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Chemistry QIII:QI

Intro. to Organic Chemistry

the branch of chemistry that deals with certain carbon-containing compounds organic chemistry
an organic compound that contains only carbon and hydrogen hydrocarbon
a chemical formula expressing the number of atoms of each element present in a molecule of a substance, without indicating how they are linked molecular formula
a chemical formula showing the spatial arrangement of the atoms and the linkage of every atom structural formula
the possession by two or more distinct compounds of the same molecular formula, each molecule having the same number of atoms of each element, but in a different arrangement isomerism
a condensed version of the structural formula, written all on one line and demonstrating the relationship of the substituent groups in the molecule line formula
expression of the fixed ratio between carbon and hydrogen in hydrocarbons type formula
pertaining to any member of one of the two major groups of organic compounds, those having straight or branched chain structures aliphatic
a specific atom of group of atoms that is attached to a carbon atom in an organic compound and that imparts an identifiable chemical behavior to the compound functional group
a formula that denotes a class of compounds and includes the functional group and a symbol R denoting a radical general formula
the existence of an element in two or more distinct forms, EX: O, O2, O3: carbon as coal, diamond, or graphite allotropism
# of covalent bonds: carbon 4
# of covalent bonds: oxygen 2
# of covalent bonds: nitrogen 3
# of covalent bonds: hydrogen 1
# of covalent bonds: halogen group 1
general shape of the four carbon bonds tetrahedral
simplest organic compound (formula and name) methane, CH4
what kind of formula is: C2H6O molecular formula
what kind of formula is: H H C H H structural formula
what kind of formula is: CH3CH2CH2CH2CH3 line formula
what kind of formula is: CnH2n+2 type formula
what kind of formula is: ROH general formula
Created by: amyziolkowski