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SSAT Vocabs

Vocabulary from SSAT book

WordDefinition, Synonym
Abdicate to give up a position
Abduct forcefully to take
Anhor to hate, detest
Absurd ridiculously unreasonable
Abyss deep hole
Accelerate to increase in speed
Acclaim praise, enthusiastic approval
Acute sharp, crucial
Adage old saying, proverb
Adhere to stick fast, hold
Adjourn to postpone, suspend
Adjunct addictional, assisting
Admonish to scold
Adorn to decorate, ornate
Adversary opponent, enemy
Aeronautic relating to aircraft
Affable Agreeable, get along
Aghast overcome by surprise
Agility condiction of being able to move quickly
Agitate disturb, to move around a lot
Aimless Lacking purpose or goals
Alleviate to make easier to bear
Allure fascinating, appeal
Aloof remote, detached
Altrustic concerned for the welface of others
Amateur someone not paid to engage in a hobby
Amend to improve, altar
Amorous to love
Amorphous shapeless
Amphibian animal in both land and water
Angular lanky, gaunt
Animosity Ill, rancor
Annihilate to destroy completely
Antidote cure for poison
Aperture opening, hole
Aqueuos related to water
Ardent passion, desire
Arid very dry
Aroma pleasing, fragrance
Articulate well-spoken
Artifice 1) trick 2) creative
Ascertain to determine, discover
Assaliable vulnerable, exposed
Astound amaze, to overwhelm
Astute able to understand clearly and quickly
Atrocity Horrible, usually brutal
Audacity Bold, daring, impudence
Authoritative masterful
Banal boring, bland
Banish send away
Barrier limits, obstacle
Beguile delude, trickery
Belligerence aggressive hostility
Benefactor financial and general assisstance
Beneficial advantageous helpful
Benevolence good deeds, largess
Bewildered confused, puzzled
Bias prejudice, partially
Bile ill temper, irritabiltity, bitterness
Bliss joy, delight, supreme happiness
Boisterous loud, unrestrained, raucous
Botanist scientist that study plants
Bounty generousity in giving, abundance
Bravado showy, pretentious display of courage
Brevity not lasting a long time, shortness
Brig jail, prison (ship)
Burnish 1) shine by rubbing 2) gleam
Cache hiding place for treasure, stash
Cajole coax, persuade with promise or flattery
Camouflage disguise, hide
Candor frankness, honesty
Canine relating to dogs
Cantankerous quarrelsome, aurgumentative
Caprice inpulsive, unpredictable change
Cascade waterfall, torrent, fall
Catastrophe disastrous event, devastation
Celestial relating to heavens, divine
Censor suppress, delete, remove
Chasm Gorge, deep canyon, abyss
Choleric bad-tempered
Choreographer person creating and arranging dances
Chronic continuous, long-standing
Circumscribe limit, encompass
Collision crash, impact, conflict
Communicative talkative articulate
Compassion sympathy, pity
Compel force, coerce, motivate
Competent having enough skill for some purpose, capable
Concise brief and compact, terse
Condone pardon, forgive, excuse
Confidential secret, in confidence
Constrict squeeze, might tight, smother
Contemplation thoughtful observation, deliberation
Contend fight or struggle against
Contentious eager to quarrel, cantankerous
Convene to assemble, meet, gather
Conventional established, customary
Copious abundantm, plentiful
Countenace 1) face, aspect 2) approve and support
Couplet two rhyming lines
Courier messenger, carrier
Cue hunt, signal, prompt
Curvature arc, state of being curved
Dawdle waste time, linger
Deadlock standoff caused by two confliction force
Dearth scarcity, lack, shortage
Debris remains of something that has been destroyed
Decade ten years
Deceit tricky, dishonest, fraudulence
Deceive mislead, trick
Declamation long speech, harangue
Deficient insufficient, inadequate
Dehydrate remove water from, dry out
Deject depress, discourage
Delude to deceive, mislead
Deluge flood, inundation, torret
Demote reduce to lower grade, downgrade
Deplore to regard as deeply regrettable
Desolation desertion, bleakness, barrenness
Despicable hateful, detestable, depraved
Despondent depressed, mournful, dejected
Destitute poor, lacking, inpoverished
Devaste ruin, destroy, wreck
Devotee enthusiast, admirer, fan
Devout deeply religious, reverent
Dexterity skill, agility
Diminish decrease, make smaller
Din noise, loud, uproar
Dingy dirty, shabby
Diplomatic tactful, polite
Disclaim repudiate, reject, disown
Discursive digressive, rambling
Dismal miserable, dreary, gloomy
Disputed argument, disagree with, quarrel
Disseminate scatter, spread widely, disperse
Divert 1) change the courseof 2) to draw someone's attention
Doff to remove or take off (clothing)
Dogged stubborn, obstinate
Dogmatic absolute, arrogant
Doze nap, sleep
Dungeon underground room in fortress (jail)
