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Poche 7th Algebra

Poche Algebraic phrases

at least greater than or equal to ≥
at most less than or equal to ≤
A number times five is greater than twenty 5n > 20
Dee pays a $8 memebership monthly fee, plus $2.75 for each game rental. She wants to join and rent no more than 5 games a month. 8m + 2.75 ≤ 5
A used mountain bike costs $79.95. This is $120 less than the costs of a new one. If "c" is the cost of the new bike, which equation can you use to find the cost of a new bike? 79.95 = c-120
Bryan bought 2 pairs of jeans for "n" dollars each for a total of $40 after he gave the cashier a $10-off coupon. 2n - 10 = 40
Malinda wants to buy 3 pairs of pants that each costs "p" dollars and a sweatshirt that costs $20. She does not want to spend more than $75 all together. Which inequality represents the situation? 3p + 20 ≤ 75
Which is the best way to solve 2b + 3 = 45? Divide the difference of 45 and 3 by 2
Which statement accurately represents this inequality? 3n + 7 > 42 Seven more than 3 times a number is greater than 42
Is this true? to solve the equation 1/5x - 7 = 3, you must first multiply each side by 5 and then add 7 to each side False
To repair your entertainment system, the Geek Squad charges $10 an hour, plus a fee of $20 just to look at it. What would the equation be if it costs $60 to repair the system. 10h + 20 = 60
three more than the product of x and 7 equals 12 7z + 3 = 12
To print tickets, a printer charges a $70 setup fee plus $1.25 per ticket. What is the expression? 70 + 1.25t
At football practice, Blair had to do more than 60 sit-ups. What is the expression? s > 60
Dianne earned $12.50 helping her neighbor plant a vegetable garden. She spent 3/5 of her earnings to purchase school supplies. Which expression represents the amount of money that she has left? 3/5 x 12.50
Created by: kpoche