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KS Physics

Physics F3

What are the 3 Gas Laws Charles' Law, Pressure Law, Boyle's Law
What is Charles' Law? Volume is directly proportional to temperature. When temperature increases, the volume of particles increase. V α T
What is Pressure Law? Volume is directly proportional to Pressure. When temperature increases, the pressure of particles increase, if volume remains constant. V α P
What is Boyle's Law? Volume is inversely proportional to pressure. When volume decreases, the pressure increases. V α 1/P
Name the 3 methods of heat transfer. Convection, Conduction, and Radiation
Why will sitting in a cold bath cool your body down? Heat from body transfers into water, causing cold water to heat up and your body to cool down. Convection takes place.
What is Convection? The up and down movement of gases and liquids caused by heat transfer.
What is Conduction? The transfer of heat via kinetic energy between substances in direct contact with one another.
What is Radiation? The transfer of heat in the form of electromagnetic waves. Matter is not required.
Why are metals good conductors? Because they contain free or loose electrons in their outer shells allowing them to shift easily from atom to atom. They have low resistivity, allowing heat to pass through.
What is diffusion? The movement of particles in a fluid from a region of high concentration to a region of low concentration.
What is osmosis? The diffusion of water through a semi-permeable membrane.
What is capillarity? The force which causes water to rise to a higher level in narrower tubes.
How does heat energy radiated by a body depend on its temperature? When the temperature of a body is heated, its particles move about and generates energy which causes the body to become hot.
How does heat energy from the sun reach the Earth? Electromagnetic radiation.
Which surfaces are better emitters and absorbers of radiation? Dark and/or rough surfaces.
Why will a silver shiny teapot keep tea hot for longer than a dull brown one? Shiny surfaces reflect heat that is emitted from the tea to keep the heat inside the teapot, whereas a dull brown teapot will absorb the heat and cause it to leave the teapot thereby cooling down the tea.
What is kinetic energy? Energy that a body has because it is moving.
What is latent heat of fusion? The heat absorbed during the melting process.
What is latent heat of vaporization? The heat needed to convert a liquid into a gas.
What is specific latent heat of fusion? The heat required to convert 1 kg of a substance at a fixed temperature, usually its melting point, from solid to liquid state
What is specific latent heat of vaporization? The heat required to convert 1 kg of a substance at a fixed temperature, usually its boiling point at 1 atmosphere pressure, from liquid to gaseous vapour state.
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