Ebullient overflowing with excitement, bubbling
Eccentric freak, odd, offbeat
Ecstatic delighted, overjoyed
Eddy whirlpool, swirling water
Effect result, imporession
Elusive hard to find or express, evasive
Embellish add detail, elabore, ornament
Eminent distinguished, prominent, famous
Emulate imitate or copy, simulate
Enact to make into law, act out
Encompass form a circle, encircle
Endorse approve, sustain, advocate
Enigma mystery, riddle, puzzle
Enigmatic unexplainable, mystery
Ensnare trap, capture
Entice lure, attract, tempt
Entourage group of followers, attendants
Era period of time, age, epoch
Err to make a mistake, go wrong
Erudite knowledgeable, informed
Essential basic, urgent, fundamental
Etiquette manners, propriety
Evacuate to empty out, expel, vacate
Exotic of foreign, alien, unfamiliar
Expand to make greater,
Expunge delete, obliterate
Extraction removal, remove
Extricate to release from difficulty
Extroverted outgoing or interested in people, gregarious
Fanatic Zealous, excessive enthusiasm
Fatal lethal, deadly
Fatigue tired, exhaustion, weariness
Fauna animals of a given area, creatures
Felicity happiness, contentment
Feocious savage, fierce
Fervent showing great warmth
Futile Ineffective
Garrulous to bud, sprout, grow
Glee elation, joy, happy
Glib flip, fluent
Gregarious fond of company
Grotesque odd, bizarre, ugly
Govel crawl, beg
Grusome horrible, frightful, shocking
Hallowed holy, sacred
Harbinger omen, messnger
Harsh rough, strict, severe
Hasty rushed, sloppy, done quickly
Heed careful attention, notice, obey
Herbivorous plant-eating
Heterogeneous mixed, unlike, dissimilar
Hexagon polygon with 6 sides
Hibernate sleep (winter)
Horrid dreadful, horrible, shocking
Hovel small, miserable shack
Humid moist, damp, sultry
Ignite light, kindle, set on fire
Illiteracy inability to read and write
Immaculate Spotless, errorless, faultless
Imminent impending, approaching
Immortal never-dying, eternal
Impasse deadlock, standoff, stalemate
Impervious inpenetrable, unable to be influenced
Impious lacking piety or respect
Imply to suggest without stating directly
Inadvertent unintentional, accidental
Incentive motive, inducement, stimulus
Incredulous not believing
Indicate disclose, show, reveal, imply
Inert sluggish, passive, inactive
Infectious catching, contagious
Ingenious brilliant, inspired, imaginative
Ingenuity creative, cleverness
Inhabit to reside or live in, dwell
Innate instinctive, nature
Innocent pure, harmless, not guilty
Insinuation hint, suggesiton, reference
Insomnia inability to fall sleep
Insurgent rebellious, starting a revolution
Irate full of anger, indignant
Jeer to mock in an abusive way, ridicule
Jubilant Extremely happy, ecstatic
Judicious having wise judgement, sagacious
Kinetic relating to motion, energetic
Lagoon Shallow body of water connected to larger one
Lenient merciful, not strict, indulgent
Lethargy sluggishness, fatigue
Limber Agile, supply, move easily
Lunge thrust, sudden foward movement
Magnanimous having great or noble spirit, tolerant
Malfunction failure
Malleable can be bended, soft, flexible
Mar spoil, disfigure, impair
Marvel amazing, miracle, wonder
Meager very small, not enough
Meek passive, mournful
Melancholy very sad or depressing, gloomy
Mimic imitate, copy, counterfeit
Minuscule tiny, minute, miniature
Misbegotten poorly conceived, illegitmate
Mourn feel sad, regret, lament
Murky dark, dim, obscure
Nauseous sickening, revolting
Nebulous hazy, not well-defined
Nimble agile, active, cunning
Nomad wanderer, vagrant, no permanent home
Notify tell, inform, give notice
Obese very fat, corpulent
Obnoxious repellant, disagree , offensive
Obscure to hide or make difficult, confuse
Observation examine, pronouncement
Obsolete no longer in use, outdated
Obstinate stubborn, mulish, dogged
Obstruct black, check, impede
Obtuse slow, stupid, dull
Olfactory relating to the sense of smell
Ominous threatening, menacing
Opportune timely, appropriate, lucky
option choice, selection, alternative
Orbit to move around some object, circuit
Orchid lavender, purple (flower)
Ostentatious pretentious, conspicuous
Palatable good tasting, savory
Paradox contradiction, something that shouldn't be true
Passive not active, submissive
Peddle hawk, vend, sell (in bad way usually)
Pedestrian common, walker, boring
Prejury falsehood, lies, fradulent
Persevere continue, struggle, endure
Petrify shock, stun, paralyze
Pious religious, devout
Plagiarism copying, stealing ideas (works)
Plausible seeming to be true, credible
Pompous stiff, stuffy, unnatural formality
Procrastinate postpone, defer, delay
Profound deep, wise, seriour
Prolific producing great amounts, productive
