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GRE Barrons Words I

A complete list of Barron's GRE Wordlist, with meanings and sentences.

ichthyology study of fish Jacques Cousteau's rpograms about sea life have advanced the cause of ichthyology.
icon religious image; idol The icons on the walls of the church were painted in the 13th century.
iconoclastic attacking cherished traditions George Bernard Shaw's iconoclastic plays often startled more conventional people.
ideology ideas of a group of people That ideology is dangerous to this country because it embraces undemocratic philosophies.
idiom spcial usage in language I could not understand their idioms because literal translation made no sense.
idiosyncrasy peculiarity; eccentricity One of his personal idiosyncrasies was his habit of rinsing all cutlery given him in a restaurant.
idiosyncratic private; peculiar to an individual Such behavior is idiosyncratic, it is as easily identifiable as a signature.
idolatry worship of idols; excessive admiration Such idolatry of singers of country music is typical of the excessive enthusiasm of youth.
idyllic charmingly carefree; simple Far from the city, she led an idyllic existence in her rural retreat.
igneous produced by fire; volcanic Lava, pumice, and other igneous rocks are found in great abundance around Mount Vesuvius near Naples.
ignite kindle; light When Desi crooned, "Baby, light my fire," literal-minded Lucy looked around for some paper to ignite.
ignoble of lowly origin; unworthy This plan is inspired by ignoble motives and I must, therefore, oppose it.
ignominious disgraceful The country smarted under the ignominious defeat and dreamed of the day when it would be victorious.
illicit illegal The defense attorney claimed that the police had entrapped his client; that is, they had elicited the illicit action of which they now accuse of him.
illimitable infinite Human beings, having explored the far corners of the earth, are now reaching out into illimitable space.
illuminate brighten; clear up or make understandable; enlighten Just as a lamp can illuminate a dark room, a perceptive comment can illuminate a knotty problem.
illusion misleading vision It is easy to create an optical illusion in which lines of equal length appear different.
illusive deceiving This is only a mirage; let us not be fooled by its illusive effect.
illusory deceptive; not real Unfortunately, the costs of running the lemonade stand were so high that Tom's profits proved illusory.
imbalance lack of balance or symmetry; disproportion Because of the great imbalance between the number of men and women invited, the dance was unsuccessful.
imbecility weakness of mind I am amazed at the imbecility of the readers of these trashy magazines.
imbibe drink in The dry soil imbibed the rain quickly.
imbroglio complicated situation; perplexity; entanglement He was called in to settle the imbroglio but failed to bring harmony into the situation.
imbue saturate, fill His visits to the famous Gothic cathedrals imbued him with feelings of awe and reverence.
immaculate pure; spotless The West Point cadets were immaculate as they lined up for inspection.
imminent near at hand; impending Rosa was such a last-minute worker that she could never start writing a paper till the deadline was imminent.
immobility state of being immovable Modern armies cannot afford the luxury of immobility, as they are vulnerable to attack while standing still.
immolate offer as a sacrifice The tribal kind offered to immolate his daughter to quiet the angry gods.
immure imprison; shut up in confinement For the two weeks before the examination, the student immureed himself in his room and concentrated upon his studies.
immutable unchangeable Scientists are constantly seeking to discover the immutable laws of nature.
impair worsen; diminish in value This arrest will impair her reputation in the community.
impale pierce He was impaled by the spear hurled by his adversary.
impalpable imperceptible; intangible The ash is so fine that it is impalpable to the touch but it can be seen as a fine layer covering the window ledge.
impasse predicament from which there is no escape In this impasse, all turned to prayer as their last hope.
impassive without feeling; not affected by pain The Native American has been incorrectly depicted as an impassive individual, undemonstrative and stoical.
impeach charge with crime in office; indict The angry congressman wanted to impeach the President for his misdeeds.
impeccable faultless He was proud of his impeccable manners.
impecunious without money Now that he was wealthy, he gladly contributed to funds to assist impecunious and disbled persons.
impede hinder; block The special prosecutor determined that the Attorney General, though inept, had not intentionally set out to impede the progress of the investigation.
impediment hindrance; stumbling-block She had a speech impediment that prevented her from speaking clearly.
impending nearing; approaching The entire country was saddened by the news of his impending death.
impenetrable not able to be pierced or entered How could the murderer have gotten into the locked room? To Watson, the mystery, like the room, was impenetrable.
impenitent not repentant We could see by his brazen attitude that he was impenitent.
