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Google Apps Ed

Study for Google Master Trainer Certification

What is... Google Apps Education Edition a free suite of hosted communication and collaboration applications designed for schools and universities free of charge to all schools and universities benefit from the rapid pace of innovation at Google to deliver high quality products and software
Google Apps Education Edition includes: Gmail Google Calendar Google Talk Google Docs Google Video Google Sites administrative tools customer support APIs to integrate Google Apps with existing IT systems
Gmail webmail services 7.3 GBs ( and counting) of email storage and search tools that help your school find information fast and instant messaging from right inside your inbox
Google Calendar shared calendaring Educators and students can organize their schedules and share events and calendars with others.
Google Docs online document, spreadsheet, presentation, form creation and sharing Share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Collaborate in real-time with your team or with your whole school. You can publish final documents to the entire world, too.
Google Video secure and private video sharing – 10GB free A video hosting and sharing solution that enables schools and other organizations to use video as an effective medium for internal communication and collaboration. 10 GB included free for every school domain
Google Sites team website creation with videos, images, gadgets and documents integration Work together to keep related documents, web content and other information in one place, on one site.
'hosted' solution means... Google provides all the servers and back-end work, but the services all exist within your school domain. For example, all of your email accounts will have your school domain (, not a Google or Gmail domain (
for email security, 2 products powered by Postini Google Message Security provides additional email security features such as content and spam filters Google Message Discovery is an email archiving product that allows retention of email. Not free available at 66% discount to education customers
Google Apps Education Edition vs. Premier Edition free vs. $50/user/year Google Video 10GB vs. Google Video 3GB Google Sites 100GB vs. Google Sites 10Gb + 500Mb*# of paid users Message Security (Postini) free for K-12 vs. Message Security (Postini) free for all Premier users Email storage 7.3 GB vs.
Google Talk Educators and students can call or send instant messages to their contacts for free anytime, anywhere in the world.
COPPA Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) Complying with COPPA... requires parental consent for the online collection of information about users under 13 Permission slips granting can be used to obtain parental consent and notification
Complying with COPPA see FTC's website: Parental consent and notification could take place in form of a permission slip granting use of Google Apps and/or other technology services at the school.
Google Apps Products (Gmail, GCalendar, GDocs, GVideo, GTalk, GSites also available to... general public... difference is in the way you... access these products sharing privileges account creation
Google Apps Ed Account Creation created by Google Apps administrators (you can have more than one for your school domain) An individual teacher or student cannot create their own account like they can for ''
Google Apps Ed Access access through a specific URL that is related to your school domain name e.g. tag
Google Apps Ed Sharing privileges a digital locker for students and faculty advantages of having a set of tools for your entire school easily share or publish a document, calendar, or website for just the members of your domain/school have a regular gmail account for personal thing
API application programming interface (API) is an interface implemented by a software program to enable interaction with other software and facilitates their interaction
Explain what an API does... A particular set of rules and specifications that a software program can follow to access and make use of the services and resources provided by another particular software program that implements that API
Created by: farmetta



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