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Buck, 23,24,27-30

Digestive System coding

The first step in choosing the correct digestive endoscopic procedure code is to identify the______ of the procedure. extent
The procedure used to develop a artificial opening through the abdominal wall exteriorization
Two words that are important factors in coding hernia repair. incarcerated/strangulated
Endoscopic exam of rectum and sigmoid colon, scope is advanced 6-25 cm. proctosigmoidoscopy
Endoscopic exam of sigmoid colon which may include descending colon. Scope is advanced 26-60 cm. Sigmoidoscopy
Inflammation of venous plexuses around anus. Can be inside and outside. Hemorrhoids
UPP Urethral Pressure Profile
Xray of vessels after injection of contract material angiography
Shaving of the lip Vermilionectomy
Wedge of lip tissue removed and tissue flap placed to repair a defect. transverse wedge excision
Reconstructive procedure in which a graft is taken from a portion of the lip and the non-defective area above the lp and used to repair area of defect. Abbe-Estlander
More than 1/4 of ip surface removed, procedure is considered.... resection
Congenital defect which the muscle and tissue of the lip did not close properly. cleft lip
Flap of skin under the tongue lingual frenum
Incison codes of Pharynx, adenoids and tonsils are assigned based on what? Location and approach
Congenital defect that appears as a gill located on the neck. branchial cleft
Surgical repair of the pharynx Pharyngoplasty
Procedure to create an opening for insertion of a long-term feeding tube. Pharyngostomy
EGD esophagogastroduodenoscopy
Y shapfed surgical connection which the intestine is detached from its original orgin and reattached to bypass part of the stomach and entire duodenum. Roux-en Y (RNY)
Two herni types that affect code selection for hernia repair are.... strangulated/incarcerated
Procedure to decompress renal system by insertig catheter into the kidney while the other end is left open outside to temporarily drain the kidney nephrostomy
exploration of the inside of the kidney nephrotomy
Secondary surgical operation for calculus, includes removal of calculus nephrolithotomy
Patient placed on x-ray table with a water-filled cusion placed under theirback. ESWL
Tests to measure kidney and ureter flow and pressure Manometric studies
LRP Laprascopic retropubic prostatectomy
RAP Robotic Assisted Prostatectomy
TURP transurethral resection of the prostate
TUNA transurethral needle ablation
TUMT transurethral microwave heat treatment
TUVP transurethral vaporization of the prostate
HOLEP Holmium laser enucleation of prostate
Incision into tympanic membrane and reinflation of eustachian tube myringotomy
insertion of small plastic or metal tube allowing fluid to drain tympanostomy
What procedure is the examination of the esophagus, stomach, and duodenum esophagogastroduodenoscopy
________ is a common anal condition Abscess
The pancreas produces hormones and ________. enzymes
When a colonoscopy with biopsy and polypectomy in separate sites are performed, the biopsy may require modifier ____. -59
The type of treatment used to treat prostate cancer by placing radioactive elements directly into the prostate. brachytherapy
Term that means "surgical cutting into the seminal vesicles." vesiculotomy
The term that describes the study of the motion and flow of urine is urodynamics
Scrotoplasty codes are divided based on whether the procedure was ________. simple complicated
What category of the Epididymis subheading has only one code? Incision
Codes within the Urinary subsection, Kidney subheading, are often divided based on this unique factor: existence of a stoma
Urethral dilatation codes are often divided based on this factor: initial or subsequent
The removal of the eye that leaves the orbital structures intact. enucleation
This is the most commonly performed childhood surgery. tympanostomy
The operating microscope is only used on inner ear procedures. t/f False
A slit lamp is a microscope with a light attached. t/f True
Transparent part of the eye is: cornea
The ciliary body is located behind the: iris
A(n) ________ is a procedure performed for protruding ears. otoplasty
The ossicular chain consists of the hammer, stapes, and anvil. t/f True
Deciding on the code to report for a labyrinthotomy is based on whether a ________ was performed. mastoidectomy
This is a cavelike structure that is dominated by two fluid-filled spaces: labyrinth
What is the type of procedure performed independently of, and is not immediately related to, another service? separate
The divisions of the Radiation Oncology section of the CPT manual are divided into subsections based on what? type of service
What is the standard measure of energy in radiation treatment? MeV