imperial like an emperor; related to an empire When hotel owner Leona Helmsley appeared in ads as Queen Leona standing guard over the Palace Hotel, her critics mocked her imperial fancies.
imperiousness lordliness; domineering manner; arrogance His imperiousness indicated that he had long been accustomed to assuming command.
impermeable impervious; not permitting passage through its substance This new material is impermeable to liquids.
impertinent insolent I regard your remarks as impertinent and I resent them.
imperturbable calm; placid Wellington remained imperturbable and in full command of the situation in spite of the hyteria and panic all around him.
impervious not penetrable; not permitting passage through You cannot change their habits for their minds are impervious to reasoning.
impetuous violent; hasty; rash We tried to curb his impetuous behavior because we felt that in his haste he might offend some people.
impetus moving force; incentive; stimulus A new federal highway program would create jobs and five added impetus to our economic recovery.
impiety irreverence; wickedness We must regard your blasphemy as an act of impiety.
impinge infringe; touch; collide with How could they be married without impinging on one another's freedom?
impious irreverent The congregation was offended by her impious remarks.
implacable incapable of being pacified Madame Defarge was the implacable enemy of the Evremonde family.
implausible unlikely; unbelievable Though her alibi seened implausible, it in fact turned out to be true.
implement put into effect; supply with tools The mayor was unwilling to implement the plan until she was sure it had the governor's backing.
implication that which is hinted at or suggested If I understand the implications of your remark, you do not trust our captain.
implicit understood but not stated Jack never told Jill he adored her; he believed his love was implicit in his deeds.
implore beg He implored her to give him a second chance.
imply suggest a meaning not expressed Even though your statement does not declare that you are at war with that country, your actions imply that that is the actual situation.
impolitic not wise I think it is impolitic to raise this issue at the present time because the public is too angry.
imponderable weightless I can evaluate the data gathered in this study; the imponderable items are not so easily analyzed.
import significance I feel that you have not grasped the full import of the message sent tous by the enemy.
importunate urging; demanding He tried to hide from his importunate creditors until his allowance arrived.
importune beg persistently Democratic and Republican phone solicitors importuned her for contributions so frequently that she decided to give nothing to either party.
imposture assuming a false identity; masquerade She was imprisoned for her imposture of a doctor.
impotent weak; ineffective Although he wished to break the nicotine habit, he found himself impotent in resisisting the craving for a cigarette.
imprecation curse Roused from the bed at what he considered an ungodly hour, Roy muttered imprecations under his breath.
impregnable invulnerable Until the development of the airplane as a military weapon, the fort was considered impregnable.
impromptu without previous preparation Her listeners were amazed that such a thorough presentation could be made in an impromptu speech.
impropriety state of being inappropriate Because of the impropriety of his costume, he was denied entrance into the dining room.
improvident thriftless He was constantly being warned to mend his improvident ways and begin to "save for a rainy day."
improvise compose on the spur of the moment She would sit at the piano and improvise for hours on themes from Bach and Handel.
imprudent lacking caution; injudicious It is imprudent to exercise vigorously and become overheated when you are unwell.
impugn doubt; challenge; gainsay I cannot impugn your honesty without evidence.
impuissance powerlessness; feebleness The lame duck President was frustrated by his shift from enormous power to relative impuissance.
impunity freedom from punishment The bully mistreated everyone in the class with impunity for he felt that no one would dare retaliate.
impute attribute; ascribe If I wished to impute blame to the officers in charge of this program, I would state my feelings definitely and immediately.
inadvertently carelessly; unintentionally; by oversight She inadvertently omitted two questions on the examination and mismarked her answer sheet.
inalienable not to be taken away; nontransferable The Declaration of Independence mentions the inalienable rights that all of us possess.
inane silly; senseless Such comments are inane because they do not help us solve our program.
inanimate lifeless she was asked to identify the still and inanimate body.
inarticulate speechless; producing indistinct speech He became inarticulate with rage and uttered sounds without meaning.
inaugurate begin formally; install in office The candidate promised that he would inaugurate a new nationwide health care plan as soon as he was inaugurated as president.
incandescent stikingly bright; shining with intense heat If you leave on an incandescent light bulb, it quickly grows too hot to touch.
incantation singing or chanting of magical formula Uttering incantations to make the brew more potent, the witch doctor stirred the liquid in the caldron.
incapacitate disable During the winter, many people were incapacitated by respiratory ailments.
incarcerate imprison The warden will incarcerate the felon after conviction.
incarnate endowed with flesh; personified Your attitude is so fiendish that you must be a devil incarnate.
