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Acids and Bases revi

Ph is a measure of ....... ion concentration in solution hydrogen
Acids have a pH range of pH ...... nuetral is pH ........... and bases have a pH range of ......... <7 7 >7
a pH of 3 has ....... times the concentration of H+ ions something with a pH of 4 10
a pH of 3 has ..... times the concentration of H+ ions as something with a pH of 5 100
An indicator changes ..... to indicate a change in pH colors
What colors does litmus paper turn in the presence of an acid or base? A:red B: blue
4 properties of an acid sour, produces H+, ph <7, litmus red
4 properties of a base bitter, slippery, produces Oh-, ph >7, litmus blue
3 Facts of Sulfuric acid used in production of paper, petroleum refining and fertilizers
3 Facts of Nitric Acid used in production of explosives, fertilizers and stains proteins
3 Facts of Hydrochloric acid sold as muriastic acid, part of a gas juice, pickling of steel, purifying magnesium
3 Facts of phosphoric acid vinegar, plastics and pharmaceuticals
When acids react with bases in neutralization reactions, what two things are always formed a salt and h20
HBr hydrobromic acid
HNO3 nitic acid
HNO2 nitrous acid
chlorus acid HCI02
Chloric acid HCI03
hydrofluoric acid HF
What do acids and bases do according to the Arrhenius definition? Acids: Produce h+ ions Bases: Produce OH- ions
What do acids and bases do according to the Bronsted-Lowry definition? Acids: Donate h+ Bases: accept H+
What do acids and bases do according to the Lewis Definition Acids accept electron pairs and bases donates electron pairs
The idea of conjugate acids and bases is based on the........ definition of acids and bases Bronsted-Lowry
The conjugate base/acid is the particle left over after an acid.. donates/accepts a proton conjugate base donates
The conjugate base/acid is the particle left over after an acid.. donates/accepts a proton acid accepts
What is a monoprotic acid? donates one hydrogen
What is a polyprotic acid? can donate more than one
HF mono or poly? mono
H2S04 mono or poly? poly
Define amphoeteric and list the most common amphoteric substances can either donate or accept hydrogen ions ex: water
Which is stronger acid, HI with 60% ionization or h2S with 35% ionization more ionization the more it dissociates so it is a strong acid
the process of using a specific volume of a solution with known concentration to react with a measures amount of solution of unknown concentration is called titration
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