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lessons 12 and 13


propensity a tendency
condescending degrading
compunction a regret
sepulcher a tomb
rhapsodize to rave
voluble talkative
revel to enjoy
umbrage resentment; anger
epiphany * a revelation
assiduous diligent
implicate entangle; incrimicate
analgesic painkiller
discretionary elective; left to your own judgment
flummox to confuse
unpalatable unpleasant
noisome nauseating
veritable authentic; genuine
fractious stubborn; difficult; disruptive
conflagration large destructive fire
protege apprentice
indiscernible difficult to see, subtle
virulent extremely toxic
artisan a skilled manual worker
reciprocate to give in response to receiving something
tenable rationally defensible
curmudgeon grouch; stubborn, ill-tempered person usually male
repugnant repulsive
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