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Arabic 4 Media

ARABIC 4 MEDIA - The Iranian Nuclear Issue

to present/submit طرح على
option/choice خيار
sanctions العقوبات
conservation/preservation/retaining/continuation ابقاء
negotiations التفاوض
to surpass/outweigh رجح
return/restoration/repetition إعادة
nuclear النووي
cessation/stopping التوقف
to expect/predict that توقع ان (V)
plan/project مشروع
to impose فرض على
uranium enrichment تخصيب اليورانيوم
to be aware تعلم ب (V)
for his part ومن جهته
the international community الأسرة الدولية
to move decisively/act resolutely تحرك بحزم (V)
to comment/suspend علق (II)
activities/operation انشطة
sensitive/critical/emotional حساس
convening/appointment موعد
statements/comments تصريحات
counterpart/parallel/example نظير
Created by: fairsinner