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Vocab words used in Algebra HSA questions

a mathematical statement that shows two expressions are equal Equation
a geometric figure that goes straight through a set of points Line
an algebraic statement that contains a constant value and a rate that forms a line Linear Equation
a letter that is used to represent an unknown quantity Variable
a line that has all the same x-coordinates, goes up and down Vertical Line
a mathematical statement that shows two expressions are less than or greater than Inequality
a set of two or more equations that each contains variables System of equations
two lines that never cross or overlap Parallel
two lines that intersect at a ninety degree angle Perpendicular
an equation that is used to determine the solution to real-world situation by plugging in values for a rule Formula
a mathematical object that is an array of numbers that can be used to describe a real-world situation. Matrix
things that are arranged by a rule can be with addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, pictures, or expressions Pattern
for each x there is only one y value (vertical line test) Function
a pattern that has a constant rate of change Linear (y = mx + b)
“x-squared” or “x to the second power” increases by odds 1, 4, 9, 16, 25, … Quadratic
“x to the third power” 1, 8, 27, 64, 125, … Cubic
a way to organize data to see the relationship between x and y Table
a visual way to organize data to see the relationship between x and y Graph
a mathematical statement that contains variables, addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division Expression
the highest point on a graph Maximum
the lowest point on a graph Minimum
where the graph crosses the x-axis also known as roots Zeros
where the graph crosses the y-axis y-intercept
the unit at which the y changes for one unit of x as known as slope Rate of Change
the set of x values for a graph Domain
the set of y values for a graph Range
the state of graph where there are no breaks or holes Continuity
a way to pair an x-value with its y-value to plot on a graph Coordinates
To use given information to forecast an outcome Prediction
A way to make a prediction where two ratios are used to solve for an unknown. Proportion
A way to make a prediction where an event is set up using random numbers to match the given probability Simulation
A way to make a prediction when there seems to be a linear trend by plugging numbers into an equation Line of Best Fit
A branch of mathematics that deals with collecting, organizing and analyzing data. Statistics
A type of sampling that ensures everyone in equally likely to be chosen and independently chosen Simple Random Sample
A type of sample that requires all groups of interest are included. Representative
Mean, median, and mode for a set of data Measures of Central Tendency
The average of a set of numbers/data. Mean
The middle number of a set of ordered numbers/data. Median
The number(s) that occur the most often is a set of numbers/data. Mode
A way to describe how much a set of data changes from on another using the range, quartiles, and interquartile range. Measures of Variablty
The highest number minus the lowest number used to describe the spread of the data. Range (Stats)
The upper quartile minus the lower quartile used to describe the spread of the middle 50% of the data. Interquartile Range
The numbers that show where each section of 25% end in a set of data Quartiles
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