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SPI320: Med Terms 10

Interpreter Prep: Bilingual Terminology - Medical Specialties: Dental

Boca mouth
Labios lips
Dientes teeth
Muelas molars
Incisivos incisors
Encías gums
Raíz root
Lengua tongue
Esmalte enamel
Fluoruro / flúor fluoride
Cepillo de dientes toothbrush
Pasta de dientes, dentífrico toothpaste
Lavarse la boca to brush one's teeth
Enjuague bucal mouthwash
Hilo dental dental floss
frenos, frenillos, brackets braces
higiene bucal oral hygiene
Escupir to spit
Enjuagarse to rinse
Sarro tartar
placa dental plaque, tartar
sonrisa smile
muelas de juicio wisdom teeth
paladar palate
masticar to chew
morder to bite
dentista dentist
ortodoncista orthodontist
caries cavity, cavities
dolor de muela toothache
gingivitis gingivitis
absceso abscess
deterioración dental (caries) tooth decay
afta, algodoncillo thrush
herpes oral cold sore
limpieza cleaning
empaste filling
sellador, capa protectora sealant
tratamiento de fluoro (flúor) floride treatment
cirugía oral oral surgery
óxido nitroso nitrous oxide
anestesia local local anesthesia
anestesia general general anesthesia
corona crown
conducto radicular root canal
puente bridge
extracción del diente tooth extraction
sobremordida overbite
cepillarse los dientes To brush one's teeth
oclusión occlusion (bite)
submordida underbite
endodoncia endodontics
espejo mirror
gas hilarante laughing gas
jeringa syringe
cánula de aspiración suction cannula
aguja needle
separador de Farabeuf Farabeuf retractor
impresión impression
algodón cotton
tallo drill
sonda periodontal periodontal probe
lupa magnifying glass
higienista hygenist
rechinar to grind (one's teeth)
apretar to clench
articulación temporomandibular temporomandibular joint (TMJ)
degenerar to degenerate
herramienta tool
dientes de leche baby teeth
astillar to chip (one's tooth)
Created by: Flamboe
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