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psychology final1

adhd is diagnosed __ often in girls than in boys. is it increasing or decreasing? less;increasing
according to the medical model psychological disorders are skicknesses that need to be diagnosed and cured
the DSM-IV-TR does NOT explain the causes of the various psychological disorders
when children are told that certain classmates have learning disabilities, they may behave in ways that inhibit the success of those students in the classroom. this best illistrates the dangers of self-fulfilling prophecies
a generalized anxiety disorder is characterized by a continuous state of tension apprehension and autonomic nervous system arousal
the social withdrawal and hauting nightmares of battle scarred war veterans best illistrates PTSD
falling off jungle gym having fear of hights learning perspective
a person attached by a firece dog develops a fear of dogs, this ilistrates stimulus generalization
we can more easily extinguish a fear of driving a car than a fear of holding snakes . this bes explains from a _____ perspective biological
the anterior cingulate cortex seems to be hyperactive in what type of disorders? obsessive compulsive disorder
disruptions in conscious awareness and sense of identity are most characteristics of __ disorders? dissociative
psychological disorders characterized by inflexible, enduring, and socially maladaptive behavior patterns are called __ disorders personality
those with narcissistic personality disorders are likely to be preoccupied with thier own self-imporatance
antisocial personality disorder is most likely characterized by a lack of guilt feelings
a psychologican disorder in which the symptoms take a bodily form withour apparent physical cause is a somatoform disorder
a major depressive disorder is most likely to be characterized by feelings of personal worthlessness
a disorder in which an individual is over excited hyperactive mania
george fridric handel composed his messiah during 3 weeks of intesnse creative energy. he suffered from bipolar disorder
abnormally low levels of seritonin cause depression
to break the vicious cycle of depression, the social cognitive perspective suggests that people should be encouraged to explain their failures in terms that are both external and temporary
a breakdown in selective attention is most likely to be experienced by those who suffer from schizophrenia
falt affect is a catatonic symptom most closely associated with ____ schizophrenia catatonic
positive symptoms of schizophrenia are the ___ of inappropriate behaviors and negative symptoms are the __ of appropriate behaviors presence;absence
research on the causes of schiz strongly suggest that there is a genetic predisposition to schiz
a therapist who takes an electic approach is one who uses a variety of psychological theories and therapeutic approaches
the first psychological therapy was introduced by sigmund freud
an important component of psychoanalysis is dream analysis
psychodynamic therapy is ____ than traditional psychoanalysis breifer
carl rogers encouraged client centered therapists to ___ during the process of therapy genuinely express their own true feelings
two counterconditioning techniques for replacing unwanted responses include aversice conditioning and exposure therapy
in treating alchohol dependency, therapists have clients consume alcohol that contains a nausea producing drug, this is called aversive conditioning
the assumption that thoughts intervene between events and our emotional reactions is most clearly centeral to cognitive therapies
which form of therapy is most likely to emphasize the importance of examining a persons role within social system ? family therapy
people often entr psycholotherapy during a period or crisis in their lives this helps us understand why they tend to overestimate the effectiveness of their therapy
the placebo effect refers to the beneficial consequences of merely expecting treatment will be effective
meta-analysis refers to a procedure for statistically combining the results of many different studies
light exposure therapy was developed to relieve symptoms of depression
psychologists with expertise in research, the assessment of psychological disorders, and the practice of psycotherapy are most likely clinical psychologists
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