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Physics Final Sem II

Conceptual Physics

Entropy A measure of the amount of Energy in a physical system not available to do work.
First Law of Thermodynamics Heat is a form of Energy, and the total amount of Energy of all materials in an isolated system is constant.
Second Law of Thermodynamics Increased Entropy
Mechanical Wave A Disturbance that Moves through a Medium.
Momentum (P) p=mv
Kilogram per meter cubed (kg/m^3) Density
Pascal (Pa) Pressure
Volt (V) Electric Potential
Ampere (A) Electric Current
Ohm (Ω) Electric Resistance
Watt (W) Power
Joule(J) Work
Meter per second squared (m/s^2) acceleration
Meters per second (m/s) Speed
Meter (m) Distance
Hertz (Hz) Frequency
Newton (N) Force
Kilogram (kg) Mass
The ___ catastrophe was resolved with the Quantum idea. Ultraviolet
The ___ frequency is the minimum photon frequency needed to eject a photoelectron. Threshold
Won the Noble Prize for his work with the Quantum Idea. Planck
Won the Noble Prize for his work on the Photoelectric Effect. Einstein
James ___ proposed the electromagnetic wave model of light and unified the electric and magnetic forces. Maxwell
A perfect Emitter or Radiator. Blackbody
The double slit experiment demonstrated the existence of light ___. Interference
Arthur Compton showed that light has ___ using a x-rays and a cloud chamber. Momentum
The particle model works best for ___ frequency EM radiation like x-rays. High
Proposed the particle model of light. Newton
Proposed the wave model of light. Huygens
___ mechanics describes that all of the fundamental forces except gravity. Quantum
Einstein called a light particle a ___. Photon
The wave model works best for ___ frequency EM radiation like radio waves. Low
Heat Engine A device that converts Heat Energy into Work.
A change in phase is when a material changes from one ___ to another. State
When heat is added to an object will either have an increase in temperature or a change in ___. State/Phase
Archimedes Principle Law of Buoyancy, Which states that any object that is completely or partially submerged in a fluid at rest is acted on by an upward, or buoyant, force.
Two models of light Particle Model and Wave Model
Cause of Centripetal Acceleration Net force of gravity minus N.
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