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chap 13 study guide


Name several chemical changes heating, cooking, changing color permenantly, light, fizzing, burning
What physical propery can be measured in cubic centimeters volume
The amount of space that an object takes up is it's ________? volume
Which state of matter will have particles that move very loosely liguids
Which object has greater density? 10 lbs of feathers or rocks? 10 lbs of rocks because they do not take up the same amount of space.
If object A floats on top of a liquid and object B sinks to the bottom of the same liquid. What can you tell about the density of the two objects? object a has more density than object b
describe water vapor its water going through a phisical change from liguid to gas
name several phisical properties of matter shiy solid hot cold
if a metal worker is able to hammer out a sheet of copper which properties are he usng phisicl malleable
phisical change is dif than chemical. how phisical- apearance changes but properties dont chemical -sustances change into a new substances
in the _______state of matter the particles move the slowest solid
which measurement changes when an object is taken from earth to the moon_____why______________________________ weight:the mon has a different pull of graviy on mass
plasma is dif than gas . how the particles in plasma are electricallt charged
what container do use to slow the process of meltig insulated
a substances _____ and____ point are the same freezing melting
water= 1 object z =0.43 will it float it has more density so it will float
a phisical and chemical change on copper phisical-ductile folded chemical cuprite mineral green patina
compare the four states of matters volumeandshapes solidsolid definate shape and volume liquid no definate shape.definate volume- gas and plasma no definate shape or volume
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