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Das Einkaufen

Vocab for German II section 2

Advantage Vorteil
always immer
as ______ as so _____ wie
bathing suit Badenzug
belt (n) Gurtel
bracelet armband
blouse Bluse
Bright Hell
cash (n) bargeld
cash register Kassie
Cheap billig
check Scheck
checkered kariert
closed geschlossen
clothing Kleidung
coat Mantle
coin Munze
compare vergleichen
credit card Kreditkarte
currency unit wahrung
customer (m) Kunde
customer (f) Kundin
dark dunkle
disadvantage Nachteil
discount Rabatt
during wahrend
earring Ohrring
elegant elegant
escalator Rollteppe
exactly genau
exchange umtauschen
expensive teuer
stylish modisch
fit passen
match clothes passen zu
hair brush Haarburst
high hoch
high heels Stockelschuh
imperfect imperfekt
in cash in bar
jacket Jacke
lend borgen
long lang
loose (clothes) weit
Money Geld
mounain Berg
pair Paar
purse Handtasche
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