What is the modifier used to identify the professional component of a radiologic procedure? -26
What are the radioisotopes that attach themselves to red blood cells called? tracer
What is the name of the high-frequency sound waves in an imaging process that is used to diagnose patient illness? ultrasound
What is the standard measure of energy in radiation treatment Megaelectron volts MeV
How many levels of Surgical Pathology are there? 6
What type of drug test measures the presence of a drug in the specimen? qualitative
What type of drug test measures the amount of a drug in the specimen? quantitative
What is the name given to grouped laboratory work that represents those tests commonly done together? panels
In what section would you find codes used to report venipunctures and arterial punctures? Surgery
In the Pathology/Laboratory section of the CPT, drugs are listed by their ____________ names. generic
Codes in the Pathology/Laboratory section, Evocation/Suppression Testing include which of the following: test only
A sample of tissue from a suspect area can be divided into which of the following? block, section
What name is given to cultures for identification of organisms as well as the identification of sensitivities of the organism to antibiotics? culture/sensitivity
What is the name of the subsection within Pathology/Laboratory that deals with the laboratory work done to determine cellular changes? Cytopathology
If an established patient is given an immunization at an office visit, and the only service provided was the immunization, what type of codes would you use to report the service? Only Medicine section immunization/administration codes
What word is used to describe the pushing of liquid into the body over a long period of time? infusion
What must always be documented in the patient record and is the major billing factor for the Psychiatric subsection? time
Outpatient dialysis services are billed on what fee basis? monthly
What is the name of the process that routes the blood including waste products outside the body through filters? hemodialysis
What is the name of the dialysis that involves using a body cavity as a filter? peritoneal
What is the name of the procedure that is performed to check the intraocular pressure of the eye? ophthalmoscopy
The Cardiovascular subsection contains many diagnostic and therapeutic procedures and services that are primarily divided as to whether the procedures or services are invasive or ______________________. noninvasive
What is being measured while the sleep testing is being conducted? parameters
What does the abbreviation EMG stand for? electromyography
On what basis are the dermatology codes usually used by the dermatologist who sees patients in the office? consultation
National Codes are not used in which setting? inpatient
What is the term that describeds a surgical opening into the abdomen laparotomy
What type of endoscopy is always included in a surgical endoscopy and would never be reported separately diagnostic
When a hernia can be returned to the abdominal cavity, it is said to be____ reducible
Greatest amount of Male genital system codes are under ___ subheading penis
The _____ area is located behind the abdominal cavity and during surgical procedures is often accessed by an abdominal incision retroperitoneal
A _____ calculus involves at least two calyces and the renal pelvis and accounts for about 30% of the stones reported staghorn
Removal of an accessible stent of kidney when imagine guidance is not indicated is reported using a _____ code E/M
If an obstruction occurs, the urine will not drain and may results in dilation of the collecting system and enlargement of the renal pelvis, known as____ hydronephrosis
Skene's glands procedures are reported using codes from which subsection? Urinary System
Destruction of a lesion is also known as excision t/f False
Would you expect a pathology report to be available for a lesion that was removed by destruction no
Removal of a portion of the vulva vulvectomy
Vulvar area tissue removal that involves the skin and superficial subcutaneous tissues is termed___ simple
The removal of vulvar area is reported with which two measures? extent and size
Vulvar area tissue removal that involves skin and deep subcutaneous tissues is termed _____ radical
This type of vulvectomy involves less than 80% of the vulva partial
This type of vulvectomy involves more than 80% of the the vulva complete
How many endocrine glands are included in the endocrine subsection of the CPT manual 4
The _______ Procedure that is the method used to obtain exposure to a lesion of skull, and _______ procedure is what is done to the lesion approach, difinitive
Most commonly known neuroplasty procedure carpal tunnel release
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