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audience adaptation means relating information to the specific audience
establishing relevance can be done by showing the audience how the infor relates to them personally
aileen is giving a speech about homelessness. if she wated to adapt her speech in terms of proximity she could narrow her speech to talk about homelessness in the city in which most of her audience memebrs live
___ helps your audience remember what has been said and oriencts them to where you are in the speech an internal review
talking about common experiences will allow the audience to identify with the speaker
a speaker who changed his or her phrasing from personal pronouns
a speaker using the strategy of timelinesss in a speech on the importance of recycling ___ shows how it affects every listener today
a speaker using the strategy of proximity in a speech on economic hardships might show how it affects every listener's "own back yard"
in order to effectively manage cultural differences, you should ___ all of the above
to ensure that your audience members are not lost you should explain too much rather than not enough
if a speaker chooses to talk about "functional illiteracy" with an audience who is not familiar with the term, he or she would want to make sure that the inro includes a clear definition of the concept
the principle behind the effectiveness of comparison is that people are more likely to uderstand something when unknown information is associated with information they know
when designing a PPT presentation you should use a font that is easy to read
The reason a speaker may five an example, define a term, and provide a comparison to explain a single concept is to respect that individuals have different learning styles
one way of building an audience's perception of your knowledge and expertice is to be familiar with high-quality info
one way of building an audience's perception of your trustworthiness is to make sure to present both sides of an issue and to emphasize sincerity
___ is the extent to which you project a pleasing demeanor. personaableness
speakers who come from different ethnic and language groups than members of their audience can do many things to adapt; however they do not necessarily need to dress differently
sheng wants to show the chain of command within the organization she is discussing. she wants to include hierachy, who communicates with whom, and relationships between roles. this could be demondstrated best by using a flow chart
how does a speaker benefit from using a visual aid we remember more when we see and hear
shoging the class the type of baseball used for little league teams is a type of visual aid known as an object
harrison wants to show a human brain for his speech, but using an actual brain is impractivval, difficult to obtain, and biohazard. the most similar alternative is a model
if you wanted to show the amount of money spent on defense for six different countryies, which type of visual aid would probably be best? a bar graph
if you wanted to show the way a university budget was distributed, which type of visual aid would probaly be best? a pie graph
daria wants to show her audience where the kidneys, bladder, and liver are in the body. to do this most effectively she should use a simple drawing
___ is the level of trust the audience has in a speaker credibility
well developed and well presented computer mediated visual aids greatly enhance ___ audience perceptiions of speaker credibility
a flipchart is a large pad mounted on an easel
whiteboard and chalkboards are unique from the other performance aids discussed in the chapter because you can write on them while you are showing them
chalkboards are appropriate for use when what you want to show is very simple of short.
the problem with handouts is that they can distract the audience away from your speech
the number of visual aids used should be limited because you want the focus to be on you, the speaker
one guideline for the effective use of visual aids in a speech is use visual aids only if they contribute to the audience's understanding
june wants is ginving a speech on bird calls. what presentaion chouls june use to help her audience understand three different types of bird calls? an audio recording
to create effective visual aids, you should be sure that you only include information that you will empahasize in your speech.
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