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Blair's Test

"DMS" Giver Test A

apprehensive worried, concerned Jonas was quite ____ about the upcoming Ceremony where he would learn what his assignment would be.
adherence stick to, follow Jonas' mom had the responsibility in the community of being sure that the people showed ____ to all of the rules and regulations.
benignly favorably, kindly, gently Fiona and Jonas ____ bathed the men and women in the House of the Old.
meticulously precisely, with extreme care Dad ____ feed and nurtured Gabe so that he would start to grow and be strong.
anguish suffering, pain and distress Jonas felt ____ when he received the memories about war.
distraught upset, crying, emotionally stressed Asher said he was late for school because he was ___ but he meant that he had been distracted not that he was upset.
chortled chuckled, giggled Lily ___ when Jonas teased her about her animal.
mystified confused to what is going on, Jonas was ____ by the fact that the Giver had an off button for his speaker but in Jonas' home they could not turn the speaker off.
elders older people in the community, thought to be more wise The ____ in the community decided which twelve received a particular assignment.
serene quiet, peaceful, pleasant The park where the kids would go to play was peaceful and ___.
chastised get after someone, discipline Asher was ______ for being late to school and had to apologize for his bad behavior.
abandoned left alone, orphaned, without parents The newborn, Gabe, was not ___ by Jonas' dad because Jonas' dad brought him home to take better care of him so he would not have to be released.
intrigued curiousity, interest I am personally ___ about this odd community and wonder how they were able to control the climate.
obediently doing what you are supposed to do, do what you are told Lily ____ went up to her room when she was asked so that her parents could have a private talk with Jonas.
Created by: tubbsdk