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Chemistry Exam 2 faq

Polymorphous having many variations in form or style; allotropic substances
Lattice Energy the energy required to pull a crystal apart
Crystalline Solid has a definite pattern to its structure when broken into pieces they have similar angles and edges
Crystal Lattice a crystalline solid's 3D pattern
Unit Cell the smallest number of ions to make a basic shape
Formula Unit the simplest whole number of ratio of atoms in an ionic compound
Allotrope a variant of a substance consisting of one atom
Amorphous Solid does not have a definite pattern to their structure, sometimes thought of as supercooled liquids
Henry's Law shows a direct relationship between the solubility of a gas and the particle pressure of that gas
Why at higher altitudes it takes longer to boil water? The vapor pressure dosn't have to be as great.
Solvation An exothermic reaction (releases energy) process where the solvent molecules surround the solute particles, creating a more stable, lower-energy situation
The maximum temperature that a gas can be converted into a liquid Critical Temperature
Dissociation an endothermic (absorbs energy) process where the intermolecular forces attracting respective solute and solvent particles are overcome.
Electrolyte any substance that contains free ions causing it to be electrically conductive
Efflorescence the loss of water by dehydration
Electrolysis a method of using a direct electric current to drive an otherwise non-spontaneous reaction
Desiccant a substance that induces or sustains a state of dryness
Basic anhydride reacts with water to form a base
Deliquescence the process where a substance absorbs moisture from the air until it dissolves in the absorbed water and forms a solution.
Solubility of a gas is affected more by... pressure
If the solvation energy is greater than the dissociation energy then solution will... heat up
If the dissociation energy is greater than the solvation energy then solution will... cool down
Raoult's Law Vapor pressure of a solvent is proportional to the number of dissolved solute particles
Colloid a heterogeneous mixture between a solvent and an insoluble solute-stays suspended like smoke in the air
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