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HM Wildfires by Seymour Simon

trees in California that can grow to more than 300 feet tall sequoias
glowing piece of material in the ashes of a fire ember
to be on fire ablaze
series of events that are regularly repeated in order cycles
synonym for lessened decreased
to make new again; to bring new life to renew
to build up accumulate
synonym for buildings structures
synonym for gave up abandoned
a spring that from time to time sends out bursts of hot water and steam geyser
a box that holds flammable materials; a structure that will burn quickly tinderbox
destroyed by burning consumed
synonym for burned charred
a design formed by different colored pieces mosaic
breathing in inhalation
young birds that have just grown feathers fledglings
animals that eat dead creatures scavengers
groups of living things considered to be of the same kind species
grow very well flourish
a type of pine tree ponderosa
very actively and forcefully aggressively
able to be burned easily and rapidly flammable
a period of time between two events interval
Created by: apier