incarnation act of assuming a human body and human nature The incarnation of Jesus Christ is a basic tenet of Christian theology.
incendiary arsonist The fire spread in such an unusual manner that the fire department chiefs were certain that it had been set by an incendiary.
incense enrage; infuriate Unkindness to children incensed her.
incentive spur; motive Students who dislike school must be given an incentive to learn.
inception start; beginning She was involved with the project from its inception.
incessant uninterrupted The crickets kept up an incessant chirping that disturbed our attempts to fall asleep.
inchoate recently begun; rudimentary; elementary Before the Creation, the world was an inchoate mass.
incidence rate of occurrence; particular occurrence Health professionals expressed great concern over the high incidence of infant mortality in major urban areas.
incidental not essential; minor The scholarship covered his major expenses at college and some of his incidental expenses as well.
incipient beginning; in an early stage I will go to sleep early for I want to break an incipient cold.
incisive cutting; sharp His incisive remarks made us see the fallacy in our plans.
incite arouse to action The demogogue incited the mob to take action into its own hands.
inclement stormy; unkind I like to read a good book in inclement weather.
incline slope; slant The architect recommended that the nursing home's ramp be rebuilt because its incline was too steep for wheelchairs.
inclined tending or leaning toward; bent Though I am inclined to be skeptical, the witness's manner inclines me to believe his story.
inclusive tending to include all The comedian turned down the invitation to join the Player's Club, saying any club that would let him in was too inclusive for him.
incognito with identity concealed; using an assumed name The monarch enjoyed traveling throughthe town incognito and mingling with the populace.
incoherent unintelligible; muddled; illogical The bereaved father sobbed and stammered, his words becoming almost incoherent in his grief.
incommodious not spacious; inconvenient In their incommodious quarters, they had to improvise for closet space.
incompatible inharmonious The married couple argued incessantly and finally decided to separate because they were incompatible.
incongruity lack of harmony; absurdity The incongruity of his wearing sneakers with formal attire amused the observers.
inconsequential insignificant; unimportant Brushing off Ali's apologies for having broken the wine glass, Tamara said, "Don't worry about it; it's inconsequential."
inconsistency state of being self-contradictory; lack of uniformity or steadiness How are lawyers different from agricultural inspectors? Where lawyers check inconsistencies in witnesses' statements, agricultural inspectors check inconsistencies in Grade A eggs.
incontinent lacking self-restraint His incontinent behavior off stage shocked many people and they refused to attend the plays and movies in which he appeared.
incontrovertible indisputable We must yield to the incontrovertible evidence that you have presented and free your client.
incorporate introduce something into a larger whole; combine; unite Breaking with precedent, President Truman ordered the military to incorporate blacks into every branch of the armed services.
incorporeal immaterial; without a material body We must devote time to the needs of our incorporeal mind as well as our corporeal body.
incorrigible uncorrectable Though Widow Douglass hoped to reform Huck, Miss Watson pronounced him incorrigible and said he would come to no good end.
incredulity a tendency to disbelief Your incredulity in the face of all the evidence is hard to understand.
incredulous withholding belief; skeptical When Jack claimed he hadn't eaten the jelly doughnut, Jill took an incredulous look at his smeared face and laughed.
increment increase The new contract calls for a 10 percent increment in salary for each employee for the next two years.
incriminate accuse; serve as evidence against The witness's testimony against the racketeers incriminates some high public officials as well.
incubate hatch; scheme Inasmuch as our supply of electricity is cut off, we shall have to rely on the hens to incubate these eggs.
incubus burden; mental care; nightmare The incubus of financial worry helped bring on her nervous breakdown.
incumbent officeholder The newly elected public official received valuable advice from the present incumbent.
incur bring upon oneself His parents refused to pay any future debts he might incur.
incursion temporary invasion The nightly incursions and hit-and-run raids of our neighbors across the border tried the patience of the country to the point where we decided to retaliate in force.
indefatigable tireless He was indefatigable in his constant efforts to raise funds for the Red Cross.
indemnify make secure against loss; compensate for loss The city will indemnify all home owners whose property is spoiled by this project.
indenture bind as servant or apprentice to master Many immigrants could come to America only after they had indentured themselves for several years.
indeterminate uncertain; not clearly fixed; indefinite That interest rates shall rise appears certain; when they will do so, however, remains indeterminate.
indicative suggestive; implying A lack of appetite may be indicative of a major mental or physical disorder.
indict charge If the grand jury indicts the suspect, he will go to trial.
