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Food Science 3rd

For third test in food science 1001 at carleton university

What three illness can food borne bacteria cause Infection Intoxication Intoxification
are toxins products by an infection no
what triggers the brain to vomit in an infection damage to intestine
What does infection do infects and damages intestinal tract
how is diarrhea caused by infection damage to intestine causes water to enter back into intestine
what is intoxication production of toxin while growing on food, toxin produced before ingestion
what is intoxification toxins produced in intestinal tract, after ingestion
what appears on the outer membrane of bacteria that causes fever pyrogen
what kind of bacteria do pyrogens appear on gram negative
what are some of the sever symptoms from fungal toxins bone marrow destruction Kidney liver disease gangrene
what are the three illness bacteria Salmonella spp E coli Listeria monocytogenes
what does salmonella cause Salmonellosis
what kind of bacteria is salmonella gram negative facultative anaerobic
what does slamonella cause gastroenteritis - gastrointesntinal infection
what are the symptoms of salmonella mild - severe diarrhea vomiting fever - if pyrogen present
is salmonella associated with uncooked poultry and meats yes
salmonella can ONLY occur inside raw eggs false they can appear on the inside or outside of shell
What kind of bacteria is Escherichia coli gram-negative facultative anaerobic bacteria
where does E coli normally inhabit digestive tract
all strains of E coli are harmful false, only some are pathogenic
there is always a fever is E. coli is present no only with strains that have pyrogens
what is the most deadly strain of E coli O157:H7
what kind of illness is EHEC intoxification, toxin after digestion
what are the symptoms of EHEC severe bloody diarrhea
how does raw veg become contaminated with e coli use of badly composted cow
what is ecoli associated with meat products- uncooked ground beef Raw milk raw veg
What kind of backer is listeria monocytogens gram positive facultative anaerobic bacterium
what does listeria monocytogens do gastrointestinal infection
what are some of the symptoms severe dehydration, nausea, stomach cramps
which group does listeria monocytogens affect severaly young, elderly, immuno compromised and pregnant woman
what is listeria monocytogens most commonly associated with fresh fruits and veg, raw cabbage colesslow
what cuases botolism clostridum botolinus
what kind of bacteria is clostridium botolinus grame positive anaerobic bacerium
what kind of illness is C.B. intoxication, before ingestion
what do botolism toxins cause paralysis of nervous system
what are the symptoms of botolism fatigue, weakness double vision slurred speec respiratory failure
how can one eliminate botulism high heat method canning
Created by: alushing