Propel to move, compel, project
Prophesy foretell, predict, forcast
Pungent peppery, hot, biting, acrid
Pursue chase, trail, folow
Quell quash, overpower, overcome
Quench satisfy a need or desire, subdue
Rabble large, crowd, horde
Rabid disease causes wild behaviour, crazy
Rancor ill, animosity, resentment
Random change, haphazard
Ransack plunder, search thoroughly, messily
Ratify approve, confirm, sanction
Ravenous extremely hungry, famished
Raze demolish, destroy, devaste
Recluse loner, hermit
Recur return, repeat
Reek stink, offensive spell
Refrain abstain, cease, avoid
Regal royal, splendid, kingly
Reign rule over, prevail
Reimburse repay, compensate
Reinforce Strengthen, support
Reminiscence collection, recall, memory
Renowned werll-known, distingiushed
Repartee banter, with conversation, retort
Repugnant distasteful, gross, repulsive
Residue remainder, remnant, leftover
Reveal disclose, show, expose
Revel celebrated nosily, indulge
Rout overwhelm,conquer, enjoy
Satellite a natural body that revolves around a planet
Saturate soak, fill, cannot hold anymore
Saucy impudent, flippant
Savor to enjoy something with relish or delight
Scald burn, scorch, (with liquid)
Scarce rare, uncommon
Scatching overly critical, searing
Schism division, conflict, clash
Scrupulous moral, upstanding, pretending
Secure fasten, bind, fastened, safe
Seethe to heave or bubble (like volcano)
Sentry guard, watchman, lookout
Sequel addition, aftermath, outcome
Shrewd clever, astute, cunning
Significant meaningful, important, momentous
Sinister ominous, wicked
Slack lull, relaxation, careless
Sociable companionable, gregarious
Solicity to seek something from another, request
Specify to mention, stipulate, identify
Splice join, bind, connect
Spurn reject, refuse, snub
Squalid filthy, dirty, poor, wretched
Squander waste, consume, exhaust
Staunch steady, loyal, firm
Stealthy sneaky, secret, furtive
Stress emphasize, point out, highlight
Suave smooth, gracious, confident in speech
Subdue control, overcome, tame
Succeed 1) follow, come after 2)do well, thrive
Succumb give in, surrender, expire
Suffice satisfy, enough, adequate
Summit highest lvl or point
Superb wonderful, superior, magnificent
Surpess scrush, quell, contain
Surfeit overly abundant, excess
Surmise to guess, infer, hypothesis
Surrogate person or thing substitute
Susceptible vulnerable, open, exposed
Suspense fear, anxiety, mystery
Synoposis short summary, outline
Taciturn quiet, tending not to speak, shy
Tactful sensitive, discreet, judicious
Taint poison, infect, contaminate
Tamper tinker, manipulate, interfere
Taut tight, stretched, tense, strained
Temperature level-headed, rational, moderate
Tenacious Steadily pursue, persistent
Tepid lukewarm, mild, indifferent
Terminate finish, cease, end
Terse concise, brieg, conpact, succint
Tether chain, rope, tie, fasten
Token sign, symbol, superficial, meaningless
Torrid extremely hot, scorching
Trepidation fear, apprehensive,anxiety
Trite lacking originality, banal
Tumult noise, confusion, racket
Tyranny great power, oppression, repression
Ultimate maximum, final, primary
Unamimous approved by everyone concerned, unchallenged
Unkempt messy, sloppily mantained
Usurp seize, grab, steal, take by force
Unkempt messy, sloppy maintained
Usurp seize, grap, steal, take by force
Vacate leave as in a vacation, depart
Vacuous shallow, silly, vapid
Vague not clear, non-certain
Vahement with deep feeling, earnest, passionate
Vend sell goods, peddle, merchandise
Vex provoke, irritate, tease
Vitalize make something come alive, animate
Vivacious lively, full of spirit, animated
Wan pale, lacking color, bloodless
Wantonly without reason, randomly
Wrath extreme anger, ire, fury
Wretched miserable, pathetiche
Writhe to squirm, twist as in pain
Zealous enthusaistic, eager, intense
Derelict Left, deserted
Bereft deprive, desolate
Despised loathe, disgust
Apathetic Showing little or no emotion
Feasible Capable of something done
Zealous Marked by active interest, diligent
Solace To comfort, console
Pious Showing respect to others
Fanatic Extreme enthusiasm - religion or politics
Wary To show alert
Pliant Bending - flexible
Interrogated To seek answer
Dwindle Shrink, become smaller
Anticipated Realize beforehand, foresee
Pelted To strike, hurl (missiles)
Uncouth Strange, peculiar
Insipid Not interested, without distinctive
Sporadically Occuring at irregular time, having no pattern
Inevitable Cannot be avoided or escaped
Juvenile Young, immature
Bereaved A Bereaved person Relative died
Bereft Do not have something they previously have----The room is bereft of colour
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