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Phys/Chem Changes

Anderson--ArpHS--Physical and Chemical Changes

Lava flowing from a volcano and forming a rock from lava physical
cracking an egg physical
ice melting physical
water boiling in a flask over a bunsen burner physical
painting a house physical
adding food coloring to a beaker of water physical
taking the tires off a bicycle physical
a rock changing colors when exposed to fluorescent light physical
copper metal changing color on a statue after 5 years of being exposed to weather. chemical
cooking an egg chemical
milk being left out and spoiling chemical
burning a log in a campfire chemical
adding sulfuric acid to sugar and turning to black carbon chemical
adding vinegar and baking soda to form a foaming substnace, with gas released chemical
leaves changing color in the spring and fall chemical
opening a can of cola and gases escaping chemical
Created by: chempal