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Algebra 1 Chapter 2

McDougal Littell

A line that pictures real numbers as points Real Number Line
The set of numbers consisting of the positive numbers, the negative numbers, and zero. Real Numbers
The point labeled zero on a number line. Origin
Any of the numbers less than zero. Negative Numbers
Any of the numbers greater than zero. Positive Numbers
Any of the numbers.. -3,-2,-1,0,1,2,3.... Integers
The point that corresponds to a number. Graph of a number
Drawing a the point on a number line that corresponds to a number. Plotting a point
Two points on a number lines that are the same distance from the origin but are on opposite sides of it. Opposites
The distance between the origin and the point representing the real number. Aboslute Value
The speed and direction in which an object is traveling (up is positive and down is negative). The speed of an object is the absolute value of its velocity. Velocity
An example used to show that a given statement is false. Counterexample
The parts that are added in an expression. Terms of an expression
A rectangular arrangment of numbers into horizontal rows and vertical columns. Matrix
Each number in the matrix. Entry, or element, of a matrix
The product of a and (b+c) Distributive Property
A number multiplied by a variable in a term. Coefficent
Terms that have the same variable raised to the same power. Like Terms
Terms with no variable factors. Constant Terms
An expression in simplified if it has no symbol of grouping and if all the like terms have been combined. Simplified Expression
If a/b is a nonzero number, then its reciprocal is b/a. Reciprocal
A measure of the likelihood that the event will occur due to chance. Probability of an Event
The different possible results of a proablity experiment. Outcomes
A type of probablity that is based on the number of favorable outcome divided by the total numbers of outcomes. Theoretical Probabilty
The outcomes for a particular event that are being considered. Favorable Outcomes
A probabilty that is based on repetitions of an actual experiment. Experimental Probability
The ratio of the number of ways an event can occur to the number of ways the event cannot occur. Odds
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