed that all humans had their own dao
for confucius the main thing to concentrate on is what dao (way)-humans ahd their own dao and it was their duty to follow it. 2 main concepts-duty and human-heartedness
legalism developed during the hundered shcool era
a core belief in the need to force people to behave properly through the use of restrictive regualtion was the foundation of the philosophy legalism
daoism has the dao de jing as its primary document
the first fully inified government in chinese history was the qin
most of the currently standing great wall of china was built during the ming dynasty
the founder of the han dynasty was lui bang
during the reign of the han dynasty rapid population growth, accompanied by increasingly concentrated land control, weakened the status and living standards of peasants
the terra cotta figure near the qin first emeror's burial mound demonstrate the huge expenditures that were devoted to afterlife preparation for the monarch
what makes the chinese written language unique its ideographical format
greek geography contained mountainous areas that impeded greek unity
the earliest aegean civilization was located on crete
mycenaean civilization was founded by indo-europeans who migrated into greece as early as 1900 bc
homer;s legacy to the greek was important in inculcating the aristocratic values of courage and honor
in ancient greece, tyrants served in a transitional role from oligarchy to democracy for many city-states
the athenian aristocrat who seized power and created a tyranny was pisistratus
spartan males were recognized as mature and allowed to vote when they were 30 years old
they myth of persian invincibility was broken at marathon
the greeks decisively defeated the persians near the islands of salamis
all of the following was true about the peloponnesian war excapt the ultimated result of the war was a unified greece headed by the city of thebes
the period of the peloponnesian war saw thucydides write hishistory of the persian war
socrates developed a teaching system which employed students' reasoning to help them learn
in the republic, plato created a utpia, ideal state composed of three social classes
which of the following summarizes aristotle's fears the deterioration of forms of government? monarchy to tyranny, aristocracy to oligarchy, and constitutional governemnt to anarchy
the olympic games were held to honor zeus
in their effort to uncover the will of the gods, the ancient Greeks made us of oracles
alexander the great believed or accomplished all except restoring freedom to greece
hellenistic kingdom that succeeded alexander the great was a fusion of different cultures
the hellenistic process means to imitate greek, greek world was extended to a non-greek world
the first christian emperor was constantine
the basic message of jesus of nazareth was that people should love God and each other
roman military commanders became deeply involved in politics after 133 CE
roman general-new type of recruitment roman general marius recruited volunteers from both the urban and rural poor who possessed no property. they swore an oath of loyalty and in return were promised land
the reason why jesus was cricifed was he spoke of a heavenly kingdom that disappointed the radicals, relgious leaders believed that jesus was undermining respect for traditional jewish religion. scared of revolt
roman imperialsim was characterized by strategic fortification, road construction, allied military support
under the reign of the 5 good emperors the range of responsibilites that were affected by the polocies of the emperors increase
the roman general who returned from spain as a military hero in 71 bc was pompey
as it prospered, the early roman empire saw the development of a large gap between rich and poor
under____, christianity was made the official religion of the roman empire theodosius
a central aspect of early roman conquest was that all conquered peoples had an interest in the success of rome, since they could improve their status by demonstrating their loyalty to their conquerors
the defenders of the plebians were known as the tribunes
roman slaves staged a number of massive rebellions, the largest by spartacus in 71 BC
a development during the period of the julio-claudian rule was the emperors acted more openly than as first citizens of the states
the first punic war
the second punic war won spain for rome and produced roman control over the western mediterranean
the third punic war
the fundamental difference between the han and roman dynasty although both han and roman dynasty collapsed, the han dynasty continued its traditional and values under a new dynasty. the roman dynast lived on only as an idea
the major stages of the roman imperial expansion before 100 BC included the involvement and seizures of the hellenistic kingdoms in the eastern mediterranean
sign of roman decline were manifested by a series of civil wars and barbarian invasions
rome was located on the plain of latium
early rome legends and tales were incorporated into Livy's historical accounts to teach moral values and virtues
tradition roman religion roman state religion focused on the worship of Greco-Roman gods and goddesses
the poeples who the greatest influence upon republican rome were the greeks
member of the aristocratic class of rome patrician
which of the following was accomlished by the christian monasteries they served as centers of learning
charlemagne carolingian empire accomplished all of the following except it restored urban economy based upon the use of money
the incursions of the scandinavian vikings into other parts of europe were successful in part because of their ships had shallow draft, allowing them to sail far up rivers and pillaging as they went
the personal element of feudalism was most symbolized in the relationships involving lords and vassals
medieval church in the west monastic house for which benedict wrote a set of rules, established the monastic life in
the piece of land that provided the feudal vassal's economic support was the fief
aristocratic medieval women in unusual circumstances, coud play a major role, as did Eleanor of Anquitaine
vassals were supported by the income from a fief of land
the english king most responsible for establishing the common law was henry II
central issues complicating the realization of an integrated holy roman empire were
the missionary brothers who created the slavonic, cyrillic, alphabet, translated the bible into slavonic cyril and methodius
the slavs were divided into two religious groups
which of the following is a valid statement about manorialism and medieval manor manorialism provided the economic foundation of feudalism
which of the following was not a true statement about medieval towns and cities they were food-producing, delf-efficient, in which commerce was secondary
all of the following were motive for the crusade except the aim to increase religious toleration between muslim and christians
the black death was spread by fleas carrying yersinis pestis
all of the following regarding the hundred years was are correct except traditional nobles fighting on horseback were the keys to victory
the great schism saw 2 different individuals claiming to be the true pope
who painted the sistine chapel michelangelo
all of the following are true of the political recovery except that centralized monarchies gained strength
WHich of the following was true about the shang dynasty the king was viewed as an intermediary between heaven and earth
shang dynasty rulers were often buried with hundreds of their retainers
the lengthiest dynasty in chinese history was the zhou
during the zhou dynasty, china large-scale water control porgrams were undertaken to regulate the flow of rivvers and distribute water to the fields
examples of zhou advances in agricultural technology included the technique of leaving fallow land to better use soil nutrients
the qin dynasty caried out public book burnings
probably the most significant fall of the qin dynasty is that the eunuch system created a new base that resulted in an internal seizure of power
the han dynasty greatly increased chinese territorial control to the south and west
the significant cultural contribution of the shang dynasty was the work that was cast in bronze
the greek historian who wrote the history of the persian wars was herodotus
Mycenaean civilization was characterized by an introspective commercial system
unlike Mesopotamia's rivers, the flooding of Egypt's Nile was gradual and usually predictable, and the river seen as life-enhancing rather than life-threatening true
Harappan civilization revolved along the Ganges River false
Many hindus regard the multitude of gods as simply different manifestations of one ultimate reality true
the caste system was in part a reflection of the light-skinned Aryans conquest of the dark-skinned Dravidians true
After the fall of the Mauryan dynasty, the indian subcontinet was immediately reunified under the Gupta dynasty false
Siddhartha denied the reality of the material or pysical world claiming that it was all an illusion that had to be transcended true
Tiberius amd Gaius Gracchus came to believe what the underlying cause of Rome's problems was the decline of the small farmer
what did the Gracchus brothers do to help the landless poor they bypassed the senate by having the council of plebs pass land reform bills that called for the government to recliam public land held by large landowners and distribute in to landless romans
what was the civil service examination an elaborate chinese system of selecting bureaucrats on merit, first introduced in 165 CE
How much of the Han empire population, which was about 60 million, shrunk 200 years later it had shrunk to less than 1/3 that number
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