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Sp Demystified Ch 1

Introduction & Talking About People and Things

arrogante arrogant
especial special
horrible horrible
ideal ideal
liberal liberal
natural natural
normal normal
el actor the actor
el chocolate the chocolate
el debate the debate
el doctor the doctor
el enigma the mystery/puzzle
el error the error
el honor the honor
absorber to absorb
adoptar to adopt
calcular to calculate
decidir to decide
evaluar to evaluate
facilitar to facilitate
imaginar to imagine
popular popular
radical radical
sensual sensual
la idea the idea
el mapa the map
la radio the radio
limitar to limit
organizar to organize
utilizar to utilize
actual current
asistir to attend
la carpeta file folder
comer to eat
el compromiso commitment, duty
constipado cold (sick not freo)
embarazada preagnant
la libreria the book store
la ropa clothing
sensible (sp) sensitive
el vaso drinking glass
False Cognates Words written similarly in english and Spanish but with different meanings.
sound of a as in father / gato
sound of e as in met / tres
sound of i as in seek / mito
sound of o as in smoke / ropa
sound of u as in food / nudo
When is u silent after q and in the groupings gue and gui / queso, guerra
sound of u with am amulet (two dots) pronounce / verguenza, pinguino
gato cat
sabado Saturday
Panama Panama
este this
tres three
mente mind
mito myth
hilo thread
instinto instinct
solo only
ropa clothing
cosa thing
nudo knot
uno one
guerra war
verguenza shame
moto motorcycle
anda walk
sangre blood
modelo model
octubre October
intestino intestine
Dipthong weak vowels i, u and sometimes y
Dipthong strong vowels a, e, o
Rule for pronouncing dipthongs Stress the strong vowel unless accent present / aire , pausa, agua
aire aire
hoy today
oiga listen
pausa pause
fiel faithful
Rule for pronouncing diphthongs when two strong vowels Stress the second vowel / marea, feo, aorta / treated as separate syllables
marea tide
feo ugly
aorta aorta
museo museum
suerte luck
nieto grandchild
cuidado careful / caution
medio half
europeo European
real real / royal
Hard b / v at beginning of word or after m or n, pursed / vida, bola, ambos
vida life
bola ball
ambos both
Soft b / v everywhere else, lips barely touching / saber, nave
saber to know
nave ship
Soft C s sound, in front of vowels e & i / centro, cima, acido
Hard C k sound, everywhere else / clima, carta, vaca
clima climate
carta letter
vaca cow
centro center
cima top/ summit
acido acid / acidic
hard d top of teeth, beginning of word or after n or l / dolor, andar
soft d just between teeth, "th" sound / between vowels and the end of a word / adulto, Madrid
dolor pain
andar to walk
adulto adult
hard g everywhere not soft / gato, gol, guia
gol goal
guia guide
soft g throaty h sound / in front of vowels e & i / gente, agil
gente people
agil agile
sound of h always silent
sound of j liker throaty h
caja box
jabon soap
reloj watch
sound of ll y
lluvia rain
millon million
amarillo yellow
sound of n with tilde ny
bano bathroom
ano year
senora lady / madam
Strong R rolled strongly towards front of tongue / beginning of word, after l,n, or s, or when doubled / rana, perro
rana frog
perro dog
arriba above, up
Soft r rolled once / similar to d in ladder / in middle and end of a word / mar, pero, claro
Pronunciation of S & Z always like s in see
sol sun
sapatos shoes
diez ten
pronounciation of X generally "ks" sound but can be "h" sound, exito
exito success
examen exam
Sound of "y" similar to english y
ayer yesterday
playa beach
hielo ice
cuando when
aguila eagle
vocal vowel
consonante consonant
maquillaje make up
gerente manager
Created by: bogaski
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