indifferent unmoved; lacking concern Because she felt no desire to marry, she was indifferent to his constant proposals.
indigence poverty Neither the economists nor the political scientists have found a way to wipe out the inequities of wealth and eliminate indigence from our society.
indigenous native Tobacco is one of the indigenous plants that the early explorers found in this country.
indignation anger ar an injustice He felt indignation at the ill-treatment of the helpless animals.
indignity offensive or insulting treatment Although he seemed to accept cheerfully the indignities heaped upon him, he was inwardly very angry.
indiscriminate choosing at random; confused She disapproved of her son's indiscriminate television viewing and decided to restrict him to educational programs.
indisputable too certain to be disputed In the face of these indisputable statements, I withdraw my complaint.
indissoluble permanent The indissoluble bonds of marriage are all too often being dissolved.
indite write; compose Cyrano indited many letters for Christian.
indolence laziness He outgrew his youthful indolence to become a model of industry and alertness on the job.
indomitable unconquerable The founders of our country had indomitable willpower.
indubitably beyond a doubt Because her argument was indubitably valid, the judge accepted it.
induce persuade; bring about After the quarrel, Tina said nothing could induce her to talk to Tony again.
inductive pertaining to induction or preceeding from the specific to the general The discovery of the planet Pluto is an excellent example of the results that can be obtained from inductive reasoning.
indulgent humoring; yielding; lenient indulgent parents spoil their children by giving in to their every whim.
inebriety habitual intoxication Because of his inebriety, he was discharged from his position as family chauffeur.
ineffable unutterable; cannot be expressed in speech Such ineffable joy must be experienced; it cannot be described.
ineffectual not effective; weak Because the candidate failed to get across his message to the public, his campaign was ineffectual.
ineluctable irresistable; not to be escaped He felt that his fate was ineluctible and refused to make any attempt to improve his lot.
inept lacking skill; inadequate; inappropriate inept as a carpenter, Ira was all thumbs.
inequity unfairness In demanding equal pay for equal work, women protest the basic inequity of a system that allots greater financial rewards to men.
inerrancy infallibility Jane refused to believe in the pope's inerrancy, reasoning: "All human beings are capable of error. The pope is a human being. Therefore, he pope is capable of error.
inertia state of being inert or indisposed to move Our inertia in this matter may prove disastrous; we must move to aid our allies immediately.
inevitable unavoidable Death and taxes are both inevitable.
inexorable relentless; unyielding; implacable After listening to the pleas for clemency, the judge was inexorable and gave the convicted man the maximum punishment allowed by law.
infallible unerring We must remember that none of us is infallible; we all make mistakes.
infamous notoriously bad Jesse James was an infamous outlaw.
infantile childish; infantlike When will he outgrow such infantile behavior?
infer deduce; conclude We must be particularly cautious when we infer that a person is guilty on the basis of circumstantial evidence.
infernal pertaining to hell; devilish They could think of no way to hinder his infernal scheme.
infidel unbeliever The Saracens made war against tne infidels.
infiltrate pass into or through; penetrate (an organization) sneakily In order to infiltrate enemy lines at night without being seen, the scouts darkened their faces and wore black coveralls.
infinitesimal very small In the twentieth century, physicists have made their greatest discoveries about the characteristics of infinitesimal objects like the atom and its parts.
infirmity weakness Her greatest infirmity was lack of willpower.
inflated exaggerated; pompous; enlarged (with air or gas) His claims about the new product were inflated; it did not work as well as he had promised.
influx flowing into The influx of refugees into the country has taxed the relief agencies severely.
infraction violation Because of his many infractions of school regulations, he was suspended by the dean.
infringe violate; encroach I think your machine infringes on my patent and intend to sue.
ingenious clever He came up with a use for Styrofoam packing balls that was so ingenious that his business school professors declared it was marketable.
ingenuous naive; young and unsophisticated Although she was over forty, the movie star still insisted that she be cast as an ingenuous sweet young thing.
ingrained deeply established; firmly rooted Try as they would, the missionaries were unable to uproot the ingrained superstitions of the natives.
ingrate ungrateful person That ingrate Bob sneered at the tie I gave him.
ingratiate become popular with He tried to ingratiate himself into her parents' good graces.
inherent firmly established by nature or habit His inherent love of justice compelled him to come to their aid.
inhibit prohibit; restrain The child was not inhibited in her responses.
inimical unfriendly; hostile She felt that they were inimical and were hoping for her downfall.
inimitable matchless; not able to be imitated We admire Auden for his inimitable use of language; he is one of a kind.
iniquitous unjust; wicked I cannot approve of the iniquitous methods you used to gain your present position.
initiate begin; originate; receive into a group The college is about to initiate a program for reducing math anxiety among students.
injurious harmful Smoking cigarettes can be injurious to your health.
inkling hint This came as a complete surprise to me as I did not have the slightest inkling of your plans.
innate inborn His innate talent for music was soon recognized by his parents.
innocuous harmless Let him drink it; it is innocuous and will have no ill effect.
innovation change; introduction of something new She loved innovatins just because they were new.
innuendo hint; insinuation I can defend myself against direct accusations; innuendos and oblique attacks on my character are what trouble me.
inopportune untimely; poorly chosen A rock concert is an inopportune setting for a quiet conversation.
inordinate unrestrained; excessive She had an inordinate fondness for candy.
inquisitor questioner (specially harsh); investigator Fearing being grilled ruthlessly by the secret police, Marsha faced her inquisitors with trepidation.
insalubrious unwholesome; not healthful The mosquito-ridden swamp was an insalubrious place, a breeding ground for malarial contagion.
insatiable not easily satisfied; greedy Welty's thirst for knowledge was insatiable; she was in the library day and night.
inscrutable impenetrable; not readily understood; mysterious Experienced poker players try to keep their expressions inscrutable, hiding their reactions to the cards behind a so-called poker face.
insensate without feeling She lay there as insensate as a log.
insensible unconscious; unresponsive Sherry and I are very different; at times when I would be covered with embarrassment, she seems insensible to shame.
insidious treacherous; stealthy; sly The fifth column is insidious because it works secretly within our territory for our defeat.
insinuate hint; imply What are you trying to insinuate by that remark?
insipid lacking in flavor; dull Flat prose and flat ginger ale are equally insipid: both lack sparkle.
insolence imprudent disrespect; haughtiness How dare you treat me so rudely! The manager will hear of you insolence.
insolvent bankrupt; lacking money to pay When rumors that he was insolvent reached his creditors, they began to press him for payment of the money due them.
insomnia wakefulness; inability to sleep He refused to join us in a midnight cup of coffee because he claimed it gave him insomnia.
insouciant indifferent; without concern or care Your insouciant attitude at such a critical moment indicates that you do not understand the gravity of the situation.
instigate urge; start; provoke I am afraid that this statement will instigate a revolt.
insubordinate disobedient The insubordinate private was confined to the barracks.
insubstantial lacking substance; insignificant; frail His hopes for a career in acting proved insubstantial; no one would cast him, even in an insubstantial role.
insularity narrow-mindedness; isolation The insularity of the islanders manifested itself in their suspicion of anyuthing foreign.
insuperable insurmountable; invincible In the face of insuperable difficulties they maintained their courage and will to resist.
insurgent rebellious We will not discuss reforms until the insurgent troops have returned to their homes.
insurrection rebellion; uprising Given the current state of affairs in South Africa, an insurrection seems unavoidable.
intangible not able to be perceived by touch; vague Though the financial benefits of his Oxford post were meager, Lewis was drawn to it by its intangible rewards: prestige, intellectual freedom, the fellowship of his peers.
integral complete; necessary for completeness Physical education is an integral part of our curriculum; a sound mind and a sound body are complementary.
integrate make whole; combine; make into one unit She tried to integrate all their activities into one program.
integrity uprightness; wholeness Lincoln, whose personal integrity has inspired millions, fought a civil war to maintain the integrity of the republic, that these United States might remain undivided for all time.
intellect higher mental powers He thought college would develop his intellect.
intelligentsia intellectuals; members of the educated elite She preferred discussions about sports and politics to the literary conversations of the intelligentsia.
inter bury They are going to inter the body tomorrow ar Broadlawn Cemetry.
interdict prohibit; forbid Civilized nations must interdict the use of nuclear weapons if we expect out society to live.
interim meantime The company will not consider our proposal until next week; in the interim, let us proceed as we have in the past.
interloper intruder The merchant thought of his competitors as interlopers who were stealing away his trade.
interminable endless Although his speech lasted for only twenty minutes, it seemed interminable to his bored audience.
intermittent periodic; on and off Our picnic was marred by intermittent rains.
internecine mutually destructive The rising death toll on both sides indicates the internecine natire of his conflict.
interpolate insert between She talked so much that I could not interpolate a single remark.
interregnum period between two reigns Henry VIII desperately sought a male heir because he feared the civil strife that might occur if any prolonged interregum succeeded his death.
interrogate question closely; cross-examine Knowing that the Nazis would interrogate him about his background, the secret agent invented a cover story that would help him meet their quesions.
intervene come between She intervened in the argument between her two sons.
intimate hint She intimated rather than stated her preferences.
intimidation fear A ruler who maintains his power by intimidation is bound to develop clandestine resistance.
intractable unruly; refractory The horse was intractable and refused to enter the starting gate.
intransigence state of stubborn unwillingness to compromise The intransigence of both parties in the dispute makes an early settlement almost impossible to obtain.
intrepid fearless For his intrepid conduct in battle, he was promoted.
intrinsically essentially; inherently; naturally Although my grandmother's china has intrinsically little value, I shall always cherish it for the memories it evokes.
introspective looking within oneself We all have our introspective moments during which we examine our souls.
introvert one who is introspective; inclined to think more about oneself In his poetry, he reveals that he is an introvert by his intense interest in his own problems.
intrude trespass; enter as an uninvited person She hesitated to intrude on their conversation.
intuition power of knowing without reasoning She claimed to know the truth by intuition.
inundate overflow; flood The tremendous waves inundated the town.
inured accustomed; hardened She became inured to the Alaskan cold.
invalidate weaken; destroy The relatives who received little or nothing sought to invalidate the will by claiming that the deceased had not been in his right mind when he signed the document.
invective abuse He had expected criticism but not the invective that greeted his proposal.
inveigh denounce; utter censure or invective He inveighed against the demagoguery of the previous speaker and urged that the audience reject his philosophy as dangerous.
inveigle lead astray; wheedle She was inveigled into joining the club after an initial reluctance.
inverse opposite There is an inverse ratio between the strength of light and its distance.
invert turn upside down or inside out When he inverted his body in a hand stand, he felt the blood rush to his head.
inveterate deep-rooted; habitual She is an inveterate smoker and cannot break the habit.
invidious designed to create ill will or envy We disregarded her invidious remarks because we realized how jealous she was.
invincible unconquerable Superman is invincible.
inviolability security from being destroyed, corrupted or profaned They respected the inviolability of her faith and did not try to change her manner of living.
invoke call upon; ask for She invoked her advisor's aid in filling out her financial aid forms.
invulnerable incapable of injury Achilles was invulnerable except in his heel.
iota very small quantity She hadn't an iota of common sense.
irascible irritable; easily angered Her irascible temper frightened me.
irate angry When John's mother found out that he had overthrown his checking account for the third month in a row, she was so irate that she could scarcely speak to him.
iridescent exhibiting rainbowlike colors She admired the iridescent hues of the oil that floated on the surface of the water.
irksome annoying; tedious He found working on the assembly line irksome because of the monotony of the operation he had to perform.
ironic occurring in an unexpected and contrary manner It is ironic that his success came when he least wanted it.
irony hidden sarcasm or satire; use of words that convey a meaning opposite to the literal meaning Gradually his listeners began to realize that the excessive praise he was lavishing was merely irony; he was actually denouncing his opponent.
irreconsilable incompatible; not able to be resolved Because the separated couple were irreconcilable, the marriage counselor recommended a divorce.
irrelevant not applicable; unrelated This statement is irrelevant and should be disregarded by the jury.
irremediable incurable; uncorrectable The error she made was irremediable; she could see no way to repair it.
irreparable not able to be corrected or repaired Your apology cannot atone for the irreparable damage you have done to her reputation.
irrepressible unable to be restrained or held back Her high spirits were irrepressible.
irresolute uncertain how to act; weak She had no respect for him because he seemed weak-willed and irresolute.
irreverent lacking proper respect The worshippers resented her irreverent remarks about their faith.
irrevocable unalterable Let us not brood over past mistakes since they are irrevocable.
isotope varying form of an element The study of the isotopes of uranium led to the development of the nuclear bomb.
isthmus narrow neck of land connecting two larger bodies of land In a magnificent feat of engineering, Goethals and his men cut through the isthmus of Panama in constructing the Panama Canal.
itinerant wandering; traveling He was an itinerant peddler and traveled through Pennsylvania and Virginia selling his wares.
itinerary plan of a trip Before leaving for his first visit to France and England, he discussed his itinerary with people who had been there and with his travel agent.
intersperse scatter The molecules will intersperse throughout the space according to the second law of thermodynamics.
inquisitive unduly curious; prying; seeking knowledge We need more inquisitive students in this school; lectures are